Helping with Funeral Arrangements

Is your friend visiting funeral homes Richland, PA? They have just lost a loved one and are asking for your help with the funeral process.

Before proceeding, be sure to have a basic understanding of what’s involved in a funeral process. Also, talk to your friend in detail about what exactly they want to get a clear idea of their budget.

Having said that, here are some practical ways to help put your friend through the funeral arrangement.

1. Write Down Everything

Don’t just memorize the details. Keep detailed notes of everything your friend wants to have at the funeral event. Also, get recommendations from the funeral director about making the event more memorable for the bereaved family and note them down.

The funeral director will be happy to provide information to you as long as the legal next of kin is on board with this arrangement.

2. Visit Several Funeral Homes with Your Friend

Do the driving and take your friend to at least three funeral homes before making a choice. The idea is to allow your grieving friend to relax as much as possible. On your way to the funeral home, have a little discussion about what they should expect at the funeral home and what services they want.

3. Notify/Invite People on Behalf of Your Friend

Take over the responsibility of notifying family and friends about the tragic event and the planned funeral service. You may want to start telling people as early as possible, especially the out-of-city guests. The quicker they know, the better for them.

This will provide a huge relief to your grieving friend and they will appreciate it.

4. Help Them with Pick and Drop of Children

The kids might also be going through overwhelming grief. It’s better to keep their minds occupied during such times. Picking up and dropping off their kids from school or tuition will take a weight off of their shoulders.

Also, don’t shy from getting the responsibility of planning an outing with them, like taking them to a zoo or something. Or dropping them to their granny’s house.

funeral homes Richland, PA5. Arrange for Meals

One of the best ways to help your grieving friend is by cooking meals for them. You can cook at your house and take it over or order a pre-cooked meal. A meal of roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn on the cob will go a long way to express your sympathy and love for the bereaved family.

These meals can relieve families of the burden of shopping and cooking so they can focus on the funeral arrangement.

6. Help with Household Chores

Doing the household chores is the last thing on the mind of the grieving person. Don’t wait to be asked to help. Jump in and voluntarily request them to do the basic chores like stacking the dishes in the dishwasher, running errands, or doing laundry or having it done. Everything helps when you’re dealing with funeral homes Richland, PA.