What You Need to Know About Cremation Services

The last few years have witnessed a remarkable increase in the popularity of cremation services Johnstown, PA, and elsewhere. To one’s wonder, the total number of families choosing cremation as a final disposition method for their lost loved ones surpassed those of traditional funerals.

Despite its widespread popularity, not many people know what services does a cremation funeral entail apart from burning the body.

Here are some basic details of cremation services.

Families can Arrange It Before or After the Funeral

Contrary to what you may think, cremation may happen both before or after a funeral service. Many families choose to arrange a proper funeral ceremony to allow friends and family to offer final respect to the lost loved one before the body is cremated.

Similarly, you can invite immediate family and friends just to pay a simple tribute instead of a full-fledge service, and arrange the cremation.

Memorial Service

If the bereaved family wants, it can hold a memorial service after the cremation. Once the funeral home returns the ashes or cremated remains, the family is free to decide the date and location of the memorial service.

Many Americans prefer it as it allows friends and relatives living far off or abroad to make travel arrangements and attend the final services to pay their condolences and tribute.

Direct Cremation Services

This is the cheapest and most common cremation method. It doesn’t involve any funeral or memorial services or gatherings. The body is cremated in a simple container and eliminates the need for a casket and other expensive arrangements.

This option is the least expensive and it depends on the choice of the deceased and the left ones to decide if they want simple cremation services.

What to Do with Cremation Remains

Cremation gives a plethora of options to the bereaved family to personalize the final services as they want. The family receives the remains of the loved one in an urn after a few days of cremation and it can do whatever it wants.

There can be a lot of unique and creative things to do with cremation remains such as:

  • Convert them into jewelry to create a memorable keepsake
  • Bury them at sea or any special place
  • Keep at home as a token of memory
  • Bury them in your backyard or garden
  • Take them to a world your or to a place where the loved one always wanted to go
  • Plant them as a tree
  • Scatter them from air
  • Add them to a hand-made sculpture

cremation services Johnstown, PAFinal Thoughts

Here is the summary of cremation.

  • Cremation doesn’t limit your personalization choices, instead it gives more flexibility.
  • You save thousands of dollars by choosing direct cremation.
  • It can be arranged before or after the funeral service.

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