Proper Funeral Etiquette – What You Need to Know

Knowing what to do at funeral homes Northern Cambria, PA, isn’t guaranteed. How often do you hear about a funeral of your near one and decide against attending it as you don’t know what to wear or how to behave?

Most people are unsure of the best way to attend a funeral and pay condolences to the bereaved. If you’re planning on visiting a funeral, bone up on the below-mentioned tips.

Proper Funeral Etiquette

Even though funeral etiquettes can vary from culture to culture and religion to religion, but basic guidelines on what to wear and how to react remain almost the same across all traditions.

Let’s dive deeper.

What to Wear

You have probably already seen it in movies and TV shows that how men and women are dressed in all black at a funeral. The black color is generally associated with mourning – and reflects respect and empathy with the bereaved.

It may include a plain shirt, dark-colored jacket with dark pants and shoes, and a subdued tie which doesn’t necessarily have to be Black. Other than Black, you can wear any dark color combination that is not too bright or shiny. Your outfit should be neat, clean, and well-pressed.

Where to Sit

Usually, there isn’t a sitting plan at the funeral so you need to decide where you need to be seated. As a rule of thumb, try to sit somewhere in the middle rows. Avoid sitting at the front rows unless you’re too close to the bereaved as they are meant for the immediate family members.

It’s thoughtful of you to wait until the close family and friends have taken their seats. Don’t try to move up the rows or pews if the venue is full and be seated and sit wherever you get the place.

Viewing the Deceased

Also known as paying respects at a chapel of rest, viewing is an event where the close family and friends gather to pay the last tribute to the lost loved one.

You can stay at a viewing for as short as 15 minutes – which is enough to pay tribute to the deceased and offer condolences and sympathies to the bereaved.

You can dress the same as you would at a funeral. And we advise you to attend a viewing if you’re invited to and feel capable, as it is often considered a respectable thing to do and is only reserved for the close ones.

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Words of Sympathy to Say

The primary purpose of attending a funeral is to show your support for the bereaved. Uttering a few kind words to them can be better than saying nothing.

It is difficult for many people to express their condolences through words as they are unsure about what to say, and worry that their words may upset the bereaved even more.

You can express your sympathies in words like, “I am so sorry for your loss”, “they were such a nice person, we will miss him/her a lot”, “May God gives you the strength to bear this loss”, “I am always here for you.”

If you still face difficulty in saying anything, bring a funeral card that includes well-chosen words in tribute to the deceased. Funeral homes in Northern Cambria, PA, may bring up too many emotions for you to speak easily.