Affordable Burial and Cremation Guide

Funeral homes Richland, PA, can work with your budget. However, funerals can still put a financial strain on your family. But there are things you can do to relieve your loved ones of the financial burden when the time comes.

Contrary to what you may believe, you can reduce funeral expenses with thoughtful planning and making the right decisions. Below are a few tips on how to reduce funeral costs:

Always Compare Prices of Funeral Homes

Funeral homes may appear almost similar on paper when it comes to prices but costs vary significantly from one funeral home to the next. Never make a deal with a funeral home you don’t feel comfortable with. Make sure you understand the packages that are available.

Most funeral homes offer a “whole package” which includes a number of extra services/products. Instead of buying the complete package, shop for individual services and ask the funeral home to provide the rate list if you want to save money. Add the special services if you want to personalize the event.

Once you have finalized the funeral services you want, get a quote in writing. Make your decision accordingly – but never compromise on the quality of services.

Go for Direct Burial

A major portion of funeral costs is associated with embalming, viewing, and visitation from friends and family. If you have a tight budget, why not consider these traditional practices and instead go for a direct burial service. It involves burying the body soon after death without any visitation or embalming.

Buy Wooden or Cardboard Casket

Buying a casket is one of the most important decisions of a funeral service. Most people prefer to buy metal caskets that are durable but come at exorbitant prices.

Explore other options such as wooden, oak, or maple caskets. But the cheapest casket you can buy is a cardboard casket that you can get for as low as $200.

Choose Cremation

More than half of Americans choose cremation as a type of end-of-life disposition which speaks for its rising popularity. One reason for this is the low costs associated with direct cremation. On average, cremation costs half the price of a burial funeral, making it the most economical alternative to traditional burials.

Funeral homes Richland, PAPick Your Own Urn

Shopping for an urn is like shopping for a casket for a burial funeral. It is a container that holds the deceased’s cremated remains. Like a casket, an urn also comes in hundreds of types and designs.

You can save hundreds of dollars by choosing a cheaper urn or providing a box or container from home. It can be something having sentimental value for the deceased or the bereaved family.

Apply for Social Security Benefits

Confirm if you or the deceased are eligible for the social security benefits or if they have life insurance to cover the costs of the funeral. Also, check the employment benefits of the deceased. This can help you with funeral homes Richland, PA, expenses.