Should You Preplan Cremation

The trend of families choosing cremation services Richland, PA as a type of disposition is on the rise. The major reason is related to the lower costs of a direct cremation compared to a traditional burial funeral. Also, cremation allows more flexibility when final or memorial services are held and many view cremation as a more environmentally-friendly choice.

But a lot of other considerations also come into play that decides if cremation is best for a person or not. So, how do you choose if cremation is right for you?

Here are some important points you need to consider to finally make a decision:

1. What do your religious beliefs say about cremation?

This argument stands if you’re a religious person. There is no question that cremation is far more acceptable today than it was even just a generation ago. Most of the world’s major religions already accepted and embraced cremation.

But if you follow a particular religion and you still have some doubts or concerns about whether cremation is viable or comfortable for you, then think again. It can create controversy among your family members after your death.

The best way is to discuss your plan with the clergy or a religious figure you have confidence in. Let them know your concerns.

2. What Are Your Financial Capabilities?

Remember that you have plenty of funeral options, of which burial and cremation are the two most popular choices. Cremation is a more affordable option if finances are a concern. It is simple, cheap, and quick. On average, a cremation funeral is half as expensive as a burial funeral – but that can change depending on the services you wish to include in the event.

With cremation, the family doesn’t have to pay for embalming services and casket, saving a lot of money. Even if finances are not an issue, cremation can still be a prudent option. It has gained remarkable popularity in the last few years as a natural alternative to traditional burial funerals. One key reason, aside from finances, is it gives you multiple options to personalize the service.

Once the family gets the cremated remains, they can scatter them in any way they see fit. The ashes can be buried, kept in an urn, shared in smaller urns or containers, spread in nature, or even made into keepsake jewelry.

3. Think About Immediate Family Members’ Affiliations

What if cremation is your choice but close family members have issues with it? Worry not and have a TALK with them. Let them know how you feel. A family discussion now can bring resolution and prevent future conflict.

cremation services Richland, PA4. Want All family Members to Attend the Service

More often than not, the family members are spread across the country or even continents and have busy schedules. Cremation allows final or memorial services to be scheduled with much more flexibility.

The family can keep cremated remains indefinitely and can have the memorial service weeks or even months after the death. It also allows for planning services around holidays and potentially severe weather.

Now, you are in a better position to choose if cremation services Richland, PA, is the right option for you or not.