Is a Direct Cremation the Right Choice for You?

Every cremation service in Northern Cambria, PA helps people in need. You have options when your loved one dies. One of the biggest decisions concerns whether or not to hold a memorial service. These are very traditional events that allow mourners to express their grief and other powerful emotions.

However, a memorial service is not required. If you want to opt for direct cremation, you can also do that. Direct cremation means that the deceased’s remains are cremated but there is no service attached. The ashes are given to the survivors. You can then make your own decision about what to do. There are many reasons why you may not be interested in a traditional memorial service.

A direct cremation is a good idea when you desire privacy. This could be because the deceased was very well known, or because the manner of death was strange or controversial. In these situations, you might be afraid that people who don’t really care about the deceased would be drawn to the cremation or memorial service.

When you opt for direct cremation, you also may decide to do so because of the deceased’s wishes. Sometimes, people are very particular about how they are laid to rest. They work it out with their lawyer and their survivors before they pass. It’s possible that the deceased personally requested that no memorial service be held. Everyone has their own ideas about death.

Your other option, of course, is to host a memorial. This gives you and the other mourners official grieving space. Speaking about the deceased in public isn’t easy. There may not be a natural way to start the conversation. A memorial gives you the option to say what you feel.

If you choose the direct cremation route, your grief would be more private. You can express it in ways that make you feel better. You can even coordinate with other people. These efforts, however, will likely be smaller than if you were to host a traditional cremation service.

You still have to decide what to do with the ashes. You can hold onto them, scatter them, or both. Sometimes, people keep the remains of their loved ones in an urn in their homes. Or you want to create a piece of jewelry with the ashes so you can carry them daily. If scattering the ashes is more appealing, pick a place significant to you and the deceased.

Death is unavoidable, yet it’s often a surprise when it affects our lives. Losing someone we love is heart-wrenching. The memorial plans are wrapped up in your pain. You have to think about what you want to do, what will make you feel better. There are different options depending on your circumstances.

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