How to Support a Grieving Friend

When your close friend is visiting funeral homes Johnstown, PA, it’s a clear sign that they need your support. Yet, being there for a grieving friend is more difficult than it seems. You may not know what to say. Words seem meaningless after someone passes away.

You are far from being helpless in the situation. You can’t take away someone’s grief but you may be able to make their life a little more pleasant. Even if they’re too stressed to recognize your value now, there’s a good chance that they will later on when they’ve had time to reflect.

If you need concrete ideas you can try, keep reading.

Be Available

Being there for someone involves, well, being there. Make yourself available. If your friend wants to be distracted for a couple of hours, find something fun to do. Watching a silly movie and baking cupcakes doesn’t cost much yet it’s a great way to unwind.

When people feel hurt, they often become very sensitive to perceived slights and neglect. So, if your grieving friend is always calling you to hang out but you’re never free, they may feel rejected even if you are legitimately busy.

Attend the Funeral

If your friend asks you to attend the funeral, you should seriously think about attending. Even if it would make you feel a little strange. Don’t go if it would seriously upset you. But, if you think can handle it, you might be an invaluable support for your friend. Going to a funeral by yourself takes a special type of courage. Many people feel more comfortable having a friend by their side.


Everyone needs to eat but everyone doesn’t have the mental energy to prepare food all the time. Having your meals taken care of when you’re grieving is a great luxury. Not having to think about food frees your mind. There are healthy, inexpensive meals you can make regardless of your ability in the kitchen. If you have the funds and don’t want to cook, you can pick up takeout or have meals delivered to your friend.


Call. Text. Send an email. Do whatever it takes to reach out and show your friend that you’re still thinking about them. Your friend may not remember to call you. They may be in a funk, just sitting and staring at the wall. Your call can serve as a reminder that they still have ties to earth and the living. Don’t expect them to say very much. You may have to carry the conversation on your own. It doesn’t matter. Simply hearing your voice can be soothing to a friend in distress. Grief can operate in strange ways.

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