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“They were wonderful.”

We hear kind words consistently. We’re proud that people feel comfortable enough with us to openly tell us how much they appreciate what we did for them. In fact it’s this appreciation that drives us to offer the very best in comfort, compassion and service.


Photo of Bill Hindman III - Owner, Hindman Funeral Homes


“Not only do we offer the only 100% Service Guarantee in the area, but what better testimony to the high level  
of service we provide than the families we have already served. Please read on and you will soon learn that there are more than 1000 families that feel we go above and beyond when it comes to providing the absolute best in compassionate, professional, and dignified service time and time again.” 

– Bill Hindman

Thank you all so very much for your care, time, and attention to our Gram’s services today.  Our expectations were greatly exceeded in how you were able to make this difficult time much easier for each of us.  Thank you for creating such a beautiful facility for families to come and honor their loved ones one last time!


Family of Gazel Brown

Thanks for everything. Everyone was amazed at how beautiful and comfortable everything was at your place. Nothing but praise for how you guys handle things.”

Mike Gray

“Dear Bill and Ashlee,
I just wanted to express my gratitude for all your guidance, patience, and kindness during this difficult time. I realize that this is what you always do, but never did I feel like just “”another customer””. Your concern and compassion for myself and my family was very much appreciated and needed. Again, my heartfelt gratitude to yourself and your staff.”

Stacey Hammett

On behalf of my family I want to thank you, your father Tom, Allen, Ashley and all of your staff for their compassion, professionalism and caring during a difficult time. Many family and friends commented on what a beautiful facility and wonderful staff you have. Your kindness was greatly appreciated by our entire family.”

Dwayne Galuska

“Dear Bill,
I wanted to take the time to thank you for your prompt, professional, courteous service I received from you and Ashlee during that difficult time in my life. With having so many emotions running through my head and logically knowing items needed taken care of you and Ashlee did a wonderful job of guiding me along with respect not only for me, but my father’s memory and remains.”

Bill, if I didn’t get ahold of you directly, you were very prompt in getting back to me. Helping with the obituary picture at the last minute meant the world to me; we so wanted to make sure his picture accompanied his obituary in the Sunday paper. Had you not been so proactive, I’m not sure I would have made the deadline. Thank you.

Ashlee, your compassion, gentleness, soft-spoken words were a comfort to me. You have a knack for doing what needs done in a professional, caring, warm manner. You are truly an asset to Bill.

It was comforting to know the people I was dealing with at such a difficult time were caring, compassionate, and respectful individuals towards not only me, but my Dad’s memory, was comforting.

Connie Forte

“Allen & Hindman Staff,
Thank you so much for handling everything so well for my husband’s burial. I’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback about the memorial service and how beautiful the home itself is. Everything worked out smoothly and took a lot of the stress off me & my family. I will recommend your service to as many people as possible! What more can I say? You did a wonderful job and I appreciate all that you did for us.”

LuAnn Sheeder

I would like to thank Bill and the entire staff for everything.  You all did a job up and beyond the call.  Excellent job done.  I will without a doubt recommend Hindman Funeral Homes to everyone.

Carolyn Holtzman

My family and I cannot put into words how much we appreciate the care, love, and thoughtfulness you showed us regarding my dad’s funeral.  Your jobs I’m sure are not easy, but you all managed to treat us like we were your own family.   Every detail was perfect.  God bless such remarkable people.

The Wetzel Family

“Dear Bill,
I want to thank you for the thoughtful services you provided us. Alan and I will never forget Brad coming and taking us home from the services. Tony was laid to reset in a most life-like manner. After being sick for such a long, long time, we are most grateful.”


Thank you kindly for your care and respect as we remembered my mom, Betty Singel.   Your services were well organized, friendly, and exactly according to my mom’s wishes.  To Garrett & Luke, and to Mr. Hindman and all others around – Thank you so much!

Laura Scott

Mr. & Mrs. Hindman, Bill, Prudy & staff,

Thank you so very much for everything you all did for the funeral.  You helped to make a very difficult time much easier to handle with much comfort and kindness!  We truly appreciated everything, down to the wonderful friendship bread!  We will continue to tell all of our friends, family and customers how wonderful you all are.  We are sure my Dad was looking down from Heaven with a smile on his face.  He would have been very pleased!

With love & friendship –

Alyson & Tim Shultz, Janet & Ron Hornick Family

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
Hi Bill! I want to thank you for the beautiful service you arranged for our mom. You are so easy to talk to and work with that even a sad job that needs being done seems less stressful with you or your father. Please keep up the good work for all of the people that trust in you.”

Margaret Locher and Family

“Dear Tom and Bill,
Words seem inadequate to express our gratitude to you! Everything had your special touch! It was comforting to see Dad look so peaceful and the songs were so beautifully sung! You are special friends! P.S. Bill has inherited from Tom the same wonderful qualities that Tom inherited from his father.”

Darlene, Betty and all the Allison family

Dear Tom,
I want to personally thank you for all you did to honor mom on Monday at Trinity PCA and at the graveside. Your genuine caring and loving concern was felt by all our family. We especially appreciated your personal thoughts at the graveside. You knew her well, and our mothers shared a wonderful friendship. Wishing you the best with your business and ministry to those who are suffering a loss. Again, thank you.

Rick Tuck

“Dearest Tom & Bill,
I knew eventually there would be a time that I would rely on both of you. It was such a comfort to me, knowing my Daddy and Mom were in such capable hands. Everything from the moment, Tom, you got back to Heide’s call to the final moments at the grave side were a loving, caring tribute to my dad’s life and to the tender care given to all of us.”

G. Eash

“Tom and Bill,
Thank you both so much for your kindness, support, and comforting thoughts and deeds for everyone in our family. Mom looked so good and I know it’s because of your caring and professional attitude toward the families. You are much appreciated.”

Chleora Geiser

“Tom and Bill,
please accept my deepest gratitude for the kind, caring, and professional way you handled Miller’s funeral.
Although I am often at the funeral home, and am aware of the professional way things are carried out, it is not until it’s your own family that you know just how really special the Hindman ‘boys’ are. Thanks! Love you!!”

Dee Freeman & Family

“Garrett and Courtney were great. They took care of all of our concerns and made sure my mother had a very special service.  I cannot thank them enough for what they did for us in our moment of grief.  Courtney was very professional. Whatever we needed, she made it happen, no questions asked.”

David Schroeder

I am writing to you in reference to my recent visit to your funeral home.  I cannot express the professionalism expressed by both Jeromy Heeter an Ray Dom.  Not only professionalism but such a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere that was represented by both of them at a time which is difficult in any circumstance when it comes to death.  They went above and beyond themselves to each and every person that attended as well as their departure.  I have attended several funerals, however, I have never attended one that was presented in that way.  Our loved one looked so natural and clean – the makeup was beyond perfect and looked as though he was just resting peacefully and sleeping.  Not what I have seen in the past at other funeral homes.  Not to mention, at most funeral homes the personnel make the place seem erie, if you will, but not at this location.  It’s more relaxed and we were treated like we were family from the very beginning.  These two men I would hope to be recognized for their loyalty and professionalism.  Not an easy task in a profession where there is so much sadness and tears.  Also, the funeral home itself was spotless and well cared for. The bathrooms were so exceptionally clean as well as the home itself.  In appreciation and “Thank you” for having such a loyal and caring facility.

Mrs. Loretta Kerns

“Dear Mr. William Hindman:
Thank you ever so much for all you did for me and my family to make the funeral for my husband Donald a very dignified and peaceful parting. You and your staff were very professional from the beginning of the plans for the funeral until the ending of the plans. We will not hesitate one bit to recommend your excellent services to others in need.”

Mrs. Don Miller

“Dear Bill,
We wanted to take the time to thank you again for helping us through the whole process with our father. Your involvement made a difficult situation much easier. It is comforting to know we have family like you that cares and your generosity was not necessary buy very much appreciated.”

Cori & Cheri

It was a wonderful surprise to have her picture on the thank you cards – so personalized to send for my thoughts and thank you notes.  Having extra video tributes for those who could not come helped me include those that lived further away.  I would absolutely recommend Hindman Funeral Homes to family and friends.  The staff was courteous and understanding of our needs and patient as we made decisions.  Thank you for all you did to help us.

Jane Mintmier

I have to acknowledge Courtney on her professionalism and kindness.  You have a gem working for you.  Her and Vince were wonderful when they came to pick our father up.  We loved the facility and the intimacy of the room.  The staff was ready to help in any way that we needed and we will recommend your funeral home to family and friends.

Bonnie Dietz

“Dear Bill,
In perhaps the most difficult time of my personal life – losing my precious mom – you succeeded in helping us as a family to bring dignity and honor to her memory – all with a warmth and sincere caring that was uniquely you. Please also thank Tom, your wonderful Dad for me, for supporting all that you did for us and being there for us all. I will never forget his kind and beautiful words about my mom at the grave site. They will stay in my memory forever. Thank you, also for obtaining the copy of the death certificate for me today. It means so much to know you are still there after all had been said and done.”

Marianne Kazmyak Stickel

Courtney, I cannot begin to express my gratitude to you, and everyone associated with Hindman Funeral Home, for the sympathetic, gracious and compassionate service that you provided for our family. Every need was taken care of, and not once were you intrusive or unwilling to take care of our every request.. including the last minute viewing that we added.
I want you to know that everyone said that it was truly the most beautiful memorial that they have ever attended, and in the most beautiful facility. It was everything that I wanted for my Mother, and everything that she deserved..
From the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of my entire family I thank you so very much

Kim Gearhart

Thanks a bunch.  Courtney and Ashlee are awesome. I hope your boss knows how lucky he/she is to have you both.

Daniel Cornman


I had this card for many days, thinking that at some point I would be able to find the perfect words to thank you for everything you have done for us.  It finally dawned on me that I would never find them..You are truly one of God’s angels here on Earth. Thank you so much for being a friend, family, and a strong support system for all of us at this difficult time.  We love you.

Jess & Brian

“Dear Tom and Bill,
Thanks for all of your support and services during the passing of Aunt Marie. The pre-planning took a lot of stress out of an already stressful experience. You did a wonderful job. She looked wonderful. We are blessed that her suffering is over. Your professionalism and caring are greatly appreciated.”

Johanna Weaver & family

We would like to add a VERY SPECIAL thank you to all our dear friends at Hindman Funeral Home. Bill Hindman, his dad, and his family went above and beyond to make sure that we gave Tim Schultz, my beloved husband, and our father the most beautiful memorial anyone could imagine! Bill and his family were warm, tender, and caring, not only during this most difficult time, but even many days after; repeatedly calling to check on our family to see how we were doing and if we needed anything. Bless you, Bill, your dad, and all of your family. You made Tim very proud as he watched down upon us from heaven.

Alyson Schultz

“Tom, Bill, Ashley, and Alan,
Thank you so very much. The pendant is not just a piece of my sister, but is beautiful and means so very much to us.”

Connie Berg

Our family was very satisfied with the level of respect and professionalism shown by Jeromy and Luke the night my dad passed.  They showed genuine compassion.  The staff was attentive, caring, helpful and respectful.

Sandy Miller and Family of Donald Faust

Dear Mr. Hindman,

On behalf of my family, I want to personally thank you & Courtney Meyer for organizing & conducting a beautiful burial service for my mother, Olga Schwarz.  Your attention to detail and the dignity & respect demonstrated to our family and friends were most impressive.  Also, a special thank you for the wonderful video tribute of my mother.  We received many, many positive comments.

Bruno Schwarz & Family

I can think of nothing more your staff could have done for us. Thank you all from all of us!

Earl Goller

In memory of Lee, I had to let you know how much I appreciate the DVD video you gave me.  I still watch it alt least once a day, or maybe twice.  It puts a smile on my face.  He was such a good man and it makes me realize how fortunate I was to have him as long as I did…  A heartfelt “thank you” for all that you did.

Jane Morgan

“Dear Tom & Bill,
Thank you so much for your caring concern for our mother. Your professional service was outstanding and Mom looked so natural.”

Jim & Bob MacMundo and Chleora Geiser

Dear Mr. Hindman & Staff,

I just wanted to say that I recently celebrated a funeral mass for Glenn Hoffman at St. Michael Catholic Church and Courtney Meyer was present for all the arrangements.  I have to say that Courtney was phenomenal throughout the entire process.  She was extremely respectful and as professional as could be.  I was extremely impressed. Well done to you and your staff!

Fr. Brian Warchola

“Luke was kind, attentive, caring, courteous, respectful and accommodating to our needs, he was conscientious and professional, the services had good organization and efficiency, he took the time to walk us through all the steps.”

Beth Myslivy

The viewing was well planned – I really appreciated the presentation of the urn at the viewing and at the church.  Atmosphere was excellent and the staff were very kind and caring.  The personalized prayer cards & thank you cards were beautiful and there were ample copies of the video tribute.  Many thanks to Tom, Bill and all…

Karen Hill Saylor

Thank you all very much for everything you all have done.  All of our plans were last minute and unexpected.  All of your staff was extremely helpful, nice, and went above and beyond for our family and what we expected.”

Greg Hoffman Family

Courtney gave very kind, personal and courteous service. She was a wonderful help. Also, the pianist was very good! I greatly appreciated Bill Hindman’s wonderful help.

Sandra Garland


Thank you for everything you did for us during this difficult time.  We were very happy with all the arrangements in memory of our dad and husband.  Also, thanks for your availability and being so accommodating.

Edgar Anna Family

Thank you so much for your generosity during our time of loss. We appreciated your honest and kind words. God has placed you exactly where you are meant to be.

Mardi Davis

Thank you to  Jeromy and Garrett for helping our family so many ways during this stressful time.

Don Myers Family

Dear Mr. Lucas Slick,

Thank you for promptly returning my phone call and offering to provide death certificates for my mother and for my late uncle.  Your help will greatly facilitate closing these estates once and for all!  Your superior service and unselfishness during this time is greatly appreciated and I certainly will consider your services for any future needs.

Thomas J. McCall

Thank you so much for handling Ray’s funeral service for us.  Everything was perfect and we were all well pleased.  Got many comments on how beautiful and serene it was and everyone was made welcomed in a peaceful and calming surroundings.”

Carol Kibler

“Mr. William Hindman III;

During an extremely difficult time I was directed to Luke Slick at your Hastings, PA location.  My mother had passed away suddenly and I needed to make arrangements quickly so that she would be taken care of and I could return home, over ten hours away.  There was no life insurance or resources put away for these expenses and I had to manage it myself.  Luke was so understanding and supportive.  The entire process was dignified and I never felt pressured.  I believe my mother was handled with dignity and respect given the way Luke responded to me.  Throughout the entire time Luke kept me informed of what was happening.  Please pass on my heart felt gratitude for all that Luke did to make the process simple and respectful.  Luke made a difficult time easier.  Again, thank you.”

Evelyn Peeler

We are very pleased with all that your staff has done to be respectful and helpful! We especially were pleased with the flag at the removal of Dad from out home. You made a tough time much easier. Thank You.

The Morgan Family

We cannot express enough thanks to the Hindman family for their thoughtful service and Professional guidance at such a vulnerable time.

The family of Ryleigh and Mikayla Freiwald

The funeral director Luke Slick went above and beyond his caring and support for the family.  All staff members were courteous and respectful and all of our concerns were met.

The Haupt Family

My Mother looked exceptionally beautiful, everything was done in a professional manner as expected. Thank you very much!

Judy Letso

“Dear Tom & Bill,
Our very special thank you for everything you helped us with and did for us in Daddy’s passing. Our loss is truly Heaven’s gain. Your professional service made all our plans and wishes go smoothly for all concerned and mostly your trusted and sincere friendship helped to give us peace of mind and heart during a most difficult time in our lives.

Diana Lohr

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
Enclosed is the check for our sister Christine’s funeral. We were very pleased with everything. The service you provided was excellent, and it was those little things that you did for us that meant a lot. We will highly recommend your services to all.”

Roseanne Ganderath and the Galler family

Garrett took his time to explain everything and all went as discussed.  The funeral home itself is a beautiful setting.  Thank you for a dignified and beautiful experience.

Alan Hiner

“Dear Bill and staff,
I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you and your whole staff did with my sister’s arrangements – Christine Goller. We will forever be grateful to you and all of your staff.”

Sandra Roberts and Family

“Ashlee, Bill, and Allen,
May you be blessed for the kindness you’ve shown me. It touched my heart. I’m better knowing you are the best.”

Ernie Elder

Everyone did a wonderful job!!  The staff was very caring and helpful.  Thank you!

Sammy Cobaugh

Luke was a great help in covering all aspects and making it very easy to complete.  I like that we were able to have a “one-stop” covered funeral, church, grave site and dinner.

Rich Link

“Dear Mr. Hindman:
I wanted to tell you that we were most appreciative of your services in behalf of Mr. Norris Boring, who is, or was, our brother-in-law.

Those of us who came from Ohio were all of the opinion that everything was taken care of very tastefully and well.

Mrs. Ellen Nahm, Mrs. Joseph Nahm

“Dear Tom,
Thank you so very much for all the kind and considerate help during the loss of our beloved “”Chick””. I shall never forget it as long as I live. It made everything a lot easier. May God bless you and your Dad. You’ll both have a place in heaven, that’s certain.”

Mrs. Mary Hileman

The funeral home is comfortable with  “homey” surroundings.  The staff is very caring; exemplary staff and services.  The best service we’ve ever been to!  Would highly recommend to anyone!

Judi Gearhart

Special thanks to Courtney & Jessica.

Robert S. Hagerich

“Mr. Hindman,
We want to thank you for your kindness through our time of sorrow. We were very satisfied with everything & will recommend you highly if the need arises.”

Elfa Stombaugh Family

Mom looked beautiful and we loved the Frankstown Road location.  They took great care of us and our guests, and handled everything beautifully.  We pretty much had the run of the place because it was all about her.  They even handled the life insurance for us.

Alicia Miller

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
I want to thank you for your kindness and sympathy shown to us during the time Daddy was in your funeral home. Also for the wonderful way you prepared him for viewing. Mr. Hindman, you don’t know how I dreaded seeing Daddy for the first time after he died, but I want you to know that you made it so much easier by the way you had him laid out. It was a miracle. I never would have believed it would have been done.”

Kathryn M. Reighard

Luke took very good care of us and was quick to respond to all of our questions.  Living out of state, we appreciated how quickly everything was taken care of.

Chris and Alice Stiffler

Luke was courteous, attentive, caring, and knowledgeable and went above and beyond to make everything how we wanted.

The Harold Lansberry family

“Dear Sirs:
My family and I wish to express our appreciation and gratitude for the manner in which you serviced us during the recent passing of our beloved husband and father, A. Glen Snyder.

Words seem so empty at a time like this, but, we want you to know we will always hold in grateful remembrance your deeds of kindness and mercy. Many thanks.”

Mrs. Jean Snyder & Family

Thank you so much for everything you did for our family. Your kindness is gratefully appreciated. You helped us through a very difficult time and even though it is your every day life, our family feels and knows that we received that “”extra”” caring touch and we shall always remember you for it.”

Shirley Lambert

“Dear Tom and Shirley,
First your dad, then you, Tom, and now Bill, have been there when I needed you most.

What proud parents the two of you must be to have such fine sons.

Bill took over so professionally and with the love and care that is so typically Hindman. I am sure the Rose family felt the love and care that Bill gave. He helped me in the little things that I needed to do at such a time – the memorial flowers, the service, the funeral – he handled so well.

I just had to tell you that he meant a lot to us as he did the work he has been trained so well to do.”


“Mr. Hindman,
Sometimes I think the funeral director is taken for granted because it is his job, but we want you to know that we appreciated very much all your help and kindness in our recent loss. It means a lot to know that somebody is there when needed. We are sure going to miss Daddy.”

Lois and Birdie

“Dear Tom,
Thank you for all your help during this most difficult time in my life. You have taken some of the burden off of my shoulders and I deeply appreciate it. You have been a true friend in handling every aspect of the arrangements, the funeral itself, and in answering some of my questions.

Everyone who came to the viewing remarked about how wonderfully natural Fritz looked, in spite of the tremendous weight loss he had suffered! His family from Philadelphia and New York were very impressed with your work and facilities. Both Ralph and I were very well satisfied with everything.

“Amelia Alberti “

We arranged the service but Luke was able to accommodate everything well.  He made the process very easy and was so helpful and kind.  Thank you so much Luke!  You are great to work with.  You are wonderful.  God Bless You!

Nancy Oaks

Thank you so much for the Amish Friendship Bread.  That was a very nice gift… God bless you all.  Thank you for taking good care of my family…

Olive Rose Hochstein

“Dear Tom,
My family & I want to thank you for al the thoughtful consideration & kindness that you showed us all through our recent bereavement. It is such a hard time for everything but you eased it as much as was humanly possibly.”

Mildred Kastora

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
We would like to say ‘thank you’ to show our appreciation for being so nice to Mother, especially, and the rest of us. She told us several times how helpful you had been in collecting her thoughts and other matters. Thank you again.”

Herb & Betty Snauely

The funeral home is absolutely beautiful .  Everyone had good comments and was impressed.  We will recommend you to all our friends and family.

David Stephens

Thank you for everything.  Everything went as planned .  The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.

Ron Oleksa

We only had a cremation for my mother but the staff was very compassionate.  Courtney and Ashlee were just wonderful.

Rosemary Sciacca

” Luke couldn’t have been more helpful, courteous and prompt, and he went beyond what I could have ever expected in the way he handled things! He’s a great guy!”

Joanne Cunningham

“Hindman Funeral Home,
How can we thank you enough? What you did for our family was remarkable. You are truly great people! You go above the call. Our family is very grateful for your kindness & generosity!

I know you relieved a lot of worries for my mother and I am very grateful to you all!”

The Kelly Family

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
Thank you for all that you, your wife, and your son did for my family last month. We appreciated your help and concern.”

Mary L. Landes (McKee)

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
I wish to thank you for the many courtesies shown to the family during our recent bereavement. You certainly accomplished everything in a professional yet “”folksy”” manner which contributed greatly to easing our sorrow.

Thanking you once again, and with best personal regards.”

Blair Johnston

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
Certainly Mother made an excellent choice when she decided to seek your services as funeral director. Both my sisters and I felt that nothing could have been improved upon, and I am certain my mother will express the same feelings when she talks with you.

Edna Cox

“Mr. Hindman,
Thanks so much for taking care of everything for us. All of us feel you did more than was really required and we will be eternally grateful. Thanks again and God bless you always”

The Borings

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
I would like to thank you for your kindness and help during the recent death of my mother, Sarah Lebzelter.

You were very cooperative and it was greatly appreciated. We were very pleased with the way my Mother looked, and we liked the way you handled it from beginning to end. You made a trying time a lot easier. Thank you again.

Betty Seese

Where do I begin to thank you for all you did on the behalf of my Uncle Joe & our family. I (and my cousin Mark) were so grateful for your wise counsel, attention to details, and coordinating a major portion of the funeral arrangements. I especially appreciated how sensitive you were to meeting the desires of my Uncle in a most difficult time. As our family members rapidly age, I am confident that your strength and experience will be supporting us in the future.


“Dear Mr. Hindman:
Mrs. Williams and I wish to express to you our sincere thanks for your help and for the manner with which you handled all of the details connected with this viewing and burial. I know that my brother and his wife join us in saying that we were pleased in every respect with the services you rendered and we wish you to know we were completely satisfied.

James L. Williams

“Dear Tom:
Please let me thank you for the perfect manner in which you took care of all the arrangements and the dignified conduct in the funeral of my mother, Mrs. Anna Pavlovich, who passed on August 18th. Also, let me extend the same note of appreciation to your wife and mother.

Again, with my sincerest thanks, I remain.”

Nixon E. Paulk

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
I’m writing this note of appreciation for my Mother, Mrs. Nora Mackell. She desires to thank you for singing ‘My Tribute’ at my father’s funeral, also for the funeral service. We would like to thank you for your kindness and courtesy extended to our family during this difficult time.”

Nora Mackell & family, and Joyce

“Dear Tom,
You have a way of doing things that’s all your own and always special… and very much appreciated. God bless you.”

Emerson Carney & Family

Thank you for the nice job you did with John. I was prepared to have the casket closed if he looked like he’s been looking.


Garrett is top notch! So caring and making sure all was right.  Luke was on call at the beginning and was great in getting things set up.  Having prearranged for my mother’s funeral made everything run more smoothly.


Sandi Turner

Dear Tom,

Thank you so much for the sensitive and patient care you gave to our family as they honored the life of John.  You have a special gift in bringing calm to people when they are most vulnerable…facing death.

Geeg Eash

Thank you for your thoughtfulness at a time when it meant so much. Thank you for being so kind and understanding to our Mother, Mrs. Roy Byers.


“To the Hindman Family:
In appreciation for the wonderful treatment your family offered to all of my family. Thank you.”

Kathleen Brady

The staff was kind, caring, and respectful…

Joyce Ray

Thank you for all your kindness, generosity and prayers.

Jeff, Annette & Zachary

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
Our sincere appreciation for the professional yet understanding manner in which you handled the arrangements for our family.”

“Valenia Clark & Family “

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
Thanks so much for the wonderful service you gave our family, and thanks for waiting so long for your money.”

“Dear Mr. Hindman:
My family was very well pleased with all the things you did to make Mother’s funeral a thing of beauty.

Thank you for being so helpful this morning with the marker.”

Ruth Jeffery

“Sorry for the delay in the payment of this bill. We were well pleased with the services.

Thank you and wishing you and yours the best of everything in the New Year.”

By the way, I NEVER got the opportunity to thank you folks at Hindman’s for your services.  The service I was given was outstanding – Everything was explained clearly, everything was carried out as promised…. and I was given some REALLY GOOD ADVICE on other matters pertaining to the estate, etc.  I have, AND WILL CONTINUE to recommend your services.  I think many people are turning to cremation; and for those who want the tradition style, your funeral home is a very warm and comforting place.  Your website was a big help – I could show the family the options before I made the final decisions.  I do like Mr. Hindman a lot – He is as important to the business as the facilities and available services.  And I have told people that.

Thanks for your outstanding service!

David Ruckser

“Dear Mr. Hindman and all staff,

Thank you for your services.  You performed so professionally, caring for my family with the passing of my husband and their dad (Kenneth R. Zimmerman).  Both your caring and friendliness were outstanding.  Courtney is a very nice person and handled things at the house very well.  Take care and may God bless and watch over you always.”

Sue Zimmerman

Just wanted to say thanks again for all you did for our family in dealing with the loss of our wife and mother. Through it was the most difficult time of our lives, we surely appreciate all you did to console and help us with the many decisions we had to make.

We all thought you did an excellent job in making my mother look like, well, like she looked. Thanks also for serving as pall bearer. We felt the entire funeral experience was one which my mom would have been proud to have.

If there is ever anything any one of us can do for you, please let us know.”

Russell Gray & Family

“Dear Tom,
We wanted you to know how much we appreciated all your thoughtfulness, kindness, comfort and understanding that was given to us by you & your staff.

There are not enough words to thank you for granting our request to sing the Ave Maria. It was so beautiful. You did enlighten our burden. We will always remember your warmth and caring.”

The Grace Scott Family

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
I wish to express my appreciation for the very gratifying manner in which you conducted services for my sister, Mrs. Frances Blansett. Everything was exactly as it should have been. Thank you.”

“Roderick D. Ford “

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
I want to thank you or all that you did to help during the recent loss of our mother, Audrey Griffen. It was a comfort to see Mom look so peaceful.

Your gentle care & comfort will always be remembered.

Linda Haman

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
Thank you for your consideration and thoughtfulness during Dad’s funeral. The many services and the comforts shown to us all at your funeral home are greatly appreciated.

Janis Dobbins

“Dear Tom,
Thank you so very much for all you have done for me and our family, all the extras of helping us in so many ways. Thanks also to your Mother, she was so helpful. I know you both went out of your way to give us loving Christian concern & we were very grateful.

Gertrude Repp & family

Thank you all for doing a wonderful job and taking care of everything to make sure all went well.  Thank you for the special gift; it touched our hearts.  God bless you all.

Hochstein Family

“Mr. Tom Hindman,
We just had to let you know that we deeply appreciate your kindness during our recent bereavement, the loss of our mother, Barbara Kolar.

This is something words can’t express – it is felt in our hearts. Thank You!”

Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kolar

“Dear Tom,
You and your mother treated us in our recent hour of need more like your own family than strangers. For this we are very thankful.

There is no way we can really thank you enough.”

David & Edna Ashcom and family

“Dear Tom,
Just a note to thank you for your kindness and the consideration that you have shown us, at the time when we needed it the most. It is really good to know people like you & your mother.”

Grade & Jim Evans

Dear Ashlee,

Thank you for everything you have done for us.  Your thoughtfulness will be remembered.

Family of Olga Mishler

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for doing such a terrific job laying my father, Charles M. Burkett, to rest. Everything was so beautiful and very well done. As well, you were there every step of the way to answer any questions that I or my family had to ask.

I would also like to add that it has been a pleasure doing business with you, Sir! I’m sure the funeral business is a very difficult business to run. Especially trying to please people who are not in a pleasing mood. I, on the other hand, am very pleased with the way it worked out! Your kindness and your generosity will never be forgotten.

Thank you again, kind Sir! May all the roads in life lead to eternal bliss.”

Michael Burkett

“Dear Tom, Bill, & Staff,
On behalf of my family I want to thank you for the services you have rendered for my Mom, Viona, and all of our family. Your thoughts and words of condolence& memories of her were very comforting. She had a gift that was God given. She was there for many sick and dying friends and even strangers who, I believe, were placed at the time they needed a truly caring and faith-filled friend.

God Bless you for your service to those in need.”


“Mr. Hindman,
Thank you so much for your patience. I’m still battling with Chesapeake Ins. so I’m not sure what will happen. As of yesterday they’re still waiting for his medical records. I guess the fact that it was an accident accounts for nothing.

Mostly though, thank you for your kindness, understanding & beautiful funeral services you provided. Bill would have been pleased. Also, thank you for the name of a Counselor. I’ve gone one time so far, going again tomorrow. I don’t know that I’ll ever feel better but at least they tell me I’m not crazy. My mind is handling this normally.

“Bill & Allen,
Thank you for everything you helped us with. Your help was greatly appreciated in our time of need.”

Shari Kinsey & Family

“To Tom, Bill & Allen,
From our whole family we send deepest thanks for the kindness, time, and personal attention you gave each one of us through Mom’s funeral days.

Mom had mentioned to Aunt Gerry that she wanted to pre-plan her funeral (after Boots died). I believe that what we put together, with your help, would have made her very happy. The video tribute was wonderful – in her words, she’d have said it was “”a real hit”” – even though it was at her funeral!

Tom, to you a special thanks for your solos during the service. It was a special gift to all of us.

Sylvia McDonald & Family

“Bill, Tom, Alan and Staff,
Thank you all for doing such a wonderful job and by making this very difficult time slightly easier to handle. All of you are wonderful!”

Lisa, Emily, Nathan & Katie Saylor

We only had a viewing and were pleased with everything.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  Luke and Vince were wonderful.

Joyce Coleman

“Dear Bill,
I want to thank you for your help. The family was very pleased after we got finished with Mr. Horner. You probably observed he had lost a lot of weight, over 100 lbs. in a five-month period, to be exact. I could not have done a good job if he had not been prepared properly. I thank you again for the excellent job you did for me.

Keller Funeral Home

“Dear Bill,
I appreciated all the way how you went out of your way to handle the funeral, and I know you didn’t charge enough on the bill.

This is not a business letter, but a token for yourself. Thanks a million.”

Albert Rager

“Dear Bill,
Terry and I were pleased with everything you did for us. I am sure things were carried out in the manner Bob would have wanted. It’s so nice to have you as a brother. I also know it was very difficult for you.”


“Dear Bill,
Thank you very much for being so kind and helpful at the time it sure was needed. I still can’t believe it. I think I must still be in shock. Thanks again.”

Freda Teeter

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
My wife and I wish to express our deep appreciation to you for your kindness and consideration during a difficult time. We feel very satisfied that everything was done with dignity and care. Thank you again for your efforts.”

Cecil D. Hess

“Dear Mr. Hindman and Tom,
We shall always remember your kindness and compassion. You are two very lovely people!”


Not a day goes by that we don’t think about the kindness that you’ve shown Chris and I during the recent loss of our beloved Jinga.  I know that you understand ad respect the bond that humans and dogs share.  Please know that we appreciate all that you’ve done beyond words and that you will always hold a special place in our hearts.


Chris and Cheri Verbano

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
Thank you for your aid and concern in Bill Strayer’s funeral services. We are grateful for all you have done for us, and I’m sure that Bill’s folks are equally grateful to you.”

James Heilig

Thank you so much for your kindness during our loss.

Walter Carney Family

“Dear Tom,
Thank you for your kindness, understanding and helpfulness in our hour of sorrow.”

“Charles E. Foster “

“Dear Tom,
Kathy and I wish to thank you for tremendous assistance in the recent deaths of my mother and father. We have felt so relieved that we set up the burial trust and had you help us with the pre-planned arrangements. While such things may be a normal course for you, you made our circumstances feel very personalized and we thank you for that.

It is ironic life brings us to these crossroads. I can remember being in my home on Sheridan Street and my mother , Norma, pointing you out as you walked from school and identifying you to me.

Thanks for your help and your follow-up on the Avava marker.”

Kathy & Gene Schmult

A very special thank you to all the staff at Hindman Funeral Homes for your services and dedication that you provided to our family…My children were very happy and pleased with how everything was handled.  Again, thank you very much.

Rodney Montgomery & Family

“Dear Tom,
How do I begin to thank you for all you’ve done for our family. God is so good – he supplies all our needs in ways we can’t even imagine. To have a fine Christian friend to be there to help Mother when I couldn’t meant so very much. Your warmth & compassion made a very difficult situation much easier. Having to give up a loved one is never easy. No matter how good life has been the loss is overwhelming, but we are able to find comfort in how much we gained from the years we had together. We find that our memories give us strength, the love of our friends gives us comfort & the love of God give us peace. We rejoice that Dad is with his dear Lord & Savior.

Dianna, Jim & David Fisher, Lori Ann & Terry Streit

Thanks for everything. I really appreciated your caring and compassion!”

Connie Finder

“Dear Tom,
Thank you so much for your quiet, caring manner in making funeral arrangements for my mother, Vivian Horner. A special note of appreciation for your beautiful song.”

Gale Bala & family

For all your little extras I couldn’t thank you for at the time, but most of all your tenderness and real concern. I want to say again “thank you” and tell you, you shall always be remembered in my prayers.


I would like to thank everyone from the staff at Hindman Funeral Homes for all your help and being so kind…

Connie Marhefka

“Dear Tom,
We want to say again that we were pleased with all your services for the viewing & funeral. It was good to get to know you & your mother & to learn that we share a mutual friend.

I’ve written to E.J. to reinforce our invitation for her to visit with us. If you have the opportunity please urge her to do so, and assure your mother that we would be delighted to have her come along.

I’ve also written to Mr. Molnar to let him know we felt the service was very fine. He seems like a highly capable & certainly a likeable person.”

Edna F.

“Dear Tom,
Thank you again for your kindness to all of our family. You surely did lighten my burden.”

Kathleen Ickes

“Dear Tom, Shirley & Mrs. Hindman,
Well you can surely tell I’m not in the teaching end of the family but we all want to thank you for all the personal touches you added to help us through our loss. And Tom, thanks for keeping an eye on George. He can be a handful at times and Lurlene needed Shirley’s extra touch and Mrs. Hindman thanks for your support and the good coffee.”

“Dear Mrs. Hindman & Tom,
I would like to thank you for all the help you have given to me concerning my Aunt. It was a learning experience. Your helpfulness was appreciated.”

JoAnne Bryn

“Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for all the kindness above & beyond the call of duty shown to our family. Tom, I know Mom was happy with the way everything went.

We will miss her. I can’t believe she’s gone – I guess it will hit me one of these days.

Again, thanks for everything and if you & the family are ever up this way come & see us please.”

Fay & Allen

Your kindness & courtesy was deeply appreciated.

The Nellie Fregly Family

“Dear Mr. Hindman & Family,
We would like to thank you again for your kindness during the sad time you shared with us.

It was made a little easier for us because you took the time to be so kind to us all.

We will never forget you.”

Mary Kay Snoby, Barbara A. Bracken & Family

We like the rustic feel of the funeral home and the location is also good for family and friends.  We were pleased with everything – it all went very smoothly.

Anita Neisner

“Dear Tom –
Thank you for your kindness and your help in making a very sad time a little easier – and thank you for singing our dad’s favorite song and doing it so beautifully.”

The Louis P. Mellon Family

“Dear Tom,
We really appreciate the special attention you gave us and Mother.
Thank you so very much.”

Jim & Grace Evans

“Dear Tom,
My family and I want to express our thanks for all your help you gave us during this sad period in our lives.

I know you don’t want any thanks but you were always there when we needed you. You are a caring person and when we have a problem we feel we can come to you with it.

You help to lift the load off of our shoulders and that gives us a peace of mind.

Thank you for being there. God Bless you for all you have done.”

Catherine Mowery

“Mr. Hindman,
Many thanks for your help, thoughtfulness and kindness.”

Jim & Florence Orner

“Dear Jeromy,
Just a note to say thank you for all you did for us. We feel we gained a friend, not just a person doing his job.

Everything was wonderful. Just the way Chuck would have wanted it.

I know you will thank of us every time you hear the world “”calliope””.”


Just when I lose faith in the younger generation, God sends someone with compassion and caring for others. Even my brother who never says anything nice about anyone, declared you as a rarity of your youth.

When the waitress told us the gentleman had paid our bill, I looked at my friend in complete awe. In all my years I have never had that happen to me. So that fattening treat became very special. Thank you so very much.

God be with you in all your endeavors. Have a great time on the mountains.

Paula (Maxfield) Miller

Mom looked like an angel – she is an angel! Thanks so much for all the “”special”” courtesies extended to our family. Everything was beautiful. God has truly blessed you with many gifts, Tom. We so appreciate being able to make this kind of arrangement with a friend.

We love you!”

Myrna, Linda, Helen, Wally

We want to thank you again for all the comforting help you gave to my family at the time of our loss (Catherine Mowery) & also other loved ones who passed on before.

We cannot even express the comforting reassurance we feel of knowing that someone we love so dearly will be taken care of by you.

PS I also want to extend my appreciation to Alan for his help of answering questions. He also was a great help to our family as well as you.”

Dorothy Lewis & Family

“Dear Tom,
Our family is deeply grateful to you & your mother for all the ways that you made Mother’s death just a little easier. We appreciate your personal touch and the way you handled all aspects of Mother’s funeral. Our family felt that you did everything possible to meet our needs.”

The Carl Harrison Family


Thank you so much for taking care of things when our beloved Max passed away.  Your kindness and generosity are appreciated beyond words.  Thank you for being there for us!!

Chris and Cheri Verbano

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
Your kindness meant more than words can say. Thank you very much. Thank you again for all your help. Your compassion and understanding will always be remembered and appreciated.”

The Williams Family

“Dear Tom,
You have been a great blessing to me. You go above & beyond your professional duties. I thank you for all your help & your friendship when I was in need.

This past week I received acknowledgement of application from Veterans Administration, Pittsburgh, PA. Thanks to you & your interest. I would not think this applied to me, as distant relative as an Aunt.

Gertrude Repp

“Dear Tom,
With sincere thanks and appreciation for the dignity and care given to both Bernard and my mom and the friendly and professional manner accorded to our families.”

“Toots Weaver Family Dick Bubans Family”

Thank you for all your support and help.  I was very happy that we did not need to move to another location and had plenty of room to accommodate the guests.

Larry Price

“Dear Jeromy,
On behalf of my family and I we would like to thank you so much for all you did for us when our Dad passed away (Donald Gray). You went out of your way so that my brother could view him & did a great job at the cemetery as well. Keep up the work mowing & I’ll keep drinking plenty of water.

PS. It’s people like you that make this world a better place. Thank you very much!”

Brenda Moisan

The staff was very, very kind and understanding.  Thank you for making a difficult time bearable.

JuliAnn Vargo Eperjessy

“Dear Tom,
Thank you for everything. You helped make a very difficult time a little easier.”

Janet Roberts

“Dear Tom,
Your kind, compassionate and efficient service made it less of an ordeal.

Thank you and your Mother it was good to have her there too.”

Jessie Barkhymer Children and their Families

“We were well pleased with your help during our time of need.

Ruth Ashcroft

“Dear Tom,
Paul & I wish to express our appreciation for the way in which you cared for Aunt Jane’s wishes and helped us to honor them as well as her friend’s feelings. I’m glad to have had the chance to know you, and hope we meet again. My best to your Mother.


“Dear Tom and Shirley,
A simple thanks is hardly enough. Your love, support and presence and help in many ways was a source of comfort.

We want to thank you especially for being understanding and gracious about our not asking you to handle funeral arrangements. We very much wanted your support yet feel that Ed could handle the arrangements across both churches (particularly in getting a plot in Christ the Savior Cemetery – which was somewhat political). However, the decision was made with a great deal of thought and we felt very torn. Your love and friendship, though – we knew and trusted – remained with us, and for that we are deeply grateful. We will never forget your caring.

Charlie, Cindy, Dave & Kathy

“Dear Jeromey –
Just a short note to say thank you again, for all you’ve done. My Mom looked beautiful, hair and all. Like I told you, my niece was concerned, as she is a hair dresser in Pittsburgh. I’m just glad everyone was happy so to speak. Bill is lucky to have someone as caring as you”

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
Thank you for your wonderful prompt help to myself, my father-in-law and my parents. My Mom sent some pictures (at my request) of the casket and the beautiful flower arrangements.”

“Dear Mrs. Hindman & Tom,
Thank you both for your very special blend of professionalism and friendship in our time of need.”

The Kalister Family

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
Thank you so much for your kindness & your services to us for Mother’s funeral. I was well pleased & sorry I didn’t get to thank you before I left.”

Amaryelis Eaves

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
This is just a short note to thank you for the care you gave my mother. We were all very pleased with the treatment and service we received at your funeral home.

You are a very compassionate & caring individual and it certainly shows in your work. Again thank you for assisting us in this very distressing time in our lives.

“Jenny & the entire Kirby Family “

You really performed a miracle with Bill. Thanks a million for everything.

Sara Fat

“Dear Tom,
Your thoughtfulness meant much more than any words can say. Thank you very much.”

Dee Murton & Family

Thank you for your assistance & expression of love toward Gloria & the Trentini Family – May God Bless you!

Rev. Wm. Trentini & Family

“Tom Hindman,
My family and I are so appreciative of your kindness, your caring, and your thoughtfulness extended to al of us. You made an extremely difficult time a little easier for us to bear and we will always be grateful for you. God bless you Tom.”

Chleora Geiser & Family

“Dear Tom and Bill,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful funeral service you provided Bill.

Your compassion and caring during this difficult time is gratefully appreciated.

And, Tom, thank you for sharing your beautiful voice for Bill’s final journey. Your song touched everyone!”


“Tom & Bill,
Thank you for your assistance with the funeral preparations. We really appreciated your compassion towards our family, and the special care taken with our mom. Thanks again for everything.”

The Martin Family

They were great and made you feel very comfortable!

Barbara Oakley

I really liked the compassion and sensitivity I felt from the staff.

Kim Kennedy

“Mr. Hindman,
I’m Walter Rudnik’s granddaughter, Marcy Morris (the one who asked if your assistant was coming to dinner!)

I just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done for my family. You’ve helped us through so much when we needed it most. Especially my grandmother, she’s really grateful to you.

I’m so glad you let us have his service at your funeral home. My grandfather always loved you and it was his wish to be at your funeral home when he died. He didn’t want to be anywhere else. And his last wish came true.

Thank you also for singing at his service. You have a beautiful voice and he loved it. He often spoke highly of your voice when you sang at our church.

I know he’s looking down on us all from heaven and is very happy. I know he’s thankful to us and all you’ve done, which was very much. God intended it to be this way and I’m glad it was.

I’ll never forget all you did for us and once again, thank you very much.

Marcy Morris

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
I wish to thank you for all your kindness. God Bless & keep you well.”

Mrs. Florence T. Moyer

“Dear Bill,
I wanted to thank you (Alan and I both) for all your kindness, and consideration during out time of sorrow and grief. I know you went “”all out”” to do so many extra things, and all of which made it easier for us all to bear.

Again, I thank you for your kindness and compassion – you eased the burden so very much for us. Say “”hello”” to Dorothy, and all your fine family.

Mary C. Ruby

You just seemed to go that extra mile to make things a little easier for us last week. Your love and understanding were plainly visible and appreciated so much. If you are ever down this way please give us a call & stop by.”

Cecilia & Lloyd Craig

“Dear Tom,
Ron and I really appreciate your kindness and concern for our family. We also appreciate you helping Ron’s parents at a time like this.

Once again, we would like to thank you for everything.”

Ron & Bev Rummel Jr.

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
Our afternoon with Anna Mary and your Youth was filled with discussion, questions and concerns generated by our visit and your presentation. Listening and watching the young folks, I think that the day was very successful in getting them to think about death and dying in the context of our Christian faith.

Once again, thank you for your time, expertise and sensitivity. Pastor Miller and myself greatly appreciated the care and concern you showed to the group. As well, extend our thanks to Mr. Hubbard for his presence and participation.

We appreciate your help and ask God’s continued guidance in your ministry with those who have been touched by death.”

Pastor Ed DeVore

“Dear Tom,
Thank you for making this sad time a little easier to bear. We really appreciate all your kindness, it meant a lot to us.”

Carol, Darlene & Tony

“Dear Tom,
We hope you will accept our deepest appreciation for all you did to ease our way when Auntie died.

You folks are so kind and we know that God will continue to use your “”ministry””.”

Mona & Ben

“Dear Tom,
On behalf of Dad and myself, I wish to thank you for all your help during Mom’s funeral.

Our circumstances were different but we managed very well. Thank you for your part in making everything run so smoothly.

Please thank your mother for playing the piano at the service. She and I must be two of the few people who are familiar with the hymn, “”There’s a Rose That is Blooming.”

Mary J. Varner

“Dear Tom,
The past two weeks have been difficult ones for us, and it surely was a comfort (for us) to have all final arrangements for Mother taken care of by caring friends.

We were pleased with the way you handled all of the details, and are especially appreciative of the many kindnesses you and your mother extended to us.”

E. Jane (for Dad and Mary Lou)

“Dear Mr. Hindman and Tom,
Thank you very much for the kindness and sympathy shown to us during these days.

You do so much more than should be required. This helps to make you the special people that you are.

Words do not really express my gratitude, but please know that I am sincere.”

June Hoyland

Dear Bill,

What can we say, NO WORDS can express our thankfulness and kindness you did for us.  Thank you for your support in handling things when we could not think.  May God bless you for your generous help and your thoughtfulness.  We are so “speechless” and would always recommend you to everyone.  Thank you for all that you have done.  God Bless you and your family.

Dan, Lynne, Eric, Stef, Ryan and Julie Faint

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
We deeply appreciate your kindness and the feeling of friendship you gave us in our time of need.”

Clara M. Haase

Your services were greatly appreciated for our loved ones.

Mrs. Adetta Eisele

Thanks so much for your help in our time of trial. Believe me, it was really appreciated.

Ken Louder

“Dear. Mr. Hindman,
I want to thank you and all of your family for your kindness.”

Marian Wessel


Many Thanks, again! For all of your help and professionalism with our Family. It made all the difference. Thanks for your excellent care and consideration, and thanks to your Life Celebration Director, Wayne Ayer for praying with us at a most  difficult time.


Shanda Buterbaugh

“Dear Mr. Hindman
I wish to thank you for your kindness and your thoughtfulness toward us during the Jean family’s time of sorrow. Thank you.”

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hunt

“Dear Sirs,
I want to thank you so very much for the way everything was done. I was so satisfied with everything – the way the body was laid out, the way the flowers were arranged & the peaceful serenity of the parlor itself. At the graveside event, though it was pouring rain, I felt so protected. And, the selection of the family sprays were in such good taste. Best of all was the feeling everything was done to save the family any responsibility at all.”

Mrs. Andie H. Edberg

“Dear Tommy,
We want to thank you for all you did for us in our sorrow. You really did a nice job in making our mother and wife look nice. You were so kind to us all. We greatly appreciate all your help.”

The George Knopp Family

Thank you are not enough words to say how very special you were to us in our time of need! It was very special to us to have “Daddy” there where you could care for him as well as us and the visitors. Thank you for seeing to it that Ken was there for us. I am so very grateful for all you do for him. Thank you for your extreme kindness to us all.

Anna May & the Family of Ray Fleming

Thank you so much for all you have done for me and my family and especially for all your kindness to “Ken”. Though I’ve been slow to say “thank you”, I’ve thanked you many, many times in my heart!

Anna May Fleming Cook

“Dear Tom,
Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice and music with us on the occasion of Pete’s service. It was very meaningful and comforting to have you with us.

I keep going over the words of the song in my head and fervently hope that Pete is truly in the company of God.

We are grateful for all that you did for us.

Fran Boring and Family

Your kindness will always be remembered by me & my family

Connie & Ahlia Harchick

“Mr. Hindman,
Mere words or this small token can ever express our gratitude to you during this time of loss. Your singing has always been a great inspiration and joy. I also appreciate what you said about Dad, he is a wonderful man. Thank you again for all your help.”

Ralph & Denise Horner

“Dear Tom,
For almost four decades, time and time again you have been an incredible friend. Once again you went extra miles to bring comfort to Dan and families.

We will be forever grateful for your expert ability in handling delicately but effectively, the worried diversities in the family. You and Bill made every effort to accommodate all the various needs, large & small, and having great tolerance for the at times over-active children.

The most appreciated aspect of your efforts was the many instances when you witnessed to your deep faith in God, praying with and for us.

Thank you for all you did for us to lighten our burden. We realize how different it must have been for you and we appreciate your kindness.

Elaine & Bernie Ghezzi and James Davis

Hindman Funeral Home Staff,

Thank you.  Sometimes when life seems empty and we feel alone, we discover the importance of the kindness of others.  Thank you for being a light in a very dark and difficult time.  Your kindness meant so very much and will not be forgotten.

Family of Ella Mae Stossel

“Dear Tom,
Thanks so much from both Lee and I for all your kind help at the time of his father’s death.

Your concern meant so much to us all during this time and we just wanted to let you know.”

Lee and Rosalie Carney

“Dear Tom:
I do appreciate your thoughtfulness and the dignified way that you took care of Gloria. Everything was conducted in the manner that I think she would have wanted.

We have all suffered a great loss. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why, but I’ll always be thankful for the time we spent together.

Again, I would like to thank you and your family for the kindness and comfort that you gave to all during this great tragedy.

Jim Davis

“Dear Tom,
I appreciate all the care and love that your and your family showed us last week. Mother and I felt cherished and listened to.”

Kathy Flechensten Jewell

With sincere thanks for your kindness – it was appreciated very much.

The Lloyd Craig Family

“Dear William,
You have my sincere and deepest appreciation for your many special care and help given to my son, William J Menshy in preparing him for our family. I know it must have been very difficult for you since he was your Uncle’s student and he was special to Mr. Hindman. I don’t know what to say except thank you from all of us, and God Bless you and keep you in his loving care.

Delores Menshy and Daughter

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you did for us during the time of our sorrow. You’re a very special person that God has put in a very special profession. God knows and plans all of our lives and he knew exactly where to put you. Thank you for being obedient to his calling. You are really a comfort to those who are in need of your services.

Thank you for accommodating our large family and for the special song you sang that really ministered to our hearts and above all for the special work you did for Dad. He truly looked beautiful. We will forever be thankful.”

Mary Rudnik, Myrna, Linda, Helen & Wally

“Dear Tom,
I just had to write to thank you for the excellent and meaningful presentation last Wednesday. It was quite obvious why you are a success at what you do. Your caring and concern radiates. I personally appreciated the time spent on discussing organ donation. This “”gift of life”” is a special cause to me – thank you. Your musical ministry was quite moving. I could have listened to more. Again, thank you for sharing your ministry with us.”


Words cannot express my appreciation for all the nice things you’ve done for me, in the recent death of my dear Mother, Eva Smith.
Once again, thanks and God Bless you.”

Sarah Berg

Thank you so much for making a very difficult time a lot less painful. We can’t thank you enough for your support, let alone seeing Mom’s face when you sand her favorite songs.
We wanted you to have something for making the church service so special.”

The Raymond M. Bracken Family

“Dear Tom,
I just wanted to tell you that each time I have attended a funeral in which you have been in charge of the arrangements, I have been so blessed by the manner in which you closed the service.

Your final words to the family and friends are very comforting – and just seem to bring it to the perfect close. You are very sensitive to the people at that moment.

And for your kindness and offering of service to the Cambria City Mission over the years, I express my appreciation. You have been blessed with a beautiful voice and you have shared that talent so that countless others have been blessed.

I am always touched as I look about and see that people in their own little world, their own little corner, their own little business are faithfully serving the Lord – and are following His command in Matthew 5:16 to “”Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father, who is in heaven.”” You are doing just that, Tom, and I praise God for you.

I am always touched as I look about and see that people in their own little world, their own little corner, their own little business are faithfully serving the Lord – and are following His command in Matthew 5:16 to “”Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father, who is in heaven.”” You are doing just that, Tom, and I praise God for you.

Myrna Gilbert

“Dear Tom,
The insurance checks have arrived finally, and I’m sending your check on to you with deep gratitude for your very kind and helpful planning and loving consideration for all our wishes in preparing for Bud’s funeral.

It was such a comfort to all of us to be in the presence of such fine Christian friends as you and your mother at such a very difficult time for us. We were so pleased and comforted by your efforts to present Bud as he really was; a pleasant, sturdy, proud Christian gentleman, husband and father. He really looked just as we wanted to remember him.

Your sharing of your closeness and affection for your own father helped our children to accept the loss of theirs.

Your mother’s presence and loving concern was such a help to me, too.”

Millie Reighard

“Dear Tom,
You did an excellent job. He looked like himself and the clothes were real sharp looking. He would have liked that. Thank you for all your help.

Dad had no antique reels or rods. I will be sending a couple of his “”plugs”” shortly. I’m sure our paths will cross again sometime.”

Nancy Varner

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
It was good to have you come and share in our Seminar, “”Living With Loss””. We appreciated the good way you helped us see the need for early planning and being ready to face the reality of death.

I believe the response in questions indicated the need for this kind of presentation as well as the interest and appreciation for your being here. There were many good comments and statements of appreciation for your contribution in our Seminar.

On behalf of the church, I want to say a very warm thank you for your coming and being part of this experience.”

“Walnut Grove Church of the Bretheren David C. Wilson, Pastor”

“Dear Tom,
Thank you for all you did for us. You took so much of the burden off of us in the last preparations for our Aunt Susan.

I am so glad you suggested a Committal Service. Rev. Spence did an excellent job.”

Phyllis & “PeeWee”

“Dear Tom,
Thank you so much for everything. I know Clem would have been very pleased.

Your father would be so proud of you , and I know where he is, he is proud of you! You do have that kindness which means so much!”


Thanks to you, Garrett, your father and staff. I wish there was some other way to say thanks other than say thanks. During this past year with both of my parents passing away, Hindman Funeral Homes was there every step of the way. When we didn’t know what to do you did it. When we needed a father at the grave site your dad was there. When we needed someone to make a decision for us, Garrett did it. To say thanks is not enough. I just wanted to say how thankful we are, and me in specific. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I wanted to tell you, as a vet you are getting quite the resume. I was at a board meeting at a local bank recently and several vets there were talking about your support of local wounded vets. I knew this because Garrett and I spoke about it recently. I was so proud to say that you guys were our funeral home and how well you did for us and as a vet your awesome. PLEASE keep this up, our vets are important and many times when we get home the adjustment is very hard, I can attest to that. Thanks!!!!!!!! Thanks Bill I know what you’re going to say and you will be humble because that is how you were raised but sometimes you can pat yourself on the back, this is one of those times.

Keith Rager

“Dear Tom,
Thank you seems so inadequate for all that you have done for my mother and also for me.

I will not forget your genuine goodness.”


Thanks so much for being a special friend. God Bless you richly.”

Ray & Doris Grumbling


We can’t thank you enough for all you did so our brother, Ken, could be buried in Arlington National Cemetery.  This was something we never could have done on our own.  Everything went so smoothly for us from beginning to end.  Thank you for always returning our phone calls promptly and being so gracious, truthful, and reassuring.  I told you about Russ (he’s 86) having a very bad fall at home and needing emergency treatment.  Well, he was still limping pretty good, but he wouldn’t let anyone else carry Ken’s urn to the grave site.   It was so touching.  The whole experience was very meaningful with lasting memories.  We will never forget your help in seeing us through this.  It took a lot of time and effort on your part and we want you to know how much we appreciate it.  May God bless you for all your kindness.

Russell & Audrey Grasser Family

The overall organization and execution of activities were professional and personable. The environment was invitng, warm, and comforting. You treated everyone with dignity, respect and kindness. My mother would’ve been pleased!

Bob Mesaros

“Dear Tom,
You did a beautiful job on my Mother. It still hurts to think that I can’t talk to her anymore. We are sorry it took so long for this check but we couldn’t get the lawyers to hurry anything! They have one speed – slow!

You have a wonderful God-given talent for being especially thoughtful. Your overwhelming concern & willingness to go the extra mile helped us through several difficult days. Making the chicken soup for the Thursday visitation meal was unexpected & incredibly generous. Offering to deliver flowers to the Lutheran & Brethren Homes filled us with admiration for the lesson you gave.”

Geeg & Dan

“Dear Tom,
Time and again and again and again you’ve been there for so many things. Advice, direction, inspiration. A person willing to do or say whatever was needed.

You’ll be missed at our table, but a comfort to know not far from Grace’s family.”

Church Council

“Dear Tom,
Again, thank you for taking care of all the arrangements there in Johnstown. It was certainly reassuring to know everything was in such good hands. We will all be returning to Johnstown in the early summer to visit the site.

Give my love to your mom. Thanks for all your prayers & words of kindness.”


Thank you so much for all your help & extra concern in our bereavement. Thank you also for singing at John’s funeral. You have made this difficult time a little easier.

Fay & Family

Thank you so much for all you have done on behalf of Jack & the family.

Janice Ashcom

“Dear Mr. Hindman,
My precious children – Fred III, Gail, Don and I, thank you very much for your thoughtfulness, personalized service, and help to lighten our burden.

Your wonderful services were extremely appreciated. We were all extremely upset, but your help and knowledge made things so much easier for all of us.”

Fred E. Wood, Jr.

Thank you for taking such good care of our Dad.

The Paonessas

Thank you so much for guiding us through the plans for Gene’s mom – Irene Bretz. You were extremely patient and helpful in our precarious situation.”

Pate & Gene Laughrey

“Dear Tom,
Thank you for your kindness and sensitive guidance during the loss of our Mother. I’m glad we had the foresight to do some planning last year, and I do believe it made things easier for us now.

Yours is a special ministry and no one could be better suited for it. Your singing of Mother’s favorite song brought us all so close to her. Words cannot express our appreciation to you.”

The Marek Family

“Dear Tom,
Heartfelt thanks for all the times you have “”gone the extra mile”” for Dad and our family!”

Betty, Darlene, Jack, Ted, Bonnie & Bobby

“Dear Tom,
Thank you for your part in the beautiful memorial service for Jack today. I am sure the family found the entire service comforting. I felt Pastor Phil’s message was a beautiful tribute to a fine Christian man.

Your message in song with your special way of comforting those who are grieving meant so much to all of us. The people at Pleasant Hill all love you. Thank you, Tom.

P.S. Your son is indeed a boy to be proud of!


Thank you so much for everything you did. The service was beautiful. You made a most difficult & painful time for us just a little easier.”

Lisa Marek, Daisy & Kids

“Dear Tom,
Thank you sincerely for all your kind deeds before and after Pop’s death. We shall never forget your song of celebration and then how difficult it must have been to sing “”Heirlooms”” at the funeral service. He would have been so happy with the beautiful service in the church, and how your talent embraced us with pride, not only in life but also in death.”

Aunt Ruth and Uncle Bob

“Tom & Allan,
I want to thank you again for the kindness you showed at the time of my husband’s death. Also for the extra care you took to cover the tumors on his chin and neck. That meant so much to my sons. The service and your help are very much appreciated.”

Rosemarie Nemeth & Family

Thank you for all your help and understanding in the loss of my son. He & I had a great relationship, I will miss him terribly.”

Donna Brummert

“Dear Tom,
Thank you for being so helpful and doing such a fine job in making everything so good at this time. I know that Mom is pleased knowing that all was done well. You are a fine young man and I know that your Mother is very proud and I’m sure that your wonderful Dad knows that you are doing a job well done! May God Bless You!”

Clem, Eleanor, Susan Barbara & All

I want to thank you for the services you do both for our military and in my friend’s case her husband who was on disability. Her urn was beautiful and she said she was treated with respect. Your kindness does not go unnoticed.

Jacqueline Biltz

Just to let you know Allen was great with our family. He was very kind & considerate of our needs. I feel when someone does a good job they should be told so. Thanks to all of you!”

Keith & Margy Gehlman

“Dear Bill and Ashlee,
Thanks so much for making a difficult time run smoothly. I really appreciate your attention and time.”

Pam DeFranco

“Dear WIlliam Hindman,
The Gladys Shaffer family would like to thank you for the professional service shown at the time of my Mother’s passing.”

Bev Blanchetti

Thank you so much for your kindness and caring during this difficult time. We were very pleased with all you did for us earlier this month.

Donna L. Brown

“Dear Bill,
I want to thank you for assisting me so much with John A. Adams’s funeral last Monday at the Frankstown Road facility. You truly made my unhappy task bearable the day we made all the arrangements. All went very well, and I was very pleased with all the efforts you and your staff made to make my burden a little less. The Frankstown Road funeral home is absolutely gorgeous. The “”country”” atmosphere makes it seem less like the “”dreaded”” funeral home. I will recommend your home(s) to anyone when asked. I wish you and your staff nothing but success with this venture.

Doris Shever

Thank you so much for guiding our family through a very difficult time.

You organized everything so well, it made it easier for us and gave Stephanie the beautiful funeral she deserved. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, even painting Stephanie’s fingernails between viewings, and for your special treatment of M.J. & Spencer.

Thank you for your friendship.”

Steve, Alice, Mark & boys

Thank you for making a difficult time a little easier. Your kindness and thoughtfulness will always be remembered.

Wendy, Sandy and Terri

“Jeremy & Ray,
Thank you for doing a good job. Daddy really looked good. The family really appreciated the support.”

The Cookie/Day Family

“To Tom and Bill,
We would like to thank you for everything you did for us during the death of our Mother. We really appreciated being treated as family by both of you.”

The Ressler family

“Bill and Staff,
I wish to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for making Jim’s funeral so beautiful. The difficultly at this time was made easier to bear by your concern and helped ease the pain of losing such a treasure in ones life. It is with sincere gratitude from my heart to yours that I wish you all well and may your journeys carry you through with strength and grace.”

Lois McKendree and Family

Thank you for the wonderful service. It was appreciated during our time of sorrow.

Louis Pleskovic, Lisa Dawson, Michael Popovich & Family & Friends of MaryAnn

“Tom, Bill & Alan,
We truly appreciated all that you did for us following Ruth’s death. You made a very difficult time in our lives much easier to deal with. We know that Ruth would have been pleased with everything too. Thank you for all that you did. Thanks for all of your help & understanding.”

Ed Speidel – Retired Funeral Director

“Dear Bill,
Please extend my gratitude to all who assisted with the viewing and services for my mom. Please thank your father in particular, who has such a gift in working with families in a difficult time.”

Kim Colosimo

Your thoughtfulness and kindness for my mother’s family was wonderful to us.

Elizabeth Hess – Weisman Family

On behalf of my mother Edna and the Ashcom Family, we want to personally thank you for all that you have done for the late David Carl Ashcom. Your staff ought to be commended in their provided support.

Tim Ashcom

“Mr. Hindman and Staff,
We are so incredibly grateful for everything that you did for us. We pray that God blesses you all. Your kindness went above and beyond what we could have ever hoped for. Cady’s funeral was beautiful and we are so thankful for the support of your staff.”

Renae, Justin & Morgan

“To Mr Hindman & Staff
I want to thank you for all the professional & courteous services you provided for my cousins funeral. It was one of the saddest times or experiences I’ve ever had. Although you and your staff comforted me and my family by your great hospitality in our time of need. The atmosphere was comforting and relaxing we appreciate all you have done for us.”

Alexis Tavalsky

“Dear Employees:
On behalf of the residents of the Hollidaysburg Veterans Home, we would like to thank you for your donation of clothing to the Veterans Home on November 13, 2009. These items will be distributed among our residents for them to use and enjoy.

Your continued generosity and support that you show toward our residents is greatly appreciated by them as well as the staff and administration of our facility.”

“Martin C. Kupchella Administrative Officer II”

“To all at Hindman,
Thank you for all your help and support guiding is through the process of making arrangements for my mother, Anita A. Williams. We greatly appreciated the liberty to use your facility in a somewhat different way that turned out to be lovely and warm. My mother would have loved it. It was a difficult time for our family, but you all made the experience the best it could be. Thank you again from the Williams and Stewart families.

Wendy Stewart

“Dear Bill and Family,
Thank you for thoughtfulness and support to our family. It is greatly appreciated. And everything was very nice.

The Family of Catherine (Cassie Rizzo) Harbaugh

Thank you so much for your kindness. Everyone at Hindman was so very nice and helpful. The viewing room was set so very tastefully and Anna looked beautiful. Thank you for capturing the peace which resided in her. Your courtesy and respect for our family is greatly appreciated.

Bill Grow & Family

“Ashlee, Allen & Staff,
Just wanted to say Thank You for helping my mother with dad’s funeral. You made it so easy to deal with.”

Margo Smoter

The entire family was very happy with the way my mom looked. She looked so like herself, she looked like she was sleeping.  We were afraid the funeral would be difficult to get through, but Luke made a difficult situation very comfortable.

Donna Ferrell

“Dear Sir:
Enclosed is a check for the balance due on the marker for Arlen Mackel’s grave in Forest Lawn.

Thank you for a good job and for getting it done for the holiday.”

Ronnie Mackel

Many thank for all you’ve done for Dorathea

Deb Rodkey & Joe Cigich

“Dear Mr. Hindman & Allen,

Thank you for all your help in preparing our mother’s funeral.

You all were very, very helpful, in letting us use the kitchen and directing us in the ways we needed to go. You made the whole process less stressful, for that we can’t thank you enough.

Allen, your words helpful ways & hugs will bever be forgotten.”

The Ramirez/Stouffer Families

“Dear Sir,

Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family.”


“Dear Tom, Bill and the entire Hindman Funeral Home Family,

On behalf of the Donald Houghton family, I would like to express to you our deepest gratitute for your kind thoughts, prayers, condolences, tributes and services for Don and our family during this most difficult period of our lives.

Your support and concerns will truly help us to get through these trying times.”

Carol Houghton & Family

“To all of you at the Hindman Funeral Home,

Your kindness and compassion toward our husband and father will be a treasured memory forver. We can’t thank you enough for the dignity and manner you showed our families and friends and “”Uncle Jimmy””.

We’re all so pleased with your personalized service and that we chose the Hindman Family. You have certainly lightened our burden and we’ll always be grateful. The DVD was wonderful – what a tribute to Jim!

“Dee & Family The Zepkas The Millers The Popovich’s”

You have such a good heart. You are always saying something thoughtful or doing something kind. I want to be sure you know how much you are appreciated and what a gift you truly are.

Thank you for everything you did to help get us through this difficult time.”

Dewey, Misty, Ryan & Madison

Thank you SO MUCH for all your patience, understanding and guidance. This is a difficult time, but you have helped to make everything as easy as possible for me. Your kindness is very much appreciated!”

“Stacey Hammett “

Thank you very much for all the kindness you have shown my family at this time. I was touched by the flag quilt especially.”

Susanne Bargel

Thanks so much for the kindness you showed us yesterday when our beloved Oscar died. He was my first cat and my good friend. Rich was great, as are all of your guys!

Again, thanks so much!”


“Bill & Staff,
Thank you for all your hard work during this difficult time for our family. Your kindness, generosity, & efforts were very much appreciated. We don’t know what we would do without you! Thanks again.”

The Hetz Family

“Hindman Staff,
Thank you for making this sad time for us so kindly and professionally.”

“The Zelak Family “

“Dearest Ashlee,
Just a little note to thank you very much for the “”wonderful”” work done on Uncle Walt’s stone.

Also, tell Bill Hindman thank you for the very nice services for Uncle Walt.

Everything was very nice. My twin, Debbie, & I and our mom, “”Millie”” were very pleased with everything! God Bless!”

Denise and Debbie Klink, and Mom “Millie”

Your staff was very kind and considerate. We were very impressed with the service and the funeral was nice, easy, and relaxed. Thank You.”

Sophie Montag

I just want to thank all of you for being so kind and helpful when we had all this grief and sadness to deal with. Everythign you did for us was the rith thing to do. We are all so greatful for the kindness and help you showed for our family when my brother died.

Beverly and Family

“Dear Bill,

Once again the Hindman’s have been there for Amy. Thank you for your kindness, compassion & generosity! Thank you very much!”

Herk & Connie Hubbard

“Dear Ashlee,
I just wanted to thank you for your help in applying for a service medallion for my husband’s grave. He was always proud of his service in the Air Force.”

Jerri Horner

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincerest appreciation for you and your staff!

You made the passing of our loved one easier for us all with your thoughtfulness, kindness and the comforting handling of the funeral.”

Dave & Shirl Shroeder

Thank you for being so understanding with me.

I hope I won’t need you for a long time. I will tell everyone how nice you are.”

Susan Cox

“Thanks so much for your help. Allen was superb with our family differences. Rich was more than helpful. The home with the kitchen was great…

The use of the paper products and utensils was over the top.”

“Bruce & Joyce The Children of Clair R. Eash Sr.”

We were very pleased with the entire service. Staff was great, atmoshpere was wonderful. The video could not have been better. Completely satisfied.”

Ron Ford Jr.

Just a note to express our thanks for obtaining the flag holder for our dad. It just did not occur to us that we should have one. I truly appreciate your sensibility in handling this for us. All we can say is thanks.”

Sharon Arner and Family of James W. Arner

“Words can’t express how well Hindman Funeral Home handled my husband’s arrangements. They clearly took everything step by step and I was informed of all the procedures and what was going to happen next. We had some unusual circumstances and I am so grateful to all your staff and how things were handled to go above and beyond for the extra help.

On behalf of all my family and friends, Thank you!”

Deborah Berkich

“Mr. Hindman & Staff,
I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful service you provided for Nick Berkich. The support and warmth that you showed and gave to Debbie Berkich and family during this time of sorrow was outstanding. I wanted to acknowledge you and your staff for your service. Thank you again for all you did.”

Sharon Shaffer

“Jeremy was outstanding and he handled everything for us with absolutely no problems.
Thank you.”

Paul Letizia

“Thank you for everything and the fine job on my wife’s funeral. The staff was awesome with the pre-planning of my own funeral and making me feel so good about the whole thing.

God Bless you all.”

Ron Ford

“To Staff:
Thanks so much for such a nice service for my mother. I know she would be satisfied, and she was very hard to satisfy! I know I am.”

Jeff Glass

Things couldn’t have been any better. Services were beyond what we could have expected and the staff was most helpful.

Frances Boring

Your Frankstown Rd. Funeral home is beautiful and very comfortable. Apart from the obvious you do not even feel like you are in a funeral home. You have a caring staff and everything was handled with great care.

Tanya Shaffer

“Dear Bill & Tom,
I want to say thank you for the wonderful way my Don’s wake and funeral were handled. It was done in such a fine and dignified manner. You were so tuned in to our needs and helped to make things easier for us; offering suggestions, making necessary calls and what seemed like countless other details. Of course, what touched me the most was the beautiful way my Don looked. So very peaceful and handsome. We will miss him so very much. Again, thank you for making our last days with him a blessing.”

Alice Havers

Allen Dryzal is meant to do this profession, my family and I can’t begin to thank him.

Kathy Capatch

Thank you for being so kind and courteous we appreciate all that you did for us. Allen – you were wonderful. Thank you!

Mareen & Bernie Conway

My compliments to all. Your caring handling of all that had to be taken care of, made it so much easier in our time of need.

Sylvia Susko

“Dear Tom,
We appreciate the wonderful care you gave our family at my Mother’s memorial service. You have shown such kindness through the loss of my Father and my Mother. We are thankful for you!”

Win and Sandy Garland

“The entire Goss family would like to express our eternal gratitude for the professional way your staff handling our Mum, Janet Goss.
We would especially like to mention Rich and how he stayed with us the entire day at our family gathering. We felt so at peace and able to talk and share our memories with someone who genuinely cared about us. Those final hours we had to pay our respects were precious to us. We will always be grateful for the help and guidance.

Our family and friends were very complimentary of the facility and services that were offered to us.”

The family of Janet Goss

Thank you so much for all you have done for us during our time of sadness. You and your staff made it much easier. Mom looked beautiful, you did a great job.”

Homer, Mike, Diana, & Amber Lafferty

Thank you for all you did for me.  It was all very helpful.

Janet Bambino

“Dear Jeromy,
We want to thank you and your staff for all you did during the loss of our beloved Buddy. Also, for your guidance, care and concern to us. We feel you went beyond the “”extra mile.”” Again, thank you.”

Alice, Todd, Dennis & Ben Savage

“Thank you so much for all your help, support, and especially, kindness during my uncle’s death. Our family appreciates everything your entire staff has done.

Barbara St. Clair

I do want to tell you something Bill, Jeromy and Ashley have been so helpful while you have been away, they have been so attentive to every detail and answering all my questions and handling every detail and concern. They are truly an asset to the Hindman Family Funeral Home! Please give them a very special word of thanks from me for all they have done.

Thanks again, Bill!”

Barry Moyer

“Alan, Rich, Tom & Jeremy,
We appreciate all that you did to help us through our difficult time.”

The Beverly Penrod Family

Thank you for your kindness and comfort during our mother’s service. Everything was done with great care.

Chuck & Sue Sowerbrower

Dear Ashley,

In so many ways, you provided our family with special care as we said our final goodbyes to mom.  First, the photo you chose for the cards and the memorial cards was perfect.  Her radiant smile is a joy to behold.  The video tribute, which you diligently produced, is indeed a tribute to my mom’s long and enriching life.  Finally, helping us provide food and drinks to our family and friends was above and beyond what was expected.  You are a treasure!

Geeg Eash

I was pleased with everything. I certainly enjoyed talking with Ashlee – what a lovely young lady.

“Nadine Balionis “

Thank you for being so helpful, rendering the services in the death of our brother, Edward. We appreciate all the help you gave us, and we are very grateful. Thank you so very much.

The Family of Edward Cekolj

Thanks again for the beautiful and professional arrangements undertaken by Hindman Funeral on the occasion of my Father’s passing. You folks truly handled everything beautifully!


“Luke and Jeromy were new faces to our small town, but they truely met our needs and were willing to help with anything.Caring and compassionate, as well, which is what we were used to in our small town. Any request we had was given enough time to handle,and we did not feel rushed by Luke or Jeromy, they did all of the small tasks to make our lives easier. Great experience for a sad experience. Thanks so much to Luke and Jeromy.

Angela Shutty

Anything we asked, of Luke and Jeromy, they made happen. Really liked the video tribute and that we were given a copy for each family member.

Linda Winn

Allen and the staff are the best! They were for my mom, Joan m. Leckey and now for my son, Joseph A. Slovensky, Jr. Very kind, I love you all!

Judith Fisher

“Mr. Dryzal,

I would like to take a moment to thank you for the comfort level at the viewing, that was held for my aunt last Friday. I have to admit that I have never felt any sort of “”warm atmosphere”” when attending a funeral home, but you and Mr. Slick helped change the standards of a “”typical”” funeral. The interior of the funeral home, itself, was inviting and calming, unlike anything previously experienced.

On behalf of our family, thank you for making a rough situation more bearable.”

“Janette Mazey Oldest niece of Eva Lynn Lash-Shaffer”

I just wanted to thank all of you for making this experience as easy as possible for me. And I was very pleased with the way everything turned out. It was so nice how the staff treated us. I felt that they genuinely cared about us and what we were going through. And anything we needed, they were more than happy to change. You all did a wonderful job!

Kody Krestar


Your assistance, all along, has been phenominal and had made us feel as if you have been sharing the pain, with us.

To show our gratitude, for whatever you have done for us, I wanted to send you a token of thanks.”


“Dear Allen,

Thank you and all your staff for your excellent care of our family, during the memorial service and the viewings for my mom.”

Norma Brown


Arrangements were handled exceptionally and personally.”

Barbara Holtz

“Bill, Allen, Rich and the Hindman Staff,

Thank you for your caring and compassion during the difficult time, following the passing of my father. We appreciate the caring and dignity that was displayed by each and every staff member. Your collective caring and compassion helped our family through a very difficult transition.”

John Jr. and Tiffany Zadik

We have had family services at Easly’s in the past, and were well pleased, and found the present owners to be the same. Luke did a fine job, and is a fine young man. He is very genuine.

Randy Smay

“Dear Jeromy and Luke,

Thanks for all of your help and concern with the arrangements for my mother’s funeral, as well as, other associated items. The family is very appreciative of your efforts.

We think everything came together very well, considering the compresed timeframe.”

Jim Kvitkovich

“Hi Bill,

First, I want to commend you and your staff for your kind and professional conduct for Dorothy Mesaros’ viewing and funeral. We all were totally pleased.

Our mother was sent on to her final resting place with dignity and respect.”

Bob Mesaros

“Being raised in Hastings, we had always assumed that the Easly family would handle all of our family arrangements. The photo slideshow was wonderful, and gave everyone a chance to focus on life, and not death. We were very pleased with the thorough, caring, and helpful service of Jeremy and Luke.

The Family of Mary Becker

“Dear Allen and Tom,

Thank you so much for making such a tough time, easier. We couldn’t have been more well taken care of. Your compassion, promptness, and caring attitude was so appreciated. You do your profession proud and set a fine example for others to follow.”

Sondra, Rex, Michele, and Jill

“Bill and Staff,

I want to thank you for making my brother’s funeral, special. Everything was perfect. I believe it showed my respect and love for him.”

Lois McKendree


We would like to thank you for your professional and gentle care with our parents, Lorraine and Watson Gregg. You guys were fantastic help for us, in a very difficult time.”

Jenn Yutzy and Julie Gregg-Evans

“Bill and Ashley,

Thank you both very much for everything you did for Mom and for us, in our time of need. It is very much appreciated!

It is never easy to deal with the death of a loved one; however, you both went above and beyond to ease our stress and grief. It takes very special people to do what you do and in our books, you guys are the best!”

Stephen and John Yewcic

My family and friends were so impressed by your facility; the atmosphere was warm and comforting, the family lounge upstairs was exceptional, the veteran video tribute was so nice. I’m so glad I chose your funeral home. Thank you to all of you, and God Bless.

Sharon Cicmansky

“Thank you all very much for everything you did for our family, all of our plans were last minute and unexpected, and you guys went above and beyond what we expected, and you were all extremely helpful and nice..we wouldn’t change anything; it was amazing!

The Family of Greg Hoffman

“Dear Sirs;

I wanted to express my thanks, for the wonderful funeral you gave my brothers, Greg and Jeff. I know you went beyond your call of duty, it will forever be remembered. Again, thank you and may God bless you.

“Janet Miller and Family The Hoffman Family of Jeff and Greg”

It was so comforting to know Bob was in your hands. The professional service of you and your supportive staff was dignified and gave us a peaceful parting, we saw God’s grace in all of you, and we are so grateful. It was a loving and caring tribute to Bob’s life.

Aunt Ruth and Kim Hindman

Everything was Great..Thank you!

The Thiel Family

All of your staff memebrs were respectful and treated our family with true concern. Thank you all for eveything you did to help us at this difficult time.

Wendy Hudak and the Covalt Family

You guys treated me great! It was so special from coming to the house to pick up my husband, through the final service at the cemetery, Alan, Ashley and Nancy were Great!

Mabel Fox

“Luke did an excellent job going over everything with me, he was very courteous, knowledgeable, and was very prompt in handling everything for our family…Thank you very much for everything!”


Russ Ranck

“We planned on using Easly-Hindman, long before you came to Hastings, Everything went smoothly, and I am very pleased with Jeromy and Luke”



Nancy Holtz


Thank you again for your very professional services and for your kindness for my mother’s funeral services. I very much appreciated all your attention to detail and for making a difficult process go so smoothly. Best wishes to you in Hastings.

Vicki Lipnic

“Garrett and Jess were so very kind to us through everything and we are grateful for that.”

Diana Lohr

“Just can’t say enough about how wonderful the entire staff is and how easy they made the entire process, the spaciousness and how comfortable the home is and the fact that you have a totally awesome staff, we would not change one thing! Everything was perfect”

The Branic Family

” I want to Thank the entire staff at Hindman for the care of my grandmother Ethel. Your team did a wonderful job with her & made this home going a peaceful time for our family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart & on behalf of the Shipman Family.”

Dan Shipman

“Luke was wonderful with meeting with us on such short notice and answering all of our questions, offering positive options…He kindly let my son “set-up” an upgraded DVD viewing. Our family has dealt with the Easly family for ages, Luke has some Big Shoes to fill and is doing it well. Thank you for making Dad look better then he had in months! The family was very pleased, and we appreciated your genuine sensitivity and attention to detail, flawless!!”


Theresa Natarian and family of William M. Thomas

“Being the first funeral I’ve had to arrange, Lucas made it much easier than I expected”

Shaun Chigas

“Garrett was very helpful to my sister, who called from Florida for all the information I needed when my family and I came in to make arrangements. Great person!”

Charlotte Korlewitz


I know I expressed my surprise and appreciation at the extraordinary effort you made so that the viewing of my mom was a positive experience, with several persons remarking how beautiful mom looked.  In life it is the little things done on the behalf of others that make a real difference.  You watched out for my mom’s elderly friends and quickly provided a wheelchair and support.  My wish is you will continue to learn and grow in your profession.  You’re off to a great start!

Geeg Eash

“Lucas was wonderful, he went above and beyond to be helpful in whatever way he could”

Ronald Gresco & Family


Many Thanks, again! For all of your help and professionalism with our Family. It made all the difference. Thanks for your excellent care and consideration, and thanks to your Life Celebration Director, Wayne Ayer for praying with us at a most difficult time.”

Shanda Buterbaugh

“I would like to thank Bill and his entire staff for everything they did for our family, you all went above and beyond the call, the staff was compassionate and provided excellent service, everything was better than great, without a doubt I would recommend your services to anyone.”

Carolyn (McGuire) Holtzman

“Mr. Slick was very professional, very courteous, and was very prompt in contacting me, he honored my wishes, and saw me through the whole process, I plan to come through those doors myself, just as my family has before me, keep up the excellent work! Thank you!”

Steven J. Kuzma


Your celebration of life director, Wayne, did a great job.  The facilities were comfortable.”

Carol Koontz

Roger and I just wanted to thank your staff for all you did for Jeff and Annette and for our family during the loss of Lydia, our precious granddaughter. You all went above and beyond what was required and did it in such a gracious and caring manner. Everyone we talked to was so impressed by all of you. You certainly helped to make the most difficult time in our lives more bearable and we thank you again.

Bonnie & Roger Shearman


On behalf of my brothers and I, we would like to express our gratitude for everything you and the team at Hindman did to make our father’s memorial service a comforting and uplifting experience. Your professionalism and knowledge, perfectly balanced by your sensitivity and caring attention to detail made the experience easier and this final tribute to our Dad a special memory.”

Holly Powell


Thank you for all your help and support, everything was well organized, Mom looked like herself”

Jacqueline Deckard

Courtney ,

“You have made this whole process so simple, and your kindness has been a blessing!”

Melanie Brilhart

The staff is prompt, efficient, attentive and respectful.  I appreciated the personal touch & respect given while handling a loved one.

John “Jack” Foust

“Lucas did a great job! We really liked the video tribute as well”

Richard Stewart

“Our family is very grateful to Luke for making a troubled time easy to execute. He is excellent, he couldn’t have been more helpful and attentive to the family, he is a great asset to your business.”

Bernadette Yeager- Daughter of Michael Bobby

“Thank you & God Bless all of the staff & Luke for his kindness.”

Madeline Hutchinson


Thank you again for helping Mr. & Mrs. Chervenic with their prearrangements.

Kristin Gokey, SeniorLife

“Thank you for your courteous and professional service.”

Joseph Solich

With Special Thanks to All of You,

To know you is to know people who are kind, considerate, and thoughtful.  To know you is to be grateful for the special things you do.  For everything you’ve done, for being the special people that you are, thank you so very much.

Kitty, Chris, Cyndi, Kim and Stewart Family

“I knew this was “the place” as soon as I walked in the door. Its not your “typical” funeral home, our guests confirmed that, this establishment is comfortable and homey. We were interested in something short, simple, and sweet, and everyone respected that.”

Wendy Geibig
Dear Ashlee,
I again want to express my appreciation to you and the Staff at Hindman for assisting my family and I through these difficult times.  No matter how prepared and ready you believe you are, there is so much that happens and needs to be accomplished in a brief amount of time.  It is our family, friends and special people like yourself who step into your life with a touch, smile or words of comfort that make a difference.  I just have to tell you that I  truly enjoyed meeting you and talking to you.  You are the most pleasant, soft spoken, professional person I know that even in that difficult job setting are so compellingly warm.  So thank you and keep smiling cause have a special gift.
Steve Kormanik

“Luke was easy to work with!  Thank you, Luke for doing such an excellent job for my mom”

Anne M. Frank

“We appreciated the personal care that Luke provided our family, services were well done”

Susan Kelly

Garrett & Hindman Funeral Home Staff,

Thank you for the very professional and kind way you took care of all of the details of Jenny. Also thanks to Courtney for her support the night she picked up Jenny for us. We are grateful!

Tom Voytas & Family & Carolyn Brumbaugh

Mr. Hindman,

Thank you for the services you provided for my wife, Mary.  Thank you for being a friend to our son as well!

Jackson Shockley Sr.

“Hi Bill,

I hope this is the last time we have to meet at your place for a very long time but I just wanted to say thank you very much to you and your entire staff. Once again, you all did a terrific job with Tammy’s arrangements and we (including Tim’s family) could not have asked for anything better. Your girls were so kind and patient when calling and texting with last minute changes, making the situation a lot easier.
Thank you again and God Bless all of you.”

Sandra Roberts

“Wayne Ayer,
I was so pleased with your words about Bob.  He couldn’t have been a better brother to me or person to those he loved.  The song you chose was so appropriate for Bob.  Many people said it brought tears to their eyes and was perfect.  Thanks again.”

Mary K. Rummell

You are such a tribute to your mom and dad.  A kind, caring and helpful person.  I know it’s your business but to me you are a very “special individual”.  Thanks again!”

Mary K. Rummell

“Thank you so very much for your kindness. I apologize for being so late returning this bungee cord. The young man that offered comfort after I hit the rock and said he would tie up the bumper couldn’t have been better. My heart felt thanks for his concern. Thank you so much.”

Carol Urbassik

“The whole process from beginning to end caring and considerate. Courtney was fantastic to deal with. She was so helpful explaining everything!”

Linda Ondriezek

Dear Mr. William Hindman lll,
I want to thank you for tending to my fiancé, Brandi S. Logsdon who passed away June 3rd. You have my gratitude for how you cared for her. On behalf of the Clark family, we are greatful for the services you provided for Brandi.
Thank you,
Wilbert E. Clark lll

Wilbert E. Clark lll

Everything went the way we would have wanted. The service went perfect and was beautiful. Thank you.

Wilbert Clark Jr.

All of you took care, very good care, of our father and husband. Especially the help Garrett provided. He was very patient and kind.

Vida Penrod and Daughters

We only had a viewing and were pleased with everything. Don Shirk was also impressed with the visitation arrangements and said he was changing his pre-planned arrangements. Don and his wife were very dear friends of Ed for more than 50 years.

Joyce Coleman

Courtney, thank you so much for your help.  You do an exceptional job in your position and we couldn’t have worked with a better person.  Your kindness and professionalism was appreciated by the family.

Carolyn Partsch

Thank you for being so compassionate and knowledgeable in our time of distress!! You turned a horrid life moment into a wonderful celebration.

Erin Dadura

“Courtney was wonderful. She made the situation better because of her personality.”

Beth Partsch

Your staff was right there to handle anything that might come up, so that the family could grieve, and/or visit privately and uninterrupted.

Patrick D. Sheridan

Garrett and Vince were very helpful to my husband and myself.  Thank you so much!

Jane F. Lerch

Thank you very much for taking care of our mom’s arrangements, funeral, and interment.  We could not have hoped it to be any easier than you made it for us.


Kathy, Andrew, Susan, Richard, and families

Mary Ann Tabek Family

A very special thank you to all the staff at the Hindman Funeral Home for your services & dedication that your family provided to our family during this time.  My children were very happy and pleased with your family.  Again thank you very much!

Rodney Montgomery

Our whole family has been coming to this funeral home, and we expect to keep coming here.  I wouldn’t have changed anything.  My husband had a beautiful service, and the whole family was pleased.  Everyone commented on the video and they loved it.

Bertha Felosky

The service was very comprehensive, well managed, very sincere, and thoughtful.  Luke was very professional and compassionate.  Also very thorough in his explanations.

Denise Anna

Dear Mr. Hindman, Courtney, and Garrett,

Thank you for everything you and your staff did for my mom, Mildred Milavec’s funeral services and for my family.  Your services were excellent and we were appreciative of your caring and concern.

Bernadine & Tim Rodak and John & son, John Milavec

I wanted to take this personal opportunity to let you know how pleased we were with the services provided to out mother. Your care and compassion at that difficult time were a Godsend. As you know, mom had fallen prior to passing away. We had serious concerns in that we wanted our last image of her to be one of the woman we knew, not the one that failing health had afflicted. You provided this family with a start to the healing process by presenting mom as the beautiful person she was. The quality of you work was outstanding and those who were around mom in the last days of her life recognized that same quality. On behalf of the Delores DeVore family, please allow me to extend our personal thanks for your services during a very difficult time. I am not sure you will truly understand how much of a blessing they actually were.

Richard DeVore

Just a note to let you know how much we appreciate all you did for our mother’s service. It was very nice. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Jim & Lynn Crosley & Families

Dear Courtney,

On behalf of my mother, my family, and myself, I want to thank you for all you did with regard to my father’s funeral service.  We really appreciated all the help you provided us to make this sad time easier to bear.  We sincerely appreciated your kindness and professionalism and eagerness to help us.  God Bless you.

Debbie Rummel

Dear Bill & Staff at Hindman Funeral Home,

Thank you so much for all you did for my family & I when my mom, Beatriz Mervine, passsed in Sept. 2017.  Your patience, kindness, and sympathy meant so much.  I’ll never forget all you did to help me during one of the most difficult times in my life.

Lucrecia Mervine & Family

We were very pleased with the service for our mother, Jane E. Marion. She looked so beautiful and the location was magnificent and beautiful as well. Courtney was wonderful and went above and beyond our expectations. Thank you all so very much. We are grateful for all you have done. Everything was absolutely beautiful and perfect. Thank you.

The Marion Family

Jess was very courteous, professional, and understanding toward my mother’s death.  She provided all information that I needed and information that I did not know I needed.  Jess went above and beyond her job!  Her professionalism helped me through mom’s cremation.

Josephine Klass


Thank you so much for everything you did for our family to help us feel comfortable and get through finalizing funeral arrangements for my mom, Evelyn Miller.  You helped make our grieving process much easier.  We really appreciate all you did to keep everything on track so we didn’t have to delay the funeral mass.  Thanks so much!

Linda Cavallo and the Evelyn Miller Family

The staff was wonderful and went above and beyond our expectations.  Courtney was exceptional from the beginning.  Very knowledgeable and considerate, even with the changes we made.

Cheryl Schaffer