All About Above Ground Burial

Above-ground burial, also known as entombment, is a type of funeral where the deceased person’s body is buried in a tomb or mausoleum by funeral homes Richland, PA. If you’re planning to arrange an above-ground burial for your lost loved one, then look no further.

We have outlined key facts about this unique type of disposition method to help you get started right away.

1. Above Ground Burial is Expensive

First of all, this option can be quite expensive compared to traditional burial or cremation. But for many families, it’s not always about the cost but rather the final result that is often worth it.

If you want a truly remarkable monument to your beloved, an above-ground burial is the top of the line.

2. Above Ground Burial is One-of-a-Kind

Above ground, burial involves so much more than a simple headstone or grave marker. The family pays to build the burial site around the loved one. It is truly something worth watching and it ensures the ravages of time.

You can choose to further accent the walls with statues, plaques, carvings, and other decorations. When finished, it is going to convey a sense of how much the individual meant to you and to all who knew them.

3. It is Typically A Mausoleum

No matter if the above-ground memorial is public or private or for a family or individual, it is typically a mausoleum. Discuss with the funeral director what customization options you have to make it more unique and memorable.

4. Cremated Remains Can Be Buried Above Ground

A mausoleum for cremated remains is called a columbarium. Cremated remains and the urn take up much less space than the traditional casket.

This means that columbarium niches are much more affordable and easily built compared to traditional burial ones. But remember that each method has a rich cultural history tied to it. Irrespective of the method you choose, it symbolizes humanity’s varied heritages.

5. Visiting A Mausoleum is Monumental

It’s always something special and mysterious about visiting a cemetery. You’re standing in front of their grave, showing your utmost respect and love. The time you spend here offers a beautiful opportunity to reflect on life out in the beauty of nature. It’s usually quiet and peaceful, and there is plenty of space to think, pray, journal, and even talk out loud.

funeral homes Richland, PAThat’s traditional and common.

But when it comes to visiting your loved one in a mausoleum, it is something great and unique. Walking into a building dedicated specifically to your loved one is something completely different – and memorable – than seeing a simple headstone.

But it’s worth mentioning that everyone has different preferences. If someone chooses to bury their loved one in a cemetery or cremate them, let it be. That’s what most people do. Choose the option that you’re comfortable with. Family traditions or opinions often play a significant role in deciding what option you should go with at funeral homes Richland, PA.