Popular Types of Funerals in 2022

Cremation services Richland, PA, and all other end-of-life options are a highly personalized choice. It is the sole prerogative of the bereaved family to choose the type of final disposition if the deceased has not left a Will.

But not many people have enough information about what funeral options they have. So, if you’re tasked with holding a funeral for a close friend or family member, then this guide is meant for you. It aims to answer all your questions regarding the differences between funeral types.

Let us have a quick look at common types of funerals:

  • Full/Traditional Service
  • Graveside Service
  • Viewing Service or Visitation Service
  • Wake
  • Memorial Service/Celebration of Life

Full-Service Funeral

Also known as a traditional funeral, it is still the most common funeral type in many cultures. This usually occurs within days of death and takes place at a church, funeral home, or any religious place. The close family members and friends gather together to offer condolences to the lost loved one.

Because a full-service funeral is often religious in nature, a pastor or priest will share a few words and a blessing. Once the formal service concludes, the body is taken to the site of burial or cremation.

Burial entails putting the deceased’s body in a casket and lowering it to the ground in the presence of close family and friends. While the body is burnt in a cremation funeral.

Many families hold a rather informal event called reception in their home following the burial or cremation.

Graveside service

This service is commonly called a “committal service” and it follows the full or traditional service. Only the closest family members and friends take part in a graveside service.

But remember that many families choose to hold only the graveside service, forgoing the church service. With this option, the entire service takes place at the cemetery or crematorium where friends and family can share their eulogies as well.

Viewing or Visitation service

Just as the name implies, a viewing service involves offering tribute to the deceased after the body has been prepared by a funeral home. It gives them the opportunity to see the body one last time before the final disposition.

This ritual takes place before the funeral and can last for less than a day. A cremation urn may be present instead of the deceased being cremated. Viewing is considered a highly formal event that can provide a sense of comfort for those most afflicted.

Viewings and visitations can be held anywhere. Generally, families choose to arrange it at the church, funeral home, cemetery, crematorium, or home of the deceased, and can be observed by any religious denomination.

Cremation services Richland, PAIn some Catholic traditions, viewing is also called a wake.

Memorial Service

Also called Celebration of Life in some traditions, this service offers an opportunity to celebrate the deceased’s life in a cheerful, more informal, fashion. The body doesn’t need to be present during a memorial service and it can happen anywhere, anytime after the passing.

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