Mausoleum as a Burial Option

Funeral homes Westmont, PA, have multiple burial options. Chances are you have already seen photographs of the Giant pyramids of Gaza or the Taj Mahal. They are examples of giant mausoleums built in the memory of kings and queens. You can also choose to honor your lost loved one by building a mausoleum in their memory.

It’s also a highly personalized – though expensive – option for people who don’t want to bury their loved ones underground for any reason.

What is a Mausoleum?

The mausoleum is an artificial structure that is built to enclose a crypt containing the remains of a deceased. The remains may or may not be cremated before placing inside a stone vessel called a crypt which is then sealed carefully to keep the moisture out.

It’s a way of housing the remains of the departed soul above the ground and the process of placing the crypt inside a mausoleum is called Entombment. This practice predates the earlier Egyptian Empire.

Why Choose a Mausoleum?

A myriad of reasons could encourage the bereaved family to go for a mausoleum instead of traditional burying or cremation, including:

  • Give a long-lasting tribute to the loved one
  • Long-standing family traditions
  • Hesitation to bury underground due to poor soil quality or any reason.

Types of Mausoleums

Mausoleums can vary significantly in size and layout and can be located on public or private land. One can have a mausoleum to house the remains of a single individual but many families choose to build mausoleums in a private place to have all loved ones buried in one place.

The family can customize the interior of a mausoleum including sitting arrangement, temperature-controlling, or make it more of an open garden-type setting.

Some of the mausoleum entombments you can consider for your family are:

Family Mausoleum: These are somewhat smaller structures built to house the members of the same family.

Public Mausoleums: Given the high costs associated with family mausoleums, some people opt for public ones. These are indoor structures entombing from a few dozens to hundreds of bodies and allow visitors to come and pay homage to their loved ones.

Garden Mausoleums: These mausoleums don’t provide an indoor space for visitors to gather and pray for their loved ones. The majority of the space consists of columbarium rooms and the door of each crypt opens to the outdoors.

Cost of a Mausoleum

The price of public and garden mausoleums varies significantly but is often more expensive than traditional burying or cremation.

Funeral homes Westmont, PAShould You Consider a Mausoleum Burial?

The choice of entombing your loved one in a mausoleum boils down to your wishes and family traditions. This option is eco-friendly, gives prestige to the deceased and ease of access for the family, and provides a peaceful environment to reflect the loved one. These benefits encourage many families to go for a mausoleum burial.

But high costs associated with its construction can bar many from choosing it as an alternative to a traditional burial funeral. Make a decision considering your budget and family wishes. You can discuss your options at funeral homes Westmont, PA.