How to Craft the Perfect Condolence Letter

If you’re attending or arranging a service at funeral homes Westmont, PA, you may be in contact with grieving friends and family members. Words can never do justice while consoling a grieving friend, but they can help them feel slightly better. After losing a loved one, the bereaved need as much emotional support as they can get and it matters, even more, when it comes from their trusted friends.

So, if your close friend is mourning a loss of a beloved soul and you’re too far away to visit them in person, here’s how you write a meaningful condolence letter.

Refer to the Deceased by Name

Don’t shy away from using the name of the deceased as it may reflect you didn’t know them well. Many people avoid mentioning the name and rather, try to refer to the deceased indirectly using vague terms or use a euphemism for death. That doesn’t fare well in any case – no matter whether or not you were close to them.

Acknowledge the loss and always refer the deceased by name. Your first line could be something like: “Hey Mike, I am deeply saddened to hear about the loss of your brother, Sam.” Research shows that hearing/reading the lost loved one’s name has a pleasant effect on the bereaved.

Express Sympathy

The ultimate objective of writing a condolence letter is to offer your condolences to the grieving friend. Be as much compassionate and empathetic in your writing as possible but don’t make it look too wordy.

Let the words come naturally from your heart and or read examples of sympathy letters on Google to choose the best possible words.

Share A Pleasant Memory of the Deceased

It’s a good idea to share the happy or fun memory of the deceased to cheer your friend up. The bereaved are eager to hear someone praising or admiring the lost loved one.

It can be any quality of the deceased or a happy memory that you still remember vividly. For instance, narrate an event where the departed soul brought a smile on everyone’s face or lit up the room with their sense of humor. Research shows that such stories make the grieving friend gain comfort and momentum.

Offer Practical Help

Don’t hesitate from offering practical assistance to the mourning friend. Try to write mention this in clear words such as: Would it be ok if I drive your kids to and from school on the coming Monday? or Should I bring dinner over next Tuesday? and so on.

Also, highlight that you’re always available for them and just a call away if they need any kind of help. However, make sure you pledge what you can honor. Don’t make unrealistic promises or the ones you cannot commit to.

funeral homes Westmont, PAEnd the Letter

Always end the condolence letter on a positive note. Give motivation and courage to your friend to get through these difficult times. You can end your message as:

  • My sincerest condolences
  • With love
  • With prayers and blessings
  • You’re always in my thoughts and prayers
  • With warm thoughts and caring wishes

You can send a condolence letter even if you’re the one arranging the memorial at funeral homes Westmont, PA.