What you Need to Know About Grief

Grief after cremation services Westmont, PA, is real.

It is a natural response to loss. Research shows that grief accompanied by losing a loved one is the most overwhelming and painful. You aren’t vulnerable or weak if you’re grieving the loss of a person close to your heart. It is universal, however, personal experience of grief varies from person to person and is strongly influenced by the nature and closeness of one’s relationship with the deceased.

Here’s what you need to know about Grief.

It’s Not Just an Emotional Response

Contrary to what many people think, grief is not just an emotional response to losing a loved one. Rather it is a complicated mix of social, cultural, physical, cognitive, psychological, and spiritual manifestations.

It’s natural to feel a rollercoaster of painful emotions when you lose someone close to your heart. Remember, there’s no right or wrong to grieve a loss and we all grieve in a unique way. Psychologists advocate that against trying to avoid grief and press on going through the grief journey to begin the healing process.

Grief is Painful

Grief is often accompanied by severe painful emotions and it’s the hardest when you lose a parent, sibling, spouse, child, or a close friend or family member. Most people think of grief as a natural response to losing someone we loved, but it’s not limited to that.

Grief can also occur when you lose some who made you feel loved. Someone who always cared for you. The love was so deep that it was palpable, the love you knew existed even when you did not hear its voice daily. That makes grief so painful and overwhelming.

Funerals Help Overcome Grief

The history of holding last rituals for the deceased predates the ancient Roman Empire. One of the main reasons people still hold funerals is to get emotional support and courage to make the grief journey a little less painful.

The traditions involved in a funerals service and personal experiences, anchored in thousands of years of human history, reveal that we get comfort and courage when we gather together to mourn the deceased, share their memories, get empathy and condolences. For most people, the healing journey begins when you start arranging the funeral service.

cremation services Westmont, PAGrief is Not Limited to Time

Many people have a misconception that grief starts to fade with time once you get initial support from family and friends. While it’s true for most cases, but not always. After a year, it may feel like if the loved one departed yesterday or it may feel like it happened a lifetime ago. There can be no timetable for how long grief lasts.

For some people, the grief journey becomes tougher and overwhelming with time and plunges them into complicated depression. At this point, professional help may be necessary. To sum up, grief is a reality you cannot run away from. Acknowledge your feelings and adopt a healthy lifestyle to get through the grief journey and be as healthy as possible. Arranging cremation services Westmont, PA, is the first step.