Deep Diving into Direct Cremation

In the last few years, the trend of choosing cremation services Westmont, PA, as a type of final disposition is on the rise. Today, many bereaved families consider it as a natural alternative to traditional burial funerals. It is quick, simple, and costs significantly less compared to burial.

If you’re planning to arrange a direct cremation for your loved one in the near future, read on to get insights into this trending final disposition option.

What is Direct Cremation

A direct cremation is a type of funeral service in which no service is performed before or after the cremation. It is also known as simple or immediate cremation and no viewing, ceremony, or visitation is required.

The body of the deceased is put in a simple cardboard container, also called a cremation container, and burned to ashes in the presence of a few immediate family members. Direct cremation doesn’t involve any pre-funeral services, so there is no need for a casket.

Cost of a Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is the least expensive of the funeral types and on average costs half of what you spend on average burial services. The main reason is you don’t need a casket, embalming, or services of a funeral director to arrange a direct cremation which reduces the funeral costs.

That is why cremation is considered a low-cost alternative to a burial funeral.

You Need Paperwork

Even though the name immediate cremation reflects the burning of the body soon after death, you cannot cremate a body without the necessary paperwork.

What documents and certifications you need vary from state to state, but in any case, it may take you 24-48 hours to complete the paperwork. Meanwhile, immediate kin fills in the cremation authorization form, and then a cremation permit is issued by the county where the person has died.

What to Do with the Remains

The whole cremation process takes almost three hours and the remains are filtered and delivered to the family within 5-10 days in an urn of your choosing. It is upon the bereaved family to decide what to do with the remains. They can bury it in any special spot, disperse in the air, bury under the sea, display it at the house, or turn it into pieces of jewelry.

cremation services Westmont, PACremation is Cost-Friendly

Direct cremation, unlike burial services, doesn’t require rigorous shopping and making dozens of decisions. You don’t have to worry about services such as catering, floral arrangement, coffin type, venue, and inviting members of the clergy.

The cremation process is simple and straightforward and it appeals to the people who want to make the last services of the deceased as simple as possible. There are many reasons why a family may want to do this. Perhaps the deceased was a simple person.

The aforementioned points show why direct cremations are on the rise in the US and elsewhere. Cremation services Westmont, PA, are the most affordable, simple, and quick type of funeral to say a final goodbye to the lost loved one.