Alternatives to Flowers: What to Bring to a Funeral

It is customary to bring flowers to cremation services Northern Cambria, PA in almost every religion and culture as a way of expressing sympathy for the bereaved. They help people express inner feelings that words sometimes fail to do. That’s why sympathy flowers are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of what to bring to a funeral.

However, they are not the only gift that demonstrates your love for the deceased. Below are some of the unique gifts (other than funeral flowers) that you can bring to express your support and care both for the bereaved and the deceased.

Bringing Food for the Bereaved

The best thing we can do during a funeral is to bring pre-cooked meals for the bereaved. It is a time when the family is grieving the loss of a loved one pain and grief can overwhelm them. Little do they care about cooking for themselves and eating full meals during such times of sorrow. That’s why cooking meals for the family instead of sympathy flowers is a practical way of reflecting your love and support for them.

You can bring a couple of pizzas, a basket of muffins or fruit, fried chicken, or anything that can be prepared in advance, kept and stored in the freezer, and heated up quickly. This message goes way beyond bringing a bouquet for them.

Bringing and Lighting a Few Candles

Lightning candles at a funeral are a centuries-old tradition and predate the ancient Roam Empire. Regardless of what culture or tradition you follow, candles are a symbol of mourning and remembering the deceased – and give a long-lasting tribute to flowers.

You can bring a combination of various candles and light them near the casket or at the reception table. Given the widespread prevalence of funeral candles, you’ll easily find various candle gift sets, candle holders, and calming aromatherapy candles in the local market or on Amazon. They also come with thoughtful quotes inscribed on them, giving respect to the deceased and the left ones.

A Potted Plant

Unlike funeral flowers which eventually wilt and dies, a potted plant is long-lasting and brightens up the room long after the funeral services. We always recommend bringing one or more potted flowers as they always remind the bereaved family of your unconditional love and support contrary to sympathy flowers that need to be consigned to a rubbish bin after a few days at most.

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A Monetary Gift or Donation

Instead of spending money on sympathy flowers or other gifts, you can donate in the name of the deceased. What is better than helping the needy and poor as a way to honor the memory of the lost love done.

Also, you can give a monetary gift to the family to share some of their financial burdens, given how expensive funerals can be.

Final Remarks

A funeral service is the toughest event you may ever attend as you find it hard to convey through words how much you care for the deceased and the bereaved. Bringing a gift to a funeral is a direct way of reflecting your support for the bereaved. You can bring any of the abovementioned gifts to cremation services Northern Cambria, PA, instead of sympathy flowers to convey a more long-lasting message.