Planning a Perfect Celebration of Life

Want to plan the perfect cremation services Johnstown, PA for a lost loved one? Or are you planning to put together a celebration of life in their memory? But planning a celebration of life entails making a variety of decisions.

So, how exactly do you go about planning for a life celebration? Luckily, we got you covered. Below is a detailed guide on everything to honor – and celebrate – your loved one.

1. Personalize the Service

Life celebrations are all about personalization. The more you personalize the event, the more memorable it will become. Try to customize your loved one’s life celebration in a way that would make them proud.

This becomes easy when you’re holding the event at a funeral home, as most of them are up-to-date when it comes to personalized services. And with just a little extra price, they are more than happy to assist you in doing so.

Here are some tips to personalize the event:

  • Decorate the funeral home. Get suggestions from your funeral director; and hopefully, they can come up with creative ideas to help you make this an event (or even a party) to remember.
  • Decorate with items that had special meaning to your loved one. It can be anything, depending on their hobbies or interests. For instance, if they were die-hard baseball fans, make a mitt holding a baseball the centerpiece of every table. You can also ask the director to display their awards or prizes in the front of the chapel right next to the casket or urn.
  • Create a playlist featuring your loved one’s favorite songs, and have it going in the background.
  • Spray their favorite perfume or cologne here and there for everyone to enjoy.
  • Read a passage from their favorite book, or share some of their favorite quotes.
  • Set out photos of your loved one during happier times around the funeral home or chapel. You can also use a framed photo as a centerpiece for tables or a memorial table.
  • Have their favorite foods and drinks set out as refreshments for guests.
  • Offer an open mic so that those who want to share happy memories can.
  • Have a donation box into which guests can give to your loved one’s favorite charity or organization.

2. Arrange the Event at the Deceased’s Favorite Place

One of the best ways to honor your loved one is by holding their celebration of life somewhere that was important to them. It can be at your family home, a park, a beach, or their favorite restaurant or reception hall.

cremation services Johnstown, PA3. A Checklist of Things to Do

Aside from personalizing the event, you need to make sure all the associated tasks go about smoothly. Here are the general steps that you’ll need to consider before you begin planning your loved one’s service:

  • Pick the place to hold the service.
  • Pick the date you want to have the service held.
  • Select a celebrant, pastor, or another figure to lead the service.
  • Arrange someone to deliver the eulogy.
  • Send invites
  • Decide on customization.

These events can take place after cremation services Johnstown, PA.