How to Remember Your Dad on Father’s Day

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A father is like a guiding light that shows us the right way. Nothing is more painful and depressing than losing your father. Father’s Day is celebrated around the world on the third Sunday of June to honor fatherhood. It is a very disheartening and distressing day for someone grieving the loss of father.

No activity can indeed bring him back but here are some ideas that will help you can make his presence felt and honor him on this special day – or any other day.

Make a Playlist of Your Dad’s Favorite Songs

Music heals our mind and soul. We all have memories of listening to favorite songs while on a family trip or at weekends in the home or when you were depressed and needed cheering up.

Take out time and make a playlist of songs that remind you of your dad; songs that you would love to listen to together with him. Listening to these songs will honor his memory and reminisce of golden memories of your childhood.

Write Him a Letter from Beyond

The most difficult thing for a son or daughter is to hug their father and say how much he or she loved him. There is always a lot of unsaid words that you wanted him to hear. And if he has gone for a while, there is so much new in your life that would like to share with him – and you should.

The easiest way is to write a letter to his name and tell everything that your heart says. Write about your accomplishments, success, and how much you miss him. Never forget to say THANK YOU for all his sacrifices for you. Whatever you write will be between you and your dad.

Plant a Tree in His Name

Trees symbolize life and have wise spirits that make us feel relieved in their presence. Planting a tree in the name of your dad will keep his memory alive forever. It will remind you of your dad whenever you sit in its shade, walk by it, or water it.

Sit in its shade, breathe in wisdom, listen to the birds chirping, and remember the golden time spent with your dad.

Moreover, a tree also contributes to the community and natural environment – and is the perfect way to honor and tribute a deceased.

Throw A Family Dinner

You can arrange a dinner inviting close friends and family and people who cared about your father – and serve them his favorite dishes. You can share his life stories with his old buddies and have laughs and fun. You may invite his colleague or wok friend to share a funny life experience of your dad as a way to refresh his memories.

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Volunteer Yourself

What is better to remember someone than to volunteer for community service and serve the people? You should spend the whole day serving the community and dedicate the blessings and prayers to your father. And, if he were alive, he would be proud to have a child-like you.

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