How to Grieve Multiple Losses

You may need funeral homes Johnstown, PA, services for multiple people in your life. Just the thought of losing more than one person at once suddenly makes one feel numb and somber. But it happens.

Grieving multiple losses is difficult and during such turbulent times, it’s important to take care of your physical and mental well-being and give yourself enough space and time to heal without coming too hard on yourself.

Below are some proven tips to help you make the grief journey slightly better:

1. Understanding and Coping with the Cumulative Grief

A person experiencing multiple losses all at once can plunge into cumulative grief. If you’re finding yourself feeling exhausted or unable to do even the daily little tasks, chances are you’re grappling with cumulative grief.

It is often accompanied with mix and sometimes confused emotions and it’s easy to become lost too often. Thus, try to process one loss at a time with a focus on things that are under your control. Psychologists say that taking regular mindfulness breaks can give much-needed comfort and solace to your mind and body.

Never indulge in unhealthy activities such as drinking or smoking. Take a couple of showers daily, have a short run in the park, and try to interact with your loved ones. Remember that cumulative grief can take a severe toll on your physical and mental health if you lock yourself up in a room and seek loneliness.

Connecting with people is especially hard during this time, but it might be the critical step you need.

2. Process One Grief at a Time

Focus on processing one aspect of your grief at a time while coping with multiple losses. Of course, it is easier said than done but such activity gives enough space to your mind to truly process and cope with one loss, else the chances of getting lost are high.

Don’t come too hard on yourself or try to heal overnight. Once you start identifying and coping with one piece at a time, it gives you more strength and willpower to go through the grief journey healthily. While grieving, give utmost importance to self-care and be mindful of your diet, sleep, and exercise.

funeral homes Johnstown, PA3. Seek Professional Support

If you’re struggling to come to terms with your grief even after several months of the loss, then consider getting professional help. Many people feel shy or avoid reaching out to professional therapists and it’s a normal emotion to feel.

Remember that these grief specialists are well-trained to understand your unique emotions and prescribe you ways to overcome cumulative grief. They are also equipped with helpful tools to make you feel strong and capable to get past the grief journey sooner than later.

You may also come across support groups or connect with people who’re also going through similar circumstances as are you. Sharing stories and expressing unique emotions in a support group prove to be helpful in reviving your inner strength to start healing from multiple losses.

The journey starts with funeral homes Johnstown, PA. Contact us today.