Funeral Flower Etiquette

Planning to bring funeral flowers to the memorial service after cremation services Northern Cambria, PA, but don’t know what flowers to pick?

Sending flowers is a great way to let the surviving family know you care for them. Flowers often deliver a message that words fail to convey. That’s why choosing the right floral combination is important to reflect your emotions for the bereaved.

Here is a brief explanation of common questions about funeral flowers to help you understand proper funeral flower etiquette.

1. Where do you send the funeral flowers?

That’s the first question that pops into your mind when you decide to bring funeral flowers to the grieving family. Traditionally, close family and friends prefer sending funeral flowers to the family’s home as it gives it a more personal feel

But there’s nothing wrong with delivering the flowers to the funeral home as well. This is the time to express your sympathy for the family of the deceased whatever you do, counts.

2. When do you send funeral flowers?

Try to send the funeral flowers as early as possible if you already know the date and time of the service. By arriving the day of the visitation or funeral service will ensure that they are fresh and beautiful.

3. Can I send flowers if found out about the death after the funeral?

Yes, absolutely. Send flowers to the family’s home if you get to know about the death after the funeral. The family will welcome your thoughtfulness. But be sure to send a sympathy arrangement and not a funeral arrangement.

4. What is the best color flower for a funeral?

Traditionally, most people bring white flowers as it reflects the purity and innocence of the departed soul. That doesn’t mean you can’t send other colors. Red roses or red carnations are a good choice as well.

Or maybe, add a tasteful color combination to the arrangement. For instance, yellows, pinks, and light blues can add a splash of color to a white bouquet.

5. What is the best funeral floral arrangement?

Friends and co-workers can send standing easels, large bouquets, or potted plants. Avoid sending large flower arrangements like casket sprays, hearts, and wreaths, as the next of kin is tasked with getting such arrangements.

6. Any guidance about funeral flowers’ size?

Try to send a small flower arrangement or potted plant so the family can take it home after the funeral. You can also get a medium-sized arrangement of a nice-looking floral combination.

The funeral home will take the larger arrangements out to the cemetery and place them at the gravesite.

cremation services Northern Cambria, PA7. Can I send a casket spray?

No, the next of kin or a close family member typically buys the casket spray. Only the immediate family has the privilege of buying the flowers that go on or inside the casket.

8. What types of flowers should I NOT send?

Avoid too large arrangements or any combination that is too cheery or silly. Otherwise, go with your gut. Every possible color arrangement has been seen at cremation services Northern Cambria, PA, for departed souls.