What to Wear to Cremation Services

Are you planning or attending cremation services Richland, PA? You must have a lot on your mind. You have to stay on top of all of the mundane details of life while also dealing with your grief. One of the worries going through your mind may revolve around what to wear. Memorial service dress codes can be quite strict. If you are wondering what you should wear to an upcoming cremation service, read the information below.

Dark Colors

In many cultures, wearing dark colors to end of life services is expected. These somber shades help establish a specific mood. It would be very jarring if you showed up in bright colors. Fortunately, this style of clothing is very easy to find. A dark, navy blue, a deep black. There’s a breadth of variety that you can look through.


Both men and women can wear suits for memorials. The outfit is fitting because it’s respectful. Suits, if they are the right color, aren’t gaudy at all. A well-made suit is designed to make the wearer look serious and professional. It’s a look that works very well at cremation services. In the past, suits were mostly for men. However, in modern times, you can find great suit options for both genders.


Women often wear dresses to funerals and cremation services. Of course, the world of dresses is very big. There are a variety of different styles to choose from. When it comes to choosing a dress for the memorial, focus on styles that are relatively modest. Avoid very tight and very low-cut options. These can be distracting because people aren’t expecting it.

Personal Touches

If possible, it can be very moving to wear something that makes you think about the deceased. It could be something the deceased personally owned. Or, it could be something that the deceased gave you, something that references something you both loved. Because this is a personal touch, no one else needs to see it. You could wear socks in the deceased’s favorite color. Even a small gesture like that can make you feel more connected to the deceased.

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Religious clothing and symbols are often worn to memorials. These can be out of respect to your own faith, the deceased’s, or both. The exact outfit depends on your specific faith. There are many different variations. There may be clothing that is only worn at funerals and cremation services. Wearing such clothing provides comfort beyond the clothes themselves. You’re engaging in an activity that your ancestors have done.

Attending a cremation service will likely be a very emotional event. It’s common to cry and express emotions in visible ways. This can’t be avoided. It doesn’t mean that the service won’t be moving. It could be one of the most memorable nights of your life.

Cremation services Richland, PA, can raise your stress level, but they can also provide a fitting sense of closure.