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Veterans Signature Services

Photo of Veterans & Family Memorial Care from Hindman Funeral Homes & Crematory, Inc.
“Exclusive Veteran’s service provider for Cambria, Indiana, Somerset, and Bedford counties”

When it comes to honoring a deceased Veteran, you will not find another funeral provider that will come close to our level of service, commitment, and dedication in honoring a Veteran and helping their family.

We are honored by any family that calls on us at a time of need, but the privilege of serving a Veteran is an honor that we take very serious.
Please scroll down and you will see firsthand why

No One Honors a Veteran Like We Do!

Bill Hindman, President
Hindman Funeral Homes & Crematory, Inc.

Photo of Sgt. William T. Hindman
Sgt. William T. Hindman

Founder William T. Hindman Funeral Home

Army medic and Veteran of WWII

Recipient of 2 Bronze stars, Good Conduct Medal, American Theater service medal, EAME Theater service medal, Victory medal.

Our tribute for a Veteran begins with the initial call.

Photo of Veteran Casket
From the moment you contact our firm we will determine if your loved one was a veteran. From the time a deceased Veteran enters our care they will be treated with the utmost respect. A custom made American Flag quilt will be draped over the stretcher to transport a Veteran from place of death into our care. The quilt provides a warm, caring, patriotic way to honor a deceased Veteran in a befitting manor.


The coach and funeral cortege

The coach for a deceased Veteran is identified with the flag of our country and the emblem of the branch of service they proudly served displayed on the back and side doors of the coach. The lead vehicle will also display the flag and emblem of the branch they served.

All vehicles accompanying the Veteran to his final resting place will be identified as part of the cortege with American flags.

Photo of The Coach and Funeral Cortege from Hindman Funeral Homes

Pin from Hindman Funeral Homes, Inc.

Pallbearer Identification

The pallbearers for a deceased Veteran will be identified with an American flag lapel pin. This is our gift to any pallbearer designed to be a keepsake in remembrance of their part in honoring the veteran.


Patriot’s March

Prior to the arrival of the funeral cortege our staff prepares the grave site for complete military honors. We create a path consisting of a double row of flags from the driveway where the coach will stop to the final resting place of the Veteran. This creates a unique “Patriot’s March” to honor the final approach to the grave site.




Patriot's March from Hindman Funeral Homes, Inc.




Patriot's March from Hindman Funeral Homes, Inc.

Honor Guard from Hindman Funeral Homes, Inc.

Honor Guard

We are fortunate to have several options for honor guard rituals. Locally we have VFW posts, American Legions, Marine Corps Leagues, and Active Duty personnel readily available for Veterans rituals. We would be honored to coordinate every detail necessary for a befitting Veterans ritual tribute.

VFW Menoher Post 155 Ritual Team



No Need to Worry About Paperwork

We handle all necessary paperwork for all Veteran families we serve at no additional charge. Any benefits available will be applied for at both the federal and county level.

Salute Soldier from Hindman Funeral Homes, Inc.

Presidential Memorial Certificate from Hindman Funeral Homes, Inc.

Presidential Memorial Certificate

In honor of a deceased Veteran we request a Presidential Memorial Certificate for the spouse, children, or any family member requesting one. These certificates bear the name of the president of the United States of America.

Because this is sure to become a treasured family keepsake we have every certificate framed to be presented to the family.

The Presidential Memorial Certificate shown is my grandfathers William T. Hindman which is proudly displayed in the office of our funeral homes.

We are the only funeral provider in this area to invest the time and effort to provide family members with a Presidential Memorial Certificate. If you did not receive a certificate when your Veteran passed away, contact us by e-mail or 877-549-7514 and we will procure and frame a certificate for you at NO CHARGE.


Veteran Tributes

We are also happy to create a video tribute in honor of the deceased veteran. A custom video tribute can be viewable during the ceremony as well as any time in the privacy of your own home. We are committed to honoring and dedicating our services to the families of our Veterans.

Video Tribute Image from Hindman Funeral Homes, Inc.


Flag Retirement Program

In accordance with the UNITED STATES CODE, the “Flag Code,” title 36 Chap. 10; 1176. Respect for Flag: The flag represents a living country and is itself considered a living thing.

(K) The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.

We have coordinated with local cemeteries and Veteran’s groups to collect worn flags, cremate them in accordance with the “FLAG CODE”.

We place the cremated remains of the flags in an urn and provide a proper burial in a local cemetery. We do this free of charge as a show of respect for the brave men and women who have fought under the flag of this great nation.

If you would like more information regarding our flag retirement program, or want to be a part of a scheduled flag retirement tribute service please call 877-549-7514.

Flag Retirement from Hindman Funeral Homes, Inc.

We Boldly Stated,

“No One Honors a Veteran like We do”

After seeing firsthand how we honor and pay due respect to a Veteran, I think you will agree that no other provider comes close, let alone exceeds the commitment and dedication we have for Veterans and their families.

Photo of Veterans & Family Memorial Care from Hindman Funeral Homes & Crematory, Inc.

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