Planning a Virtual Funeral Service

The trend of virtual memorials after cremation services Richland, PA has been gaining momentum since the COVID-19 pandemic. Not too long ago, the concept of hosting the whole memorial services on Zoom or end-of-life celebrations on Facebook was hardly known.

But today, when the covid restrictions are over, many people are still opting for virtual funerals. Compared to traditional burial or cremation services, a virtual funeral offers much more flexibility to the bereaved family. Not to mention, it is significantly cheaper and easier to arrange.

Having said that, below is a detailed guide on everything you need to know about how to arrange a virtual funeral. Read it and decide if you want to celebrate your lost loved one through a virtual funeral.

1. How Do Virtual Funerals Work?

A virtual funeral works the same as a traditional funeral – aside from several changes. First and most importantly, not everyone is physically in attendance. Often, a large number of friends, acquaintances, and even family members are watching from a distance through Zoom or any similar program.

Depending on the family’s wishes, families may choose limited attendance at the funeral for immediate or close family members. This means that some people will not get an invitation to the funeral.

2. Inviting Guests

You have to invite people to the event. You may want or be able to have only a few chosen people attend. Everyone else will attend the service “virtually.” Tell them the date and time and about the app where they can watch the live stream of the whole event.

Use your mobile phone to text or email the guests and mention all the necessary information they need to attend the service. And truth be told, everyone can attend the service online while never leaving the comfort of their own home.

If you want, ask them to wear a specific dress as a way to honor the lost loved one.

2. Stream the Service

As opposed to arranging a traditional funeral, setting up a virtual funeral is quite easy. Give your email address to the funeral director and he or she will get everything set up through the virtual server. Once you get the “link”, it will be up to the family to email the funeral service link to whomever they want.

Want to invite every friend to the service, post the link on social media. Using this link (and password), anyone can join the service and offer their condolences. You can also use a website to set this up.

Cremation services Richland, PA3. Get the Contact of Guests

Many people don’t even write an obituary for the virtual funeral. But even if someone does, reading an obituary in the paper does not automatically mean they are allowed to attend the funeral service. So, you need to personally invite the guests to the service.

Get a list of emails of everyone you want to invite via call or text. Take help from a family member to get the email addresses. For a more public option, you can create a virtual invitation and post it on social media with the link.

This is the new world of Zoom memorials after cremation services Richland, PA.