Consoling a Grieving Friend

Funeral homes Richland, PA, are a necessary part of life. We all come across the time when one of our closest friends is grieving the loss of a loved one. At that moment we want to cheer them up, point out the possible in their lives, make them feel relieved, and smile again – but it is equally possible to feel helpless if you don’t know how to console a grieving in the right way.

It is possible you may spark uncomfortable feelings by uttering inappropriate words or make them feeling invalidated. So, here are some of the appropriate ways to console a grieving friend.

Understand the Stages of Grief

Grief is not a single emotion but a mix of various feelings and emotions. Normally, the bereaved passes through five stages of grief namely; denial, bargaining, anger, anxiety and depression, and acceptance of the loss. You have to understand which phase your close acquaintance is passing through and once you’re familiar with these stages, you will be better equipped to comfort your friend.

Not Everyone Grieves in the Same Way

Even though almost everyone passes through the above five stages of grief, one person’s grief is not the same as another’s. The duration and intensity of grief vary significantly from person to person and mostly depends on how closely the bereaved was attached to the deceased and how strong their relationship was.

So, make sure you acknowledge their pain and be considerate in having conversations with them. Give them all the emotional support they need. After all, that’s what friends are for.

Offer Ways to Personalize the Memory

For a grieving person, the memory of the deceased matters the most. You should offer bereaved friends the unique ways to personalize the memory of the lost loved one, be it planting a tree, writing letters, having remembrance dinners, doing charity work in their name, or volunteering. Such activities expedite the healing process.

Keep Checking in on Them

Grieving can last from a few weeks to several months. Many people offer condolences at the funeral services and move on with their lives. But as a friend, you should continue checking in on them. Never leave them alone for long and keep follow up on their health and offer support, if need be.

A simple phone call will just take your two minutes but will provide untold comfort and satisfaction to your friend. Offer them help and ask what they need. Generally, the mourner will resist help but at least, let them know you will be there when needed.

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Grief is not Always Time-Dependent

Many people think that the mourner will feel better in a couple of weeks. It may be true for some cases but the struggle and pain of the bereaved may last longer than expected. So, offer your condolences irrespective of time constraints and ask them for anything you could do.

Indulge in Healthy Activities

Never let your friend isolate himself for extended periods as it can further plunge them into depression. Instead, convince them to indulge in healthy and fun activities. Invite them to their favorite sports and arrange special events for them. In this way, you would carve a permanent place in their heart and also help them overcome anxiety and depression. Help them search for the right funeral homes Richland, PA.