5 Ways Journaling Can Help You Express Your Grief

Every life is touched by death. Funeral homes Johnstown, PA, are exactly where you need to turn if it happens to someone you love. After your loved one dies, you may be left with an intense amount of grief to deal with. Simply getting through the day can feel impossible. Of all the ways you can manage your grief, journaling is among the best. Let’s talk abiut why.

1. You can organize your thoughts

Immediately after you learn the news, your thoughts may start racing too fast. Or they may slow down or stop entirely. Yet, you’re still alive and need to function. Journaling can help you organize your thoughts. Just seeing your words on paper could be enough. You need the outlet. Because the journal is for your eyes only, you don’t have to worry about things like grammar, language rules, etc.

2. It’s accessible

You can journal anytime, anywhere. Bring your notebook with you everywhere if you’re writing your thoughts on real paper. If you’re typing, you can use a phone or tablet when you’re on the go. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a restaurant, at your friend’s house, at work. If you need a few private minutes to yourself, go to the bathroom. It’ll give you some time to recharge.

3. You Can Revisit Fond Memories

Your loved one is no longer with you, a terrible fact to dwell on. However, because you loved them, you have positive memories you can draw on. Writing them down cements everything in your mind. It really happened, your loved one really existed. Their memory can live on through you and your journal.

4. You Can Pass It On

If the person who passed was a partner or close family member, you may want to preserve their memory for others. For example, if you are now a widow, you may one day share your journal with your children. This doesn’t mean that you have to write with an audience in mind. It’s just one of the many benefits available to you.

5. You Can Grow

By writing everything down, you can spot patterns in your thinking. Are there certain thoughts or memories that you dwell upon? Things that are likely to trigger you? You can use this information to make your life better and stronger. Funneling your grief into a healthy outlet is one of the best ways to move forward. Not to move on. That’s not possible. You will never forget your loved one. But that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your entire life.

Your thoughts may change. But writing them down makes them easier to process, especially if the emotions are difficult.

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