Choosing Memorial Flowers

It’s customary to send a floral arrangement to the bereaved family before or after cremation services Johnstown, PA. What flowers you choose can make a big difference to the feeling or ambiance at a funeral.

The market is full of floral funeral flowers, each type representing a unique message for the grieving family. The possibilities here are endless and only limited by your creativity and how you would like the floral arrangements to be.

Thus, it’s important to take your time before deciding the type and style of floral arrangements to order for a funeral. Note that floral baskets can be paired with additional items like a sympathy card to show your love for the family.

Let us discuss some popular funeral flowers and their meaning:

Lilies: Lilies are probably the go-to funeral flowers. They reflect the purity and innocence of the departed soul.

Gladioli: Gladioli are often chosen for funeral floral arrangements because of their tall, structured appearance. They show the upright moral strength and sincerity of the lost loved one.

Roses are considered a symbol of love and respect which makes roses perfect as part of a funeral flower arrangement. Yellow roses are perfect for celebrating the life of a close friend, while pink roses show grace and commemoration. Classic red roses are a sign of deep and lasting love, even after someone passes away. Many people prefer bringing white roses to a funeral as they represent peace and pure love.

Carnations are another popular funeral flower that comes in a variety of colors. White carnations symbolize love and innocence while pink carnations symbolize remembrance. Similarly, red carnations are a sign of great love and admiration.

Chrysanthemums are also known as mums. They come in a variety of shapes and forms which makes the chrysanthemum perfect for funeral arrangements. In many cultures and traditions, especially in Europe, Chrysanthemums represent death. You get tons of options to arrange Chrysanthemums as you like. They can make up an entire bouquet, or basket, spray on their own or support heavier flowers like lilies.

cremation services Johnstown, PADaisies have always been a popular choice for bulking up funeral arrangements. Arrangements that primarily include daisies have also been traditionally used for children and infant funerals.

Irises also come in many colors and styles. If the loved one was a veteran or a member of the armed forces, Irises might be the best option as they convey respect, hope, and faith. Irises may also fit in with a patriotic color theme for the flower arrangement.

Orchids are some of the most commonly chosen flowers when it comes to funerals. They represent your everlasting love for the deceased. You can choose whatever color Orchids, but it’s recommended to select White or Pink Orchid to show your sympathy and compassion for the bereaved family

In short, no matter the type of funeral flowers you choose, they give a message of unconditional love and care for the bereaved family. But be sure to be practical with your choice of cremation services Johnstown, PA, flowers to express your emotions better.