What Food to Serve at a Funeral Reception

A Richland funeral home reception is a memorable event where family, friends, and close acquaintances of the deceased are present to reminisce about the memories of the deceased, pay tribute, and connect with others who are grieving. What food should be served at a funeral reception has always troubled hosts. There is no right or wrong answer and you can serve anything you wish. However, sharing special food with your loved ones enhances the experience.

If you are worried about what dishes to serve a funeral reception, then this article is meant for you. We have discussed this very issue with the funeral catering experts to help you select the most preferable dishes for a funeral reception.

Food to Serve at A Funeral Reception

If you are planning or anticipate planning a funeral reception at a local facility like a hotel or in your home, consider our culinary suggestions use to make the whole process a lot easier, and more memorable.

Sandwich Platter

A sandwich platter is easy to prepare and serve and includes a mix of house-favorite sandwiches. It is a perfect choice for the reception as it allows guests to eat/talk without being too formal. A sandwich platter may include traditional smoked ham and salad, free-range egg mayonnaise and cress, poached salmon and dill mayonnaise, and chicken mayonnaise with black pepper and leaf salad. Additionally, there are plenty of other dishes concerned with the sandwich platter.

Finger Buffet

It is, probably, the most popular funeral food and the majority of families offer a finger buffet along with tea or coffee on such occasions. A traditional finger buffet includes a collection of sandwiches, quiches, sausages, smokes salmon, Yorkshire puddings, king prawns, and fresh fruit kebabs.


Nothing complements a food dish more than a variety of shareable salads, especially for those having dietary preferences. Crushed pineapples, fresh mandarin oranges, fresh vanilla pudding, are commonly used for funeral salads.

Funeral Desserts

Having a collection of sweet dishes along with savory dishes is ideal for people having a sweet tooth. You may serve a small collection of pastries, cupcakes, brownies, mini cakes, cookies, or fruit-cups to console loved ones.

Food for Vegetarians

You have to ensure catering arrangements for everyone, including vegetarians, so make sure you serve something for vegetarians. Most funeral caterers recommend serving stuffed peppers, Fried halloumi, Deep-fried camembert, Breadsticks and hummus, Goats cheese sausage rolls, etc.as meat-free, and vegan dishes.


It’s always nice to offer drinks such as tea and coffee or a collection of cold drinks alongside a few alcoholic beverages. They accompany any dish perfectly and are comforting for guests in a funeral reception. Make sure you provide enough non-alcoholic options for people who tend to avoid alcoholic drinks.

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Other than that, a small collection of the deceased’s favorite dishes is ideal to personalize the reception and reminisce of his/her memories. Also, include children-friendly dishes like chicken nuggets, macaroni, and cheese.

It doesn’t matter what food you decide to serve at a funeral homes Richland, PA, reception to commemorate the one you know or love, you can easily modify your choice to suit your specific guest list.