Should I Choose Cremation for a Lost Loved One?

Cremation services Johnstown, PA, are becoming more common. The popularity of cremations as a natural alternative to traditional burial is on the rise over the past couple of decades.

But despite the ever-increasing number of families choosing cremation as a final disposition method of the departed souls, many people are still unsure whether or not it’s appropriate for their loved ones.

Keeping this in view, this blog post aims to provide broad-brush reasons why you should consider cremation.

Brings Innovation to the Service

Unlike traditional burial, cremation is an advanced type of funeral service that provides a range of options to the bereaved family to personalize the event. There’re a lot of creative things you can do with cremation ashes.

From dispersing them in the air and scattering them in the ocean to converting them into jewelry and blown glass memorials and from burying the ashes in your loved one’s favorite place to scattering them in space, you can preserve the memory of the departed soul uniquely.

Flexibility in Options

Cremation provides families much more flexibility to decide when and/or how the final services should be arranged. You can choose to cremate the body within two to three days – eliminating the need for embalming.

After cremation, you can hold on to the remains indefinitely which is important when the loved ones live far away or abroad and require extra time to travel for the final services. Many families choose to conduct a private, small Viewing service including only the immediate family members and very close friends, and then arrange a full-scale service after a week or two when everybody is present.

Similarly, the urn is much smaller than a casket so, you can easily transport or store them anywhere you want – and fulfill the last wishes of the deceased.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Cremation is often cheaper than burial funerals. Even though the price varies significantly depending on what services you wish to include, but still, a direct cremation, on average, can be significantly less expensive than a direct burial since it doesn’t include a burial ground, grave, or a headstone, and urns are usually cheaper than caskets.

Also, many families opt to skip embalming and viewing services, lowering the price even more.

Cremation services Johnstown, PA

Environmentally Friendly Option

Cremation is considered an eco-friendly and “greener” option than a traditional burial. The latter entails using toxic chemicals (for embalming) and wood and steel in large amounts (for caskets) which take their toll on nature.

Lately, more people have become environmentally conscious and want to include green initiatives in every walk of life. Considering this, cremation is a natural choice of people looking to minimize the impact on the environment with little carbon emissions.

No wonder, biodegradable urns are available in the market for those with environmental concerns.

Includes Simplicity

A direct cremation can be the best way to move away from traditions for the sake of tradition. You can celebrate the death of the loved one in your own unique way without needing any casket, viewings, pallbearers, etc. Cremation services Johnstown, PA, give you freedom.