Common Types Of Funeral Flowers

Losing a friend, family member, or any loved one is surely one of the biggest losses in life, especially after you experience cremation services Richland, PA. The grief may never go away, but we can offer our condolences and sympathies with the family or loved ones of the deceased to reduce the intensity of their sadness.

Sending flowers is one of the oldest and most common ways to express your sympathies to the deceased’s family and remember the departed soul. A plant or floral arrangement is a great way to express what you feel for the dead.

However, a lot of people often find themselves in confusion as to which type of flowers they should send on such occasions. Not only this, people often ask where they should send the flowers- graveside ceremony, funeral home, directly to the home of the deceased?

Well, if you are looking for these answers, here is what you need to know.

Types Of Flower Arrangements

For starters, the selection of funeral flowers depends on cultural and sometimes religious aspects. For instance, in Buddhism, you cannot send red flowers; white flowers are a more suitable gesture. Here are some options to show your expression to the lost soul.

Standing Sprays

Funeral sprays, also known as standing sprays, are placed near the coffin (on an easel). You can send funeral sprays to graveside burial ceremonies, church (for a religious service), or to the funeral home.

Floral Basket

Floral baskets are another lovely way to show your love and sympathy to the deceased and their loved ones. You can deliver floral baskets to the family’s home, church, or funeral home for wake viewing.

Plants Or Dish Garden

Dish gardens are a beautiful medley of flowering and lush green plants, and they are arranged in a decorative container or a basket. You can deliver them to the family’s home or directly to a wake.

Hearts, crosses, and wreaths

These are large and easily noticeable floral arrangements and are mostly used for close friends and family members. They are generally displayed on an easel near the casket. Hearts represent love, while crosses are a sign of faith. Moreover, wreaths are a touching representation of eternal life. You can take them to the gravesite or the funeral home.

Some Popular Funeral Flowers

Different flowers convey a different meaning at the funerals. Here are some common funeral flowers and how people perceive them.


Lily is simply the universal flower, an option you can use for different occasions. Lilies are a sign of restored innocence, and they are one of the most common choices for funerals.


Carnations are another prevalent choice for funerals. White carnations are a sign of pure love, while pink carnations symbolize remembrance.


Gladioli come in different colors and are considered as a sign of moral integrity and character strength, a traditional and classic choice for funerals.

cremation services Richland, PARoses

Roses are versatile flowers, and they convey different meanings. For instance, red means love and respect, white means innocence and humility, pink shows appreciation and love, yellow represents strong ties, and crimson symbolizes sorrow.

Orchid Plant

Just like roses, orchid plants give a different message at funerals. White and pink orchid plants represent eternal love and mourning. Dendrobium and Phalaenopsis are a sign of sympathy.

Choosing the wrong color and floral arrangement can cause embarrassment at these highly sensitive ceremonies. Therefore, make sure you choose the right floral option for cremation services Richland, PA, according to your relation or connection with the deceased.