How to Personalize an Obituary

Traditions at funeral homes in Northern Cambria, PA, come and go. But the tradition of writing an obituary for a lost loved one is as common today as it was 200 years ago. It’s a perfect way of recognizing and honoring the deceased and notifying the community about the funeral details.

Writing an obituary for a loved one who has just departed can be difficult but it’s a good way to come to terms with this loss.

Tips for Personalizing an Obituary

What’s best is adding a personal touch to an obituary to make it more meaningful and stand out from the rest. Doing so will help the readers get more details about the loved one and recognize how great the loved one was.

Here’s how you add a personal touch to the obituary:

Highlight the Deceased’s Personality

Every person has a unique personality and so does your lost loved one. Add basic information about the individual that reflects their personality such as the person’s looks and appearance, upright character, honesty and dedication to family and community, sense of humor, or anything that makes them special.

Pay attention to seemingly insignificant details as they help understand a person’s personality better than anything else.

Mention Their Achievements

The fastest way to personalize an obituary is to mention the achievements or special skills of the deceased.

Have they have won any awards, medals, or achieved distinct performances in any profession? Were they skilled or really good at something – and it doesn’t have to be profession-specific. It can be cooking, dressing nice, painting, drawing, or even making crab cakes.

Mention Hobbies

Talk to the close friends of family members and find out what the loved one is passionate about. One of the best ways to customize an obituary is to share some of the interesting – or bizarre – things the deceased loved to do in spare time – the facts that readers would love knowing.

Share a Pleasant Memory

Want to personalize the obituary, why not share a pleasant memory you have had with the deceased – to add a human touch to it. The best obituaries include personal stories of the departed soul that shine their personality and character and let the readers know how good of a person they were.

funeral homes in Northern Cambria, PAAdd a Funny Touch

If your loved one had a wicked sense of humor, then reflect in your writing. Don’t shy away from adding a fun touch to an otherwise solemn obituary. Let the readers know about how the deceased would bring a smile to everyone’s face and lit the room.

It’s amongst the best approaches to personalize the obituary and lighten the mood of the readers.

Highlight What Makes Them Special

Lastly, talk about the deep effect the loved one had on your life. How they helped you improve yourself and be the person you’re right now. It can include a specific incident or deep, personal conversations you have had with them that changed your life.

It’s the easiest way to let the readers appreciate the departed soul even more before they attend the service funeral homes in Northern Cambria, PA.