5 Ways to Soothe a Grieving Child

It’s imperative that you find funeral homes Johnstown, PA, capable of meeting your needs. If you have children, you have even more things to do. You have to explain the concept of death. It’s a heavy subject, and there’s no way to make it lighter. The child needs to fully understand that their precious friend or family members.

If the child falls into a fit of grieving, there are things you can say or do to help make them feel better. You can’t take away their pain completely, but you can try.

1. Nothing

It’s counter-intuitive, but you should listen patiently while the child expresses their emotions. At first, you may not need to say anything. Being a warm, attentive presence may be enough. Children often feel as though nobody listens to them. The fact that you’re paying attention to them might be enough for them to feel soothed.

2. Answer Everything

It’s natural for children to have a lot of questions about death. You should try to answer everything that they may ask. These questions will help soothe their minds. Remember to be completely honest. You want the child to trust you completely. That’s not possible unless you’re honest. So, if the child asks a difficult question, stay calm.

3. Be Clear

Phrases like the deceased have moved to a “better place” or “passed away” only serve to increase confusion. A very young child isn’t going to understand what you mean when you use those phrases. The child might be left with the idea that the deceased can be visited or will someday return. This will set the child up for future additional heartbreak. It’s much easier to be completely frank.

4. Distract

Distractions can be used to take the child’s mind off of their grief. No one should be consumed by bad feelings for every part of the day. It’s too harsh on your mind. A simple, pleasant distraction can make your grief much easier to bear. This also works for children. A good idea could be a nice meal or a day spent in the park. There are endless ideas that you can fall back on if you get stuck.

5. Routine

If the deceased played an active role in the child’s life, the child’s daily routine will be affected by the death. Changing the routine can deepen their grief. To make the recovery process easier, you should try to keep their routine the same if at all possible. If you can’t achieve this goal, try to hold on to all of the routines that you can.

These tips can’t eradicate the child’s grief completely. However, you might be able to lessen it greatly. The child’s reaction could surprise you. Children do not always behave in predictable ways.

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