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Choices: Traditional Funeral or Cremation Care in Richland, PA

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Hindman Funeral Homes & Crematory, Inc. has a long history of personalized, professional, and compassionate service dating back to 1956. We are humbled and honored that, for over 50 years, families have placed a sacred trust in our hands by calling on us, in their time of need. Although change is a certainty, some things will always remain the same such as our commitment to do the very best, for every family that we have the privilege of serving.

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Our staff is courteous and understanding. Our facilities are comfortable and immaculate. Our services are handled with dignity and respect. If you are not completely satisfied with any of our services or facility offerings, you will not be charged for any item that does not meet your complete satisfaction.

Hindman Funeral Homes & Crematory, Inc. has four locations to better serve you and your loved ones. We proudly serve Johnstown, Northern Cambria, and all surrounding areas including Somerset, Bedford, and Indiana Counties.

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Death is never easy to encounter, especially when it is a loved one that has passed on. In its aftermath, many decisions must be made. If you’re responsible for the arrangement of services, how do you know what to choose? Without prearrangements, is it better to hold a traditional funeral or cremation service in Richland, PA?

The answer depends on many factors but really comes down to preference. There truly is no wrong way to care for the mortal remains of your loved one. Here at Hindman Funeral Homes & Crematory, Inc., we aim to educate our community about the advantages of each funeral style and provide guiding support to those who request it. If you wish to speak about the specifics of your family’s circumstances, we welcome you to call or stop by our Richland funeral home for a caring conversation about your needs.

For general reference purposes, here are a few things to think about as you consider whether a funeral or cremation in Richland, PA is best for your family and fallen loved one:

Advantages of Cremation Services:

Over recent decades, cremation care has steadily risen in popularity. This service provides options in ways that traditional funerals do not.

  • Expense: The cost of cremation is much lower than earth burial. There is no absolute need to purchase a cemetery burial plot, nor pay for embalmment. Saving money is a benefit to many surviving families, making cremation a smart choice.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Cremations are perhaps better for the earth because they reduce the number of chemical pollutants put into the earth. This includes embalming fluids and casket materials such as copper, metal, and other goods often included in casket burials.
  • Memorials: After a body has been cremated, there is no rush to hold a funeral service since the deceased’s body has already been dispositioned. Instead, many families appreciate the option to take more time preparing for a memorial service. The memorial service itself is much like a funeral where the deceased is memorialized for who they were in life, their character, personality, and what they achieved.
  • Scattering of Ashes: If desired, the ashes of your loved one can be scattered in an appropriate, meaningful place. A scattering ceremony can accompany the experience, allowing those in attendance to reflect on life, death, and purpose. It can be a healing experience to share in this moment.
  • Portable and Divisible: The ashes of the deceased can be divided and transported. This benefit means that everyone who wishes may have a little part of their loved one with them everywhere they go.

Advantages of Traditional Funeral Services:

Choosing a traditional funeral for your loved one can be a memorable and meaningful experience. For many families, it is the preferable option.

  • Viewing, Wake, or Calling Hours: Families and friends appreciate the opportunity to gather with each other in the presence of the deceased’s body. This gathering allows them to pay their last respects and say their goodbyes before the casket is closed. For those who are suspended in disbelief at the death of their loved one, a viewing gives them the chance to acknowledge that their death really has occurred. This knowledge helps to begin the journey to healing and adjusting to life without their loved one. Attendees are also afforded the rich support that comes with gathering together with others that knew and loved the deceased in life.
  • Funeral Service: Those who attend the farewell service of the fallen are rewarded with closure as they listen to the life story, accomplishments, challenges of their life. They are reminded of the character and personality traits that made them unique. The service is designed to celebrate life and to help all who come to grieve and remember the good this person has brought to them.
  • Final Rest Ceremony: This service is optional and sometimes reserved for family and close friends. It is the final act of committing the deceased into the earth. Those in attendance may be given a chance to assist with the burial by throwing handfuls of earth on the casket and vault. It is a beautiful act of love and loss. Those in attendance may reflect on what it means to live in the face of the finality of death.

Preferred Funeral and Cremation Provider in Richland, PA

Since 1956, Hindman Funeral Homes & Crematory, Inc. has been providing high-quality funeral and cremation care in Richland, PA to the families of our community. Caring for your family and a deceased loved one is what we do, and we feel honored by it. The privilege of serving the living and their fallen is an opportunity we do not take lightly. When the time comes, call on us for a conversation about whether funeral or cremation is the best decision. We’re located at 1521 Frankstown Rd Johnstown, PA 15902. Call us to get started at (814) 535-4018.

Funeral and Cremation FAQs

  • Where do I get a monument or headstone?
  • What is a Keepsake Video Tribute?
    • When moments are difficult to express with words, we offer you a way to display them on film. Your loved one’s smile, the way he or she told a story-sometimes words can’t do these moments justice. For that reason, one of the ways we serve you is by offering you a DVD tribute that says more than words could ever express. All tributes are professionally done and formatted for high definition and wide screen formats. For more details about the keepsake we offer, click here.
  • Can I have a memorial service at your funeral home?


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