Coping With Loss During COVID-19

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Many Americans have lost their loved ones during Covid-19. While losing a loved one is always accompanies by the rollercoaster of painful emotions, it’s even harder for the families to face this inevitable reality during the ongoing pandemic.

If you’re experiencing the overwhelming grief of losing a loved one during these turbulent times, here are the answers to your questions.

No Traditional Funerals

Covid-19 has altered every aspect of our social ways upside down – to which funeral traditions are no exception. Due to the federal restrictions on social gatherings, many people can longer mourn the lost loved ones in traditional ways.

Psychologists posit that arranging the final services of the departed soul and honoring their last wishes is one of the best ways to process the grief and begin the healing journey. So, you may need to be creative with customs to satisfy COVID requirements.

Unusual Situation

Regular health problems did not go away during the pandemic. Instead, COVID-19 became a new thing to worry about. It may be harder to grieve during the pandemic because so many people around you may be experiencing similar emotions.

Losing Traditional Support Systems

While coping with the grief and anxiety of losing a loved one, the support systems play a huge role in bringing you back to normalcy. Gathering with friends and family, going out on a weekend trip, and having dinner with trusted accomplices were always considered necessary support systems to overcome grief.

For some people, connection with that support system has been weakened since the outbreak of the pandemic. That is, some people have to navigate through the grief journey without live social connection.

However, you can still rely on technology to connect to your loved ones virtually via zoom, FaceTime, and other such applications.

How to Cope With COVID Grief

No matter the circumstances, humans have the ability to adapt and make ways. Yes, these are tough times to lose a family member but give yourself some slack and gather courage, and hope to get past the grief journey.

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Below are a few tips you should follow to overcome COVID grief:

  • Look after yourself; eat nutritious and healthy meals, get enough sleep, and do light exercise daily.
  • A walk in the park or morning jog can provide a necessary distraction from the grief.
  • Get a pet; research shows that spending time with a puppy or a cat gives much-needed peace of mind.
  • Connect with your friends and family through social media, have regular video calls, and try to share your feelings with a trusted accomplice.
  • Do community services on weekends or give charity in the name of the loved one. Helping others to pay tribute to the deceased can provide comfort and strength to overcome grief.
  • Seek solace from religion. Talk to a clergy member and speak your heart out if you don’t feel like sharing your emotions with someone else.

All of these steps will help after you visit funeral homes Johnstown, PA.