Keith Rager

Thanks to you, Garrett, your father and staff. I wish there was some other way to say thanks other than say thanks. During this past year with both of my parents passing away, Hindman Funeral Homes was there every step of the way. When we didn’t know what to do you did it. When we needed a father at the grave site your dad was there. When we needed someone to make a decision for us, Garrett did it. To say thanks is not enough. I just wanted to say how thankful we are, and me in specific. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I wanted to tell you, as a vet you are getting quite the resume. I was at a board meeting at a local bank recently and several vets there were talking about your support of local wounded vets. I knew this because Garrett and I spoke about it recently. I was so proud to say that you guys were our funeral home and how well you did for us and as a vet your awesome. PLEASE keep this up, our vets are important and many times when we get home the adjustment is very hard, I can attest to that. Thanks!!!!!!!! Thanks Bill I know what you’re going to say and you will be humble because that is how you were raised but sometimes you can pat yourself on the back, this is one of those times.