How to Plan a Perfect Celebration of Life

Losing a loved one and planning cremation services Johnstown, PA, can make it difficult to put yourself together. The worst – and best – part is to think of all the funeral arrangements you have to make to say one last goodbye to the deceased.

Psychologists conjure that planning the celebration of life accelerates the healing process and encourages you to accept the changed reality. The end-of-life celebration of the loved one should be meaningful and reflective of the great life they’ve spent.

We acknowledge it’s not an easy feat to think of little details at a time when you’re overwhelmed by grief but here are a few tips to you plan a memorable end-of-life celebration for the lost loved one.

Creative Celebration of Life Ideas

Take your time to think of innovative ideas that should reflect the deceased’s personality and also consider the mourners and loved ones. While brainstorming the ideas, think of their religious and spiritual beliefs and distinct qualities that make them special.

Also, consider their job achievements, hobbies, favorite sports, passion, life dreams, and what they always wanted to do for the community and country at large. For instance, you can ask the guests to wear the dress of the deceased’s favorite color. If they had a thing for music, why not arrange a small live performance or just play their favorite playlists in the background.

Planning a Celebration of Life

Planning a celebration of life is significantly different from that of a funeral service. The former is like a party where friends and family gather to honor the deceased. Often, this event takes place days, weeks, or even a couple of months after the funeral service.

Choose a date in cooperation with your loved ones and decide on how many guests you want to invite. Try to invite all the close accomplices of the lost loved one. After that, choose the venue where you want to hold the event. If you have a tight budget, throw the event in your home, else book a private place and send invitations.

Checklist for Celebration of Life

If you want to offer your gratitude to the deceased in the most unique way, then a lot of consideration needs to be done to make sure everything goes as planned. Below is a quick checklist of the event:

  • Determine the number of guests and send out invitations
  • Book the facility in advance
  • Prepare a food plan and contact a caterer
  • Consider what beverages you want to serve the guests
  • Who will make an honorary speech for the deceased

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  • Any photographer to cover the event
  • How you want to customize the event to give it a personal touch like asking the guests to show up in a specific dress code
  • Any special decoration plans including the theme of the event

Planning the cremation services Johnstown, PA, and end-of-life celebrations is emotional and joyous as it brings alive the memories of the lost loved one.