Flowers Associated with Funerals

Johnstown PA funeral homes are there when your loved one dies. Attending a funeral is one of the most traumatic and difficult experiences of life where you pay homage and tribute to the departed soul. Sending flowers has long been an expression of your love and sympathy for the bereaved as well as the deceased. They express emotions in which words fail to do or seem inappropriate.

However, many people face trouble in choosing the right floral arrangement to bring to a funeral as each type of flower conveys a slightly different meaning. For the very reason, this guide will explore the connotations associated with the 5 most popular funeral flowers.

Let’s find out!


These are long-blooming flowers, almost 4-foot tall, which are widely used in funerals. Generally, Gladiolus symbolizes resilience, strong character, determination, and valor of the departed. Moreover, they also reflect hope and conviction for the bereaving. Like many funeral flowers, they also come in various designs and colors

You can easily get your hands on heirloom varieties and send/bring them to a funeral.


Widely used in funeral wreaths and standing sprays, Carnations are one of the most traditional funeral flowers. Even though they come in a variety of colors – with each reflecting a particular connotation – they, overall, express innocence, remembrance, and affection of the departed loved one.


Known as the ‘go-to funeral flowers’, Lilies are equally adored in every culture and religion – especially Christians hold them in high esteem. They believe that these flowers covered the tomb of Mother Virgin Mary. They symbolize the noble soul of the deceased and carry the connotation of radiance, purity, and majesty of the loved one.

Other than that, they offer hope of a peaceful renewal process and suggest to the bereaved family that the departed has returned to a better and happier place. That is why these are often the first choice for ‘bring to the funeral’ flowers.

Funeral homes Johnstown, PAOrchid

So, if you want to say ‘I will always remember and love you’ to the deceased, a combination of Orchid flowers is what you will bring to that funeral. Express your sympathy and enduring love with a Pink, purple, or white Orchids – which carry the universal meaning of mourning and grief.


The name roses need no introduction. Being the most popular and versatile flowers in the world, they are a perfect choice to bring to cremation for the plethora of meanings they convey. Every color of flower carries its own symbolic meaning such as Red Rose is known for expressing love, respect, and adoration of the departed; White for valor, bravery, and courage; Dark Pink connotate gratefulness; and Yellow symbolize strong bonds of friendship or close ties.

However, regardless of the rose color, they all reflect love and gratitude for the deceased and are widely used in combination with other flowers. Johnstown PA funeral homes are often filled with flowers.