How to Honor Your Loved One

Attending cremation services Northern Cambria, PA, is just the first step in the grief journey,

Losing someone close to your heart is an emotional experience and the pain can become even more overwhelming when it’s their death anniversary. You may get a renewed feeling of loss and loneliness as the day nears.

Instead of plunging into depression and sorrow, you can make this day purposeful and both honor the deceased and celebrate your love and relationship with them. Here’s how you can make this day a memorable one:

Take a Day Off from Work

It’s advisable to take a day off from your daily routine to dedicate the whole day to the lost loved one. That one day should reflect your eternal and unconditional love for the deceased – and they deserve it. You may experience feelings of regret and extreme grief, but have to hold yourself together and do things that your loved one used to do on special, happy occasions.

Plant a Tree in Their Name

What’s better than honoring your loved ones by planting a tree in their name. Along with being the friends of the environment, trees also reflect new beginnings as they slowly grow, get old, and eventually die, just like humans.

You may plant it inside your house if you have a garden, or near the deceased’s final resting place. Seeing it will always remind you of your loved one and accelerate the healing process.

Visit the Gravesite

Visiting the resting place of the deceased, be it a gravesite or the place where the cremated remains have been scattered, honors the memory of that person.

It’s a great way of showing that you still remember and love them, while many consider it as a spiritual way of getting solace. You can bring candles or flowers to or plant a tree near the gravesite.

Write the Words You Never Said

The things we regret the most are the words we never said to our loved ones; the feelings we wished but never conveyed to them. And there’s no better day to say it all aloud than your loved one’s death anniversary.

You should write a letter from the bottom of your heart and speak everything you wished to say. It is a perfect way to express your complicated emotions and feelings or to reiterate your love and gratitude for the deceased.

You may read the letter out aloud or silently near his/her gravesite or bury it in a garden or let the mighty ocean take care of it.

cremation services Northern Cambria, PAHost a Family Dinner

Your beloved’s death anniversary is probably the best time to invite your friends and family over to your house for dinner. Serve them the favorite meals and beverages of your loved ones. Ask everyone to share a story or a funny incident they have had with the deceased so everyone could have a laugh.

You may arrange a virtual meeting while corona restrictions are still in place.

Explore Nature

They say nature helps you find your soul and seek solace. You can mark the day by spending some time in nature or going on a hike as a way to honor your loved one. It would be even better if you travel to the favorite picnic spot of the deceased, the one where you used to go together on weekends. There are many ways to deal with grief after cremation services Northern Cambria, PA.