Helping A Loved One After Loss

Cremation services Westmont, PA, are often emotional. When it comes to helping a grieving family member or friend, most people don’t know where to start or what to do. We try in our limited capacity to do and say the right thing, but often our efforts fall flat due to the paucity of information we have about the grieving process.

This article will provide a comprehensive guide on how to approach a grieving person in the right way. Let’s deep dive.

Key Points to Remember

1. Remember that everyone grieves in a unique manner.

Just because you know someone or you have experienced the same loss doesn’t imply you can actually judge the grieving person’s emotions.

Avoid saying “I know exactly how you feel.” It does no good. Instead, ask the person if there’s anything they would like to share with you.

2. Know that grief has no timetable.

A person can get over the overwhelming emotions within a week or may remain stuck in the memory of the deceased indefinitely. Never make a judgment about how long it is taking the person to feel better.

3. Always be a good listener.

Don’t interrupt the grieving person even if they are repeating the same stories over again. They love to talk about the highlighted moments of the loved one’s life. Speak only when they expect you to. Psychologists conjure that mentioning the deceased’s name provides solace to the bereaved. So, don’t hesitate to refer to the departed soul by name.

4. Share happy moments.

Grief is an intensely emotional phase that is characterized by a rollercoaster of complicated emotions. During such time, the bereaved need to hear something positive and supportive. Don’t hesitate to share a funny incident or story of the lost loved that with the grieving individual. However, the selection of words should be appropriate to avoid hurting their feelings.

5. Offer practical help.

Your mere presence can make them feel loved. If possible, offer practical help such as cooking, cleaning their house, taking care of the pet for a week, or taking responsibility for the kids’ school shift.

6. Encourage them to seek professional help.

If your loved one is still experiencing overwhelming several months past the loss, chances are they might be suffering from complicated grief.

Convince them to reach out to a professional psychiatrist before the grief starts having negative consequences on their personal and professional life.

cremation services Westmont, PAWhat Not to Do While Consoling a Grieving Person

  1. Don’t inundate the conversation with outside topics or news. Limit your discussion around the deceased unless they bring up a new topic themselves, and ensure your availability if they ever needed your help.
  2. Don’t try to take over the conversation. Speak less and let the person share their emotions with you.
  3. Never try to compare their loss with your own.
  4. Don’t give them advice on how to get past the grief. A funeral or memorial service is not the time to encourage them to return to their normal routine.
  5. Avoid showing that you know more about the grief journey or how to process the loss.

These tips can help you before and after cremation services Westmont, PA.