Debunking Common Myths About Funerals

You may not think about funeral homes Richland, PA, until you need to. If anything, a funeral is arguably the least discussed topic as 84% of Americans never discuss funerals with family and friends until they have to attend one. After all, no one would prefer talking about death and grief and that’s precisely why people have so many misconceptions about the funeral industry.

Needless to say, most myths about funerals are far from reality. This article aims to debunk some prevalent misconceptions pertaining to funeral services.

Myth- Funerals Are Very Expensive

Funeral budgets vary. You can design a memorial that suits your needs and your finances. Generally, a traditional burial funeral is costlier than a cremation.

Hiring a professional funeral director can help you save a lot of money. This is the person who is trained and qualified to help you customize the funeral as per your family’s wishes and traditions within your budgetary allocations.

Myth- Funeral Directors Are Outdated

This cannot be farther from the truth. Funeral directors are empathetic and compassionate individuals. At the same time, being a funeral director is the toughest job and you have to provide services to the families who are suffering from the overwhelming pain and grief of the lost loved one. They have to show a peak of professionalism to avoid hurting the feelings of the bereaved families.

Similarly, they have to make arrangements in a very short time to arrange a funeral event that truly honors the memories of the deceased and fulfills the wishes of the bereaved as well.

Myth- Embalming Services are Mandatory

Many people believe that every deceased have to be embalmed for public health reasons Embalming is not necessary if you’re planning to bury the lost loved one within two to three days. This is quite possible in the case of cremation.

But in case of delays, you always have the option of embalming – but it may come with a fee.

funeral homes Richland, PAMyth- Most People Don’t Need a Funeral Director

Many people have a misconception that hiring a funeral director will cost extra money and that they can arrange a perfect event all by themselves.

But in reality, a good funeral director can save you thousands of dollars. It’s natural to get overwhelmed by grief after losing a loved one. During such emotionally-charged moments, your ability to make rational decisions is clouded and you are likely to be overwhelmed.

Funeral directors are aware of ins and outs of the industry and provide you all the quality services at the lowest price possible – not to mention the emotional comfort and ease it brings you.

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