How to Plan the Perfect Memorial

Humans have been honoring the lost loved ones with cremation services Northern Cambria, PA, since time immemorial. The traditions and rituals may vary from culture to culture but the bereaved families in every corner of the world arrange ceremonies or events to celebrate the deceased.

In North America and elsewhere, most families hold a memorial service to pay one last tribute to the deceased as well as expedite the healing process for the surviving members.

If you’ve to plan a memorial service in the near future, you can count on the following tips.

1. Choose a Venue

The choice is all yours to select any place for holding a memorial service of the dearly-departed soul. It can be a funeral home, church, the deceased’s family home, or a dedicated space for holding memorial services. If possible, try to arrange the event at the deceased’s favorite place.

However, your options shouldn’t limit to these areas and can choose a non-traditional location to hold services. Be sure to choose a location and day when all your guests can come.

2. Invite Close Friends and Family Members

Send invitations to your family members and close friends. A memorial service is a less formal event than a funeral service and the rationale is to gather your loved ones and honor the departed soul.

The tone of the memorial can be serious, or the event can be seen as a celebration of life. Either option is okay. the right choice for your situation depends on the deceased and what you expect. Some families may be offended at a joyous ceremony, while others may feel sad at a somber affair.

3. Choose a Celebrant to Lead the Service

Anyone can perform a memorial service, be it a religious clergy member, a family member, or a close friend. Make sure the person is confident enough to conduct the ceremony that truly honors your departed loved ones.

Ceremonies can be unique; there are absolutely no rules.

4. Memorial Dinners

It’s a nice gesture to cook the favorite meal of the deceased for memorial dinner. Let the guests have a meal or a few beers together and share memories of the deceased keep their memory and legacy of your loved one alive

Such arrangement also reflects how much you loved and missed the deceased. The best part is that you don’t have to make the meal a special occasion. If you can’t cook, get takeout instead.

cremation services Northern Cambria, PA5. Personalize the Event

Try to make the event more memorable and touching for the bereaved family and guests. Start with a well-written eulogy to commemorate the life and death of the beloved soul.

After that, you can have a photo DVD going on loop for people to stop and watch, and photo albums out for people to flip through. It will add a lovely touch to highlight the person’s life and accomplishments.

Play the deceased’s favorite music and if possible, arrange the live ceremony of their favorite brand during the cremation services Northern Cambria, PA.