Creative Ideas to Personalize a Funeral

Times are changing and so do the traditional ways of arranging cremation services Richland, PA. Lately, more and more people are embracing poignant and creative ways to add a personal touch to the service.

Every one of us deserves a unique final send-off, the one that reflects our life, wishes, and desires. Here’re some of the ideas that you can use for your loved one’s funeral or your own.

Include Music in the Service

Nothing captivates your mind more than the lyrics of our favorite music as it evokes memories of our best moments. If the deceased were into music, then what’s a better way to honor their memory than playing their favorite music during the service.

Make a playlist of their favorite songs and play it at the service, or if your budget allows, hire their favorite for a live performance. Seek recommendations from your funeral director on the best options you have for including music in the service.

Remember, choose songs or music tracks that reflect your loved one’s life or choices, or listen to the lyrics carefully before playing them at the service.

Create a Beautiful Picture Table

They say a picture is worth a thousand words- and quite rightly so. A collection of just a few pictures can illustrate the deceased’s life, achievements, and unique lifestyle. Most funeral homes provide resources to help the bereaved family arrange the loved one’s memorable photos on a table or display them on cardboard.

Want to make it more creative, why not tie photos to colorful balloons or create a charming wreath with them so everyone could see them with ease and honor the loved one.

cremation services Richland, PAArrange an Open Mic Session

Arrange a short session where every friend and family member will share some thoughts on the amazing life led by the departed soul. Such activity allows everyone to get included in the service and make it more memorable.

Be ready for some surprises and moments of both tears and laughter. The untold stories and wonderful life memories of the loved one can leave a lasting impact on the guests and provide a healing experience to the bereaved family.

But remember, not everyone is a great orator. So, don’t take it personally if someone avoids speaking in front of everybody.

Dress Up Like Them

Why not think outside the box and set a dress theme for the service? Ask guests to wear the loved one’s favorite dress in lieu of traditional all-black attire. The whole event will embrace the loved one’s personality and reflect the colors that were so important to them.

To go a step further, show off pride for the deceased by using hanging signs and decoration pieces that the loved one held dear. If they were a sports fan, consider suggesting the friends and family show up to the cremation services Richland, PA, wearing the colors or dress of the loved one’s hobby or sports.