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Selecting a Quality Funeral and Cremation Provider in Northern Cambria, PA

funeral homes Northern Cambria PA 300x192When choosing a funeral home, many people don’t know who they can trust with the care of their deceased loved one. Often, they turn to friends, family, or the web for recommendations. It can feel overwhelming to choose a funeral firm when you and your family are suffering under the emotional turmoil that death and loss can bring. As a way to help families to move forward when making such an important decision, here are a few things to think about before hiring a funeral and cremation firm in Northern Cambria, PA:

Experience and Specialties

All funeral homes and their management are well educated. The industry requires funeral professionals to attend mortuary school to learn the science and practice of the craft. Where firms and their staff really start to differentiate themselves is in their experience and specialties. If the funeral home serves a particular group or demographic, they will be highly experienced in providing funeral care for those communities. If you would like to observe any cultural or religious funeral practices that are meaningful to your family and the deceased, be sure to ask the firms you are considering whether or not they can support you.

Funeral firms also can specialize in certain service types. For example, if your loved one served in the armed forces and should receive military honors, some funeral homes are more capable of handling such a funeral service. If your family has chosen cremation as the means of laying your deceased to rest, some firms specialize in memorial services and ash scattering. Whatever you may require, be sure to ask the funeral home if they can assist you with your requests.

Funeral Service Personalization

More than ever, people are looking to honor their fallen loved one in a way that is personal and unique. They want meaningful and highly individualized funeral care, not the traditional funeral services of prior generations. A personalized funeral is one that honors the deceased for their life story, character, personality, achievements, hobbies, etc. It remembers the person in the casket is why friends and family are attending. They don’t come for the ritual and ceremony; they come for their relationship with their lost loved one or friend! That’s why it’s important to find a funeral home that can help families to create a personalized funeral experience.

At Easly-Hindman Funeral Home, our compassionate team will work with you and your family to get to know the deceased a little better. Everything from life highlights, to the granular details of what made them who they were in life. These details are enriching and meaningful to the personalization process and improve our funeral and cremation services in Northern Cambria, PA that we provide. Celebrating a life lived is far more fulfilling than simply burying the dead in a somber, ritualized way.

Care and Services Offered

Most funeral homes are fully able to provide traditional funeral support. Service can be customized, but generally includes a viewing or wake service, a funeral gathering and ceremony, and a graveside service. Any part of the traditional experience is optional and not required. It is a timeless and beautiful experience when done well.

Additionally, some funeral homes can provide cremation services. This service variety is rising in popularity because of the wide array of options that come with it. For example, for those who wish for minimal care, a direct cremation can be arranged. The body of the deceased can be collected from their place of death and transported to the crematorium. The remains are respectfully cared for throughout the cremation process, and the ashes are returned to the family. The cost of cremation is significantly lower than a traditional casket burial. People also appreciate the portability, and divisibility of ashes since it means that a little part of a fallen loved one can be shared with more than one person.

Before you decide on any funeral service firm, consider what services your family may want to utilize in the care of the deceased. Ask questions whether a firm can accommodate your requests.

Funeral Prearrangement

When possible, it is a wise idea to preplan funeral services while you and your loved ones are yet alive. The act of planning and paying for services long before death is truly one of caring and love. Survivors that remain are always grateful when the deceased’s wishes and intentions for their funeral are known. It eases the burden of decision making and let’s family’s focus on what truly matters at that moment: family.

Superior Funeral and Cremation Care in Northern Cambria, PA

At Easly-Hindman Funeral Homes & Crematory, Inc., our team of funeral care experts stands ready to support your family when you need us most. If you’re searching for a funeral or cremation home in Northern Cambria, PA, let us help. You’ll find us at 333 Beaver St Hastings, PA 16646. Call for a conversation today at (814) 247-6544.

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