What to Do if You Miss a Funeral

Attending the service at funeral homes Richland, PA, is an established way to express your condolences to the bereaved family as well as pay homage to the deceased. It’s very helpful for the grieving family to see friends and family gather and grieve the lost loved one together.

But what happens when you have to miss the funeral for any reason? Even though a funeral is always the top priority but sometimes, things just happen like sickness, travel restrictions, and so on. In such a scenario, here are a few thoughtful ways to express your support to the bereaved family.

1. Have a Care Package Delivered to Them

It’s difficult for the bereaved family to think of anything else while coping with the loss of a loved one. During such tough times, getting a care package can help them a lot. Plus, it’s a great way of showing your care and love for them.

The items in a care package can range from practical (toiletries or basic food items) to impractical (candles or a favorite treat) to anything you want.

Similarly, you can buy and deliver a gift card to the grieving party and let them decide what they want to order, be it a meal, grocery shopping, or whatever. More important than what you send is the very idea that you are thinking of them during this time.

2. Write a Kind Note

Psychologists say that the grieving person needs verbal and emotional support to overcome the grief of losing a beloved soul. If you can’t say that in person, write a note and briefly explain your reason for missing the service along with words of sympathy and condolences.

If you feel comfortable doing it, get a beautiful sympathy card to show your extra care. But heartfelt words on a simple piece of paper mean more than a pricey sympathy card.

3. Make a Donation in the Deceased’s Name

What’s more thoughtful than helping the needy segment of the community in the name of the lost loved one. It also shows you care for the grieving family, even though you had to miss the funeral. While making a donation, try to choose a charity that represents the deceased’s values. Most organizations notify the kin of your donations as a tribute to the deceased.

4. Arrange a Meal for Family

In North America and elsewhere, bringing a meal or having it delivered to the grieving family is a popular way to show you’re always thinking of them.

Try to be mindful of any food allergies or preferences – if you know. And it’s completely OK to ask via a brief text. Else, go for common meal options.

funeral homes Richland, PA5. Express Your Regret

Last but not least, let the grieving family be aware of your regret for not having to attend the funeral service. Perhaps a simple message of empathy and condolence along with some positive memory of the deceased can bring a little comfort to the grieving party during such an overwhelming time.

Make your presence felt through your words, heartfelt message, or gift card if you’re unable to attend the final proceedings of your loved one at the funeral homes Richland, PA.