What Makes Some People Prefer Cremation Over Burial?

The practice of cremation has been increasingly popular over the years, to the point that it is increasingly being chosen in place of a traditional burial, which is often seen as the more normal practice. The importance of opting for cremation cannot be overstated. To begin, it allows the grieving family to say their final goodbyes to their departed loved one without any of the stress that would otherwise be there. Cremation services Johnstown, PA emphasizes the benefits inherent in choosing cremation. Where did this shift toward cremation come from, and what are the precise reasons behind it? What are some reasons behind the decline of the age-old custom of burying the dead?


When using the conventional technique to bury a deceased person, it is necessary to make use of a coffin, even though doing so might be rather costly. On the other hand, in cases when cremation is chosen, an urn explicitly designed for cremated remains is used rather than a casket. Compared to a coffin, an urn for cremation remains is simpler to move about or keep within the home. When you choose cremation rather than burial, you can keep the deceased’s ashes for as long as you wish until you decide whether to spread them or find another means to dispose of them eventually. This opens up a wider range of possibilities than a traditional burial would.

Sustainable and Kind to the Environment

Chemicals that are extremely hazardous to the environment are typically used in embalming a deceased person’s body. When a deceased person’s body is embalmed before burial, the chemicals employed in the embalming process have the potential to seep into the soil and into a variety of water sources, both of which are highly detrimental to the environment.

Cremation isn’t without its drawbacks regarding how it affects the environment—the process of cremation results in the production of potentially hazardous smoke that is released into the atmosphere. However, the harmful effects on the surrounding environment have been significantly mitigated because of technological advances and equipment used in cremation.

cremation services Johnstown, PADeviation from Tradition

Many individuals are quite religious, and they stick to their traditions because they feel that traditions are important and ought to be followed. As a result of the significant amount of civilization and progress that has taken place in our modern society, an increasing number of individuals are increasingly departing from the norm. Cremation is one alternative funeral practice that departs from the more traditional burial practice. The cremation process provides the family of the departed with the option to honor their loved one in a manner that is exclusive and personal, free from any interference from traditional practices.

Most people choose cremation for various reasons, the primary one being that it is the most cost-effective option. When cremation is chosen as the final disposition method, families may say their final goodbyes to their deceased loved ones in a respectful manner without incurring a significant financial burden. The traditional manner of burial may be rather expensive, and many families cannot bear the financial burden of such an expense. Aside from this, many do not think it is essential to spend a significant amount of money only to bury a person who has passed away. For more information on the options available to you, you can contact the cremation services Johnstown, PA.