Why You Should Publish an Obituary

Funeral homes Richland, PA, are intimately involved in the end-of-life process. So are obituaries.

Death notices and obituaries are a sizeable part of American culture since the early 1800s, when they received renewed momentum by the advent of the penny press. An obituary is a paid news article that reports about a deceased person, along with a short account of his/her life and information about the funeral.

Unlike death notices, which are written by the immediate family members, obituaries are written by the newspaper editors or reporters. How much you have to pay for an obituary depends on your locality and the local newspaper forum.

Many people often wonder about the efficacy of writing obituaries in today’s era of digital media. Especially given that we have multiple platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., where we can write about and give tribute to the lost loved one. Here are some of the reasons why acknowledging death in print is a good idea:

Paying Tribute to the Deceased

The foremost objective of publishing an obituary is to honor the deceased. Everyone has a story that should be told and preserved to make sure the world remembers them. It’s a way of doing justice to the lost loved one by telling the community how that person lived, what were his or her contributions to the community and the country at large, and why that person should be held in high regard.

Apart from basic information about the deceased like age, date of birth, marital status, and profession, an obituary also includes a person’s work history, accomplishments, hobbies, favorite sports, food, etc. that made the decedent stand apart.

Sharing Your Loss with The Community

An obituary is an explicit way of telling the local community that your loved one has died. It maximizes the audience of people who know or had a connection with the deceased. An obituary is still the preferred way of finding out the local residents who have died. Despite increasing access to the news online, people resort to obituary pages as a trusted source of information about the deceased. They can show up and pour in condolences and empathies with you and other family members.

Expediting the Healing Process

Writing an obituary is a perfect way of memorializing the deceased. The news article demonstrates how important the lost loved was to you and others. An obituary is a physical piece of document that you can store in a memory book and look at every time you miss the deceased. It gives you strength and energy to get past the grief and carry on the tasks of your professional life. Also, it’s a proven fact that an obituary can play a key role in expediting the healing process.

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Preserves the Memory

If you want to preserve the memory of the lost loved one for the coming generations, then writing an obituary is the way to go.

Just by reading their obituary, the future generations know a great deal about their age, maiden name, profession, personal and professional life; that’s how their legacy is passed onto the next generations. Funeral homes Richland, PA, complete the process.