How to Leave a Legacy

Your legacy is, in simplest terms, a life worth passing on and remembering after your death and cremation services Northern Cambria, PA. Therefore, leaving a legacy can mean two things. First, a gift can be money or property left to someone in a will. Second, an estate can also mean the outlook, values, or training you pass on to others in your family and beyond.

But no matter the legacy you’re referring to, it can be said that a gift is always creating something valuable in your life that can be passed on to others after your death. You can leave one, either, or both kinds of legacies to help people remember and honor you after you’re gone. But how do you leave a meaningful gift? These tips can help:

  • Write a legacy statement – Write down what you want your legacy to be to help guide your actions. Consider what you’ll be remembered for, what characteristics or skills you want to pass down, what traditions you want your family to continue, and a central belief or worldview you’d like to pass on. Then, plan how you’ll accomplish what you wrote in your statement.
  • What you want to be written on your tombstone Consider how you want to be remembered, and then live that way.
  • Consider what matters most – Where do you spend your time and money? Those are the things you treasure most and will most likely be what you’re remembered for. For example, if you spend most of your time at work, you’ll be remembered as a hard worker.
  • Give your time to people you care about – Work, hobbies, and social events can make us busy, maybe even too busy to spend time with those you care about most. Show your loved ones that they’re priorities for you by making them priorities in your schedule.
  • Share memories – Your stories reflect your values and make others smile. Tell stories from your life, your family’s lives, and others you remember to make happy memories, reflect your values, and put smiles on people’s faces.cremation services Northern Cambria, PA
  • Consider what others want – You might think that spending all your time at work to provide for your family might be what they want, but it also might not be. Perhaps your children or family would rather have more quality time with you than new toys or a fancy car. Take time to understand what would make others happy and encourage them. If you don’t know, ask!
  • Be your best before you work on others – It will be hard to pass on some idealistic torch if you don’t live that way yourself. Work on living your beliefs and ideals. That way, others will be inspired by the example you set and might choose to live that way.

Leaving a legacy seems overwhelming, but it’s as simple as living how you want to be remembered. Call or visit us today for more legacy tips or information on cremation services Northern Cambria, PA.