Memorial Ideas for Veterans

It is never easy to let go of the loved ones, but at some point, you have to say goodbye to the beloved at funeral homes Johnstown, PA. Funerals are meant to celebrate the lives of the deceased and give them the sendoff they deserve and it becomes even more important when they have served the country. There is no honor greater than serving the country to keep millions of Americans safe. And it demands special arrangements by the bereaved to honor their life and memory.

We know that every funeral is unique and special for the bereaved whether it is for civilians or veterans. Everyone is entitled to personalize the funeral of the lost loved one. By personalizing the memorial service for the lost veteran, you will present the life and services of the deceased for the attendees. That will give you joy and accelerate the healing process.

Display the American Flag

For a veteran, nothing is more sacred than the American flag. They put their lives on the line to protect the integrity of the flag. So, you should personalize the funeral by draping an American flag over the casket. You may also hold a flag ceremony – if your budget allows you.

The US Department of Veteran Affairs provides you a free flag for the funeral of a veteran. All you have to do is to fill a form. Else, the funeral director can get you an American flag as well.

Arrange a Military Display

Spending all their lives away from the families, veterans display courage and bravery to protect the sovereignty of the country. It is advisable to display their medals, awards, pictures, uniform, achievements, and other evidence of their valor – to reflect their lives before the audience. You may arrange things in various formats such as placing them on a table at the reception or near the casket or hanging them on a wall behind the casket.

Some people also bury their loved ones with full military honors- however many disapprove of this practice. It’s your personal choice of what kind of sendoff you want to give to your lost loved one.

Honor Their Sacrifices

A major part of a veteran’s life is spent serving the country on front lines – never knowing if they will ever see the faces of their family again. Veterans deserve thanks and tributes for their sacrifices for the country. You should highlight their devotion to the freedom of America by telling stories of their service life.

Inviting their fellow veterans who have firsthand experience of the events will have a great impact on the audience.

Bury in Uniform

funeral homes Johnstown, PAA respectable and recommended way of giving tribute to a veteran for all he or she has done for the country is to bury them in their uniform. Every soldier holds his uniform in high esteem and always keeps it with him till death parts them away.

Even though it is a personal choice, but it is a great way to represent how proud they were of their military career.

Celebrate Their Personal Life

Along with celebrating their service lives, it is as important to reflect their life at home, with friends and family, too. Let the audience know how good of a person the deceases was, how much they cared about friends and family, and how their strong character had impacted and changed your life.

Funeral homes Johnstown, PA, are where you say your final goodbye.