Best Alternatives to Sympathy Flowers

Sending funeral flowers to the grieving family after cremation services Westmont, PA is a longstanding tradition in the US and the rest of the world. It reflects a message of condolences and unconditional love for the bereaved as well as the departed soul.

However, this trend is fast changing. Now, people are exploring better alternatives to funeral flowers that let the bereaved friends and family know how much you care for them.

If you’re planning to offer your sympathies to a grieving friend and wondering what to bring, here are some thoughtful alternatives for you.

1. A Potted Plant

The one major issue with floral arrangements is they die within a few days. If you want to give something that lasts, try bringing a potted plant instead.

It is a more long-lasting option that is going to brighten up a room for a long time – and your grieving friend doesn’t need to water it. Go to the local store, get a beautiful combination of a potted plant, and bring it to the bereaved.

2. Grief Food Package

Instead of giving flowers, consider doing something practical for the grieving family. One option is to offer them a grief food package. It is a practical way to lend support in the days and weeks after a bereavement.

Now, the package doesn’t necessarily need to be so specific. You can pick anything you want that the grieving family can use. For instance, send a basket of muffins or other sweet treats, or maybe you want to send something healthy like a basket of fruit. Whatever you send them, it is just as thoughtful.

Many people prefer taking pre-prepared meals that the grieving person can keep in the freezer and heat up whenever they need to eat. Some common food items can be lasagne, chicken casserole, and shepherd’s pie.

3. A Charitable Donation

Another handy alternative to funeral flowers is making a charitable donation. This is particularly important if your friend is finding it hard to meet the funeral expenses – or they have asked for crowdfunding.

4. Bring A Bundle of Candles

Candles are traditionally associated with mourning and they last longer than flowers. Many grieving people believe that taking time to reflect while lighting a candle is a positive way to remember a loved one.

Try to buy a decent-looking candle holder along with candles that cast a lasting impression on your friend.

cremation services Westmont, PA5. Bring Daily-Use Items

Psychologists and grief counselors encourage people to give something special that can provide emotional comfort to the bereaved. Consider getting a decent blanket, pillow, or teddy bear that can be hugged. To go a step further, leave a condolence message on these items as a tribute to the lost loved one.

Many people tend to customize the pillow or teddy bear themselves to reflect their love for both the bereaved and the departed soul. An even better option is to use the personal belonging of the person who has died like old clothing or something. Obviously, be sure to run it by the grieving person to make sure they are ok with this gesture after cremation services Westmont, PA.