What Happens if You Can’t Pay for a Cremation Service?

What do you do if you can’t afford a cremation service Westmont, PA? Here are answers to common questions surrounding paying for funerals and cremation services:

Are there free cremations or burials? If you cannot afford a burial or cremation, you can sign a form with the county coroner’s office, and the state will bury or cremate the body for you. This will be free, but you won’t have any say in where or how.

How do you pay for a funeral with little or no money? There are many ways to cover funeral expenses, including low-cost options and fundraising.

Are there government bodies that help with funeral costs? Several government organizations can help with final disposition and funeral costs, including Social Security, the State Department of Health, Veteran’s Affairs, and even FEMA if the deceased died in a natural disaster.

Is body donation free? Donating a body to research does result in a no-cost cremation. You can donate your body to science through institutions like medical laboratories, medical schools, and local hospitals.

Do you have to have a funeral? You’re not required to have a funeral. So, you don’t have to worry if you can’t afford one. You’re welcome to select a direct burial or cremation option (the most affordable final disposition services) to save money. But if you want a funeral or service, there are ways to do so without spending too much money.

Can you get a funeral loan? Anyone can apply for a funeral loan to get help paying funeral expenses. They are generally available through credit unions, banks, and online lenders.

Who pays for the funeral if the deceased has no money? If there isn’t any money in the deceased’s estate, the next of kin traditionally pay for funeral expenses. If the next-of-kin isn’t able or doesn’t want to pay, there won’t be a funeral.cremation service Westmont, PA

What happens if you refuse to pay for a funeral? The funeral home is not obligated to take custody of a body. The funeral home does not have to accept the body if a family does not pay. Suppose the funeral home already has control of the body, and the family refuses to pay. In that case, the funeral home will pause all funeral services and planning, store the body in the cooler, and charge the family a storage fee for every day the body is there. The funeral home has the right to refuse services and can transfer the body to the state at any time, but they cannot hold a body hostage to get payment.

Paying for a cremation service Westmont, PA can be worrying, but it doesn’t have to be. Take time to preplan your eventual passing, including how your loved ones will pay for your services. We are here to help if you want to learn more about preplanning or dealing with a recent loss. Call or visit us today.