Common Questions About Cremation

The trend of families choosing cremation services Johnstown, PA, over traditional burial has been on the rise in the last two decades. If you’re having queries about the whole cremation process, just like millions of other people, then you’ve come to the right platform.

We have gathered and answered some of the most common questions about the cremation process. Give it a read and get your answers.

1. How long does it take to cremate a body?

In general, the whole process of preparing and cremating the body takes about two to three hours. But the family gets the ashes a couple of weeks after the cremation. During this time, you can plan a memorial or any other event to honor the lost loved one.

2. Are the clothes removed from the body during cremation?

The family can choose any appropriate outfit to send off the loved one with the ultimate respect and honor. It can be their military uniform and any outfit they loved or took pride in. Your funereal director can give you several options to choose the most suitable dressing option.

Alternatively, the family can ask the funeral home to replace the clothes with a hospital-grade gown or other covering before cremation. In short, the family is the sole decision-maker.

About jewelry, a decedent can wear jewelry during cremation if the family wishes. However, the original states of any metal or stones will probably no longer exist due to the immense heat.

3. Do funeral homes cremate multiple bodies at once?

Not on one machine. No funeral home is allowed to cremate more than one body in the same machine. There can be multiple cremation retorts operating in a single room or ground at the same time, but each machine cremates only one decedent at a time.

4. Can the family invite the guests to watch the cremation?

Yes, the family can invite close family and friends to attend the final services of the lost loved one. Depending on how the cremation facilities are designed to accommodate a cremation viewing, you can make an invitation list.

Today, many funeral homes have a designated witness area or a room with a window looking into the crematory for this purpose. This allows guests to view the whole process from some distance.

cremation services Johnstown, PA5. Does the family have to take the ashes after cremation?

Yes, the family does take the cremated remains with them from the funeral home. Even if the family wasn’t on good terms with the deceased, they should take the remains and give them an honorable send-off. It can be a burial, scattering, or anything they wish.

If you need extra time to collect the ashes for any reason, like arranging an urn or travel emergencies, be sure to talk to the funeral home. They will make reasonable accommodations for you.

6. Who gets the ashes after cremation?

Generally, the next-of-kin like the parent, child, or spouse is the one who signs the cremation authorization and receives the remains after cremation services Johnstown, PA.