Top Ideas for Scattering Ashes

If you have lost a loved one and chosen cremation services Richland, PA as a type of final disposition, then you’ve got plenty of creative options to say one last goodbye to them.

First of all, we acknowledge your loss and extend our heartfelt condolences to navigate through these tough times. Once the body of your loved one is cremated, you’re in charge of the remains and have to scatter them where you want.

Below is a curated list of top places to scatter the ashes of your loved ones. Read on and find out:

Bury in Your Garden

If the loved one was into planting or gardening or if they loved flowers, then why not bury their ashes in your garden and keep their legacy alive for generations? The blooming flowers symbolize life and they will always reminisce the memory of your loved one.

Bury in Sea or a Stream of Water

Did your loved one use to spend time on the beach or fishing? Did they always find peace around water? If yes, then scattering their remains in the sea of a lake, river or stream is a great way to honor their memory and help them rest better.

Don’t forget to check the local state laws for scattering the ashes in a water body to avoid facing any legal complications down the road.

Lay to Rest in Their Favorite City

We all have a dream city where we would love to spend holidays, explore its various tourist attractions, and embrace the beauty it offers. If your loved one had a favorite city where they always wanted to go but couldn’t, consider traveling to that city with them and burying them in an appropriate place.

Knowing that you have fulfilled their dream will provide you solace and comfort and hasten the healing process.

Bury in a Natural Place

Was your loved one the type of person who would go out to explore the natural spots, hiking trails, and national parks? If so, then the best thing you can do might be to scatter their ashes in the winds at their favorite spot or a hilltop.

While dispersing the cremated remains in a park, make sure whether you have to get a permit or not.

cremation services Richland, PAScatter the Ashes Through Fireworks

If the deceased was a happy and active person who had lived the life to the fullest, then why not consider saying goodbye to them with a bang. Get in touch with a firework company or expert and ask if they can arrange a small ceremony for you.

Else, you can plan a dedicated event, invite close friends and family, and let the loved one’s remains scatter with fireworks. However, always practice proper safety and care while setting off fireworks to avoid any unwanted accidents during the ceremony.

Cremation services Richland, PA, allow for complete customization.